I Wrote This to Southern Poverty Law Center about Pamela Geller

I wrote this to Southern Poverty Law Center about Pamela Geller:

Sirs, I appreciate the work you are doing against Pam Geller. However, one must realize that Geller is the essence of Zionism. Zionism is not Judaism as you well know. It is a political movement that is racist from the beginning, bigoted from the start. Zionists will throw Jews under the bus for their cause, just like Charlie Hebdo, the pro Israeli magazine did. Anything to start a war with peaceful Muslims or with blacks, is fair game for these right wing Zionists. The fact of the matter is that there are liberal Zionists, and many non Jewish Zionists like Obama who really don't speak out against Geller and her ilk. Why anyone would be a non Jewish Zionist makes no sense to me. But we are in the Ukraine, and the non Jewish Zionists like Obama and Biden are into the Ukraine up to their eyeballs, and that because the Zionists have learned that most Israelis are Khazars. I wrote an article about it and will share it with you if you want. I hate Zionism as a political force for evil in the world. But many True Torah Jews and New Covenant Christians and others oppose Zionism on religious grounds, And we oppose Zionism on political grounds as well. It is dangerous and seeks world domination. I have been accused of being anti Semitic because I speak out against the Zionists and their goals of world domination and Israeli domination in that world. But I am not anti Semitic, and I want Jewish people to wake up, as many have, and speak out against the Zionists. Pam Geller is the David Duke of Zionism. She is dangerous and hateful and wicked to her very core. Thanks for your time.

Please support all who seek to speak out against the real Zionism, the real danger Zionism brings to the world. 


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