Greece Says No Capital Controls. Greek Banks Fail then Die Greek Central Bank! Die!

Die Greek central bank, die! Greeks have the Eurozone by the balls. Greek mortgages and most of the country's debt are in Euros. So if Greece were to exit the Eurozone, and take on a new currency, there would be massive default on all those mortgages.

 It is expected that the Greek Drachma would decline in value compared to the Euro, and Euro banks would have massive mortgage defaults and other loan defaults that far outweight the government defaults to the IMF and Eurozone government.

So, Greece has the Eurozone by the balls. If the Greek banks default due to capital controls not being implimented by the Greek government, the Bank of Greece, the central bank, will be screwed.

The bank of Greece is part of the Eurozone system, and its default would smack the Eurozone right in the cajones.

Greece stated that capital controls will not be implemented. Any government in the Eurozone can quickly have its central bank on the ropes simply by not paying debt and by not implementing capital controls.

The Greek plan is diabolically cunning. It is an act of a sovereign nation and proves that sovereignty trumps all and should trump the silly Eurozone with their silly Euro. Greece will simply allow a run on the Greek banks and the Eurozone Greek central bank, which is no more Greek than the man in the moon, will default.

The inspiration for this article came from this link.

Somehow, the author reverted back to the same mantra, Greece is running out of time. So I responded in the comment section:

Greece is not running out of time. Greece has now decided not to impose capital controls, leaving the Eurozone Greek central bank as naked as a jaybird.

Yes, all the central banks connected to the globalist Zionist cartel are vulnerable to refusal to institute capital controls. (And no, Zionism is not Judaism, it is a political elite cartel.)

The run on the bank will leave the Greek Central bank naked and that central bank could default. That is thinking outside the box and simply cannot be absorbed by fossilized banksters who cannot contemplate such a financial attack.

Poor, poor banksters. Do you feel sorry for them? I don't. 

Don't forget Americans, your central bank, the Federal Reserve, answers to the globalists, not our nation.  When the Fed speaks of keeping its independence from congress, it really means keeping its independence from the vassal state it controls, the good ole USA!

National sovereignty is the only threat keeping the banksters from totalitarian dominance. Everyone with half a brain should be rooting for Greece. 


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