Reddit Handles Discussions of Zionism in an Intelligent Matter

 I posted this at a Reddit thread (link below). There are others and I have not read them all, but certainly Reddit moderators have tried to bring some intelligence and critical thinking to this subject of Zionism versus Judaism:

I appreciate an intelligent discussion about this issue. One thing I want to add is that some scholars say that in the early 20th centuries, Rabbis "converted" from Judaism to Zionism. But Zionism really is not a religion. It is a political movement and perhaps a psuedo religion, but not a religion. I am tolerant of Judaism as a religion. I am not tolerant of Zionism as a political movement. It turns out that Zionists often accuse antiZionists of antiSemitism, but that is not what I am about. I tolerate Jewish religion that is peaceful, as I do all religion that is peaceful. That is the America Way according to the First Amendment. I hope people understand that from a religious perspective, Zionism cannot found a legitimate Zion, only the Messiah can. So, Truth Torah Jews and New Covenant Christians believe Zionism is a fake, a fraud. If you are not looking at it from a religious perspective, you cannot deny that Zionist history starting with Herzl was intended to boot people off their land, a theft of massive proportions. One more point, racists who are antiZionists are losers and need to abandon this cause.

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