Alternet May Be the Most Wicked and Deceptive Website Ever

Beware of  which may may be the single most wicked and deceptive website on the internet. No, surely it is not as evil as the Silk Road or other sites selling drugs and illegal weapons. But for politics, this website, Alternet, is the worst. is the worst political website in existence, because the name gives the impression that it is an alternative to the mainstream political websites. Those websites parrot the propaganda of the American government. There may be less of that at Alternet, but Alternet does engage in selective alternative news.

It is no better than or the other MSM sites that refuse to acknowledge the false flags and hoaxes that have started to invade America, namely, 9/11, Sandy Hook Hoax and issues that have arisen concerning the fake blood photos at the Boston Bombing. Alternet is like a clone of Noam Chomsky, in my opinion.

Not only this, but the website pretty much is bland about Zionism as an issue, although there was a great article by a dissident Jew, Tim Wise, written way back in 2001 that discredits Zionism completely. Articles since this one try to say there is a good Zionism and a bad Zionism, but that is just New World Order talking. And no one talks louder than the New World Order.

Sorry, that good/bad thing does not wash, Alternet. The reason it does not wash is that Zionism in no way qualifies as Judaism. Zionism speaks of a man made Zion but there is simply nothing in the Torah and prophets that says a man made Zion is acceptable at all! Zionism cannot be supported in any way. It is not salvageable.

While no one is questioning the power of Israel to survive, there are deep questions about whether Israel should survive, if it is right for Israel to survive.

Based on Judaism (True Torah Jews) and Christian New Covenant doctrine, the answer is a resounding no!

Alternet is very mainstream liberal on this issue and is not an alternative net at all. Alternet had a truthful analysis of Zionism, that it is all bad and not Judaism, and moved away from that Wise article position, and never touched on that view again in a positive light as far as I have been able to tell.

That is unfortunate but also causes Alternet to continue to fool us about its radical nature, which is simply not alternatively radical at all.

On the positive side, Alternet continues to post articles critical of racism and bigotry in Israel. This is an attempt to shape Israel and Zionism into what Alternet thinks it should be. Unfortunately, that cannot happen and Alternet remains naive in this venture, somewhat noble but futile.

Clearly, Alternet is concerned that Israel's bigotry is showing in the college groups taking the stand that Islam is the problem. Blaming peaceful Muslims is wrong and Alternet acknowledges that wrong.

I guess we can hope for small victories coming from Alternet, but in the war of ideas against Zionism, it is a failure. And with as much insight as the editors sometimes have, it is amazing that they are so blind regarding Democratic false flags, and of course blind to the Republicans' 9/11/2001 government planned attack on the Trade Center.

It is difficult to understand how they can establish those anti conspiracy positions based upon what they know, the facts of the issues. Certainly they go too easy on pro Israeli magazine, Charlie Hebdo, but Alternet does hate bigotry. If it never calls for Israel to disband, it will never see the bigotry go away.

There are many Zionists who are not bigoted toward all Muslims. Israel appears to be and some Israeli lobbyists and conservative Zionist Pamela Geller is bigoted against every peaceful Muslim. But other Zionist like Don Lemon of CNN are not. But it doesn't make them absolved of their support for Zionism. Lemon is made wealthy by his advocacy for Israel as an anchor for pro Zionist CNN.

There is no certainty at this point that Alternet is not Zionist, and I believe it is. I tried to contact the site for clarification but received nothing. I must assume that Alternet is a pro Zionist globalist website, and truly a Main Stream Media website. If it is, the term Alternet remains, on this issue alone, totally misleading and deceptive.

Was it a premeditated deception? I don't know, but the outcome for the reader is the same even if it was not a preplanned deception. 


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