Please Support the Memory of Fred Ross Sr.'s Work with Farm Workers. Sign Petition

I supported this petition with the quote below. Please support the work of Fred Ross Sr. and the memory of that work by signing the petition to award Fred Ross Sr the Presidential Medal of Freedom:

I grew up in Coalinga, California. I know the work of farmworkers was and is grossly under appreciated. Fred Ross Sr. was a giant in establishing better conditions and fairness for farmworkers, first white Oklahomans and then Hispanic workers. This I can tell you, each one of these farmworkers can work circles around the average American. And labor is under attack everywhere by the Zionist globalists (a multiracial but unjust cabal), that rules the western world. Unions are busted and too much money has gravitated to the top while wages and house prices have been manipulated to suit the elite. Fred Ross Sr shows Americans how things ought to be, not as they have become in this America that is exhibiting some really fascist tendencies. Racism and bigotry have taken over and I know the cabal that has done it and unfortunately, despite the protests of the right wing press, Mr President, you are part of the elite cabal. They call you a Muslim, but we know you are part of the elite cabal, that you are a Zionist. You are killing labor and using globalization to put a hammer upon the American people with the free trade agreements. You have to stop. But we know you won't. You follow the money. You make FDR and Ike and JFK look like saints. They were patriots, you are not. You are a Zionist, Mr Obama. And you have sold out not only your race, but also the interests of the American people. The least you could do is acknowledge the better way for America that was shown us by Fred Ross Sr.

Fred Ross Sr discovered and mentored Cesar Chavez and brought rights and better working conditions to farm workers from the dust bowl and then those who were of Mexican heritage. Globalization has destroyed many of the gains of labor, and that dark side of the economic movement is continuing to squeeze American labor. People are forced to live multigenerationally or have fewer children or go without important purchases and investments just because capital has the upper hand through globalization.  

Fred Ross Sr was a great man who offered mercy to the most oppressed workers in our nation. The least POTUS could do is to realize the petition.


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