Hannity, Drudge and All Assorted Race Baiters Were Disappointed Baltimore Didn't Fall Into Race War

The multiracial Zionist bitches who rule the media, people like Sean Hannity, Matt Drudge, Bill Kristol and the Rush Limbaugh seemed genuinely disappointed that there was not a knock down, drag out race war in Baltimore.

First, we have them itching for the fight, and their tweets and comments show it.

So, then, when the prosecutor indicted the cops, the right wing Zionist media (there is a left Zionist media too), came out hating that she offered peace for justice. Some woman on Hannity who used to be a judge looking like she was in pain with her finger up her ass said the prosecutor stretched the rules of ethics for prosecutors.

If I really believed that was Hannity's main concern, I could almost be interested. But peace is not what Hannity wants. People don't watch his little swamp scum of a program when there are no riots. Mainstream media racebaits, hoping for riots to boos their ratings. that is how little respect they have for the American people.

The globalist multiracial Zionists are so powerful they can help the Zionist cause for racism and bigotry by coming to the defense of bigots and racists whenever they can. Megyn Kelly is an example. I posted this about Megyn on my blog, Wicked Zionism:

Megyn Kelly, the evil Zionist on Fox News asks those who hate what Geller is doing if we should get rid of the Jews. That statement is foaming with wickedness because Megyn is equating Zionism with Jews and Judaism. They are not the same! Get rid of the elite multiracial Zionist cabal, including Fox News, not Jews!

We know right wing rags like Drudge and WND love to talk about race wars. There is no doubt people pay more attention to these folks as race riots unfold. No one told these Zionist misfits that Americans want peace in the cities, and both blacks and whites want that peace. These right wing nutcases foment race war, more than report about it, in my opinion, and I know others agree.

No one told them that riots are not THE American way, yet the right has been fomenting riots, even with the help of the government for years. Look up COINTELPRO and you will see government involvement. Now we have homeland security taking the place of the FBI in stirring up race war feelings.

The Zionist plot to ruin America or take it over, gets more sickening everyday. Fox and Drudge and the other misfits of media hate the idea that a prosecutor would diffuse a potential disaster by charging police and doing it quickly.

Frankly I don't feel sorry for those police. They screwed up somehow, in my opinion, but it is up to a court to decide how much.

Let the system work, and save the city of Baltimore from the Zionist thugs who view racial unrest in cities as if they were attending a gladiator fight in the Roman Colosseum.

The left has its share of subtle racial and bigoted activity, with hoaxes and false flags, but you can read about those on this blog. 

This article reflects my opinion of these offensive right wing Zionists. I can't read their minds, I can only smell their stinky actions. And it smells real bad, even through the TV. 


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