"I Think It Should Be the Goal of Every Canadian to Be Tolerant Regardless of Their Religious..."

"I Think It Should Be the Goal of Every Canadian to Be Tolerant Regardless of Their Religious..."

I originally saw this on Facebook about a conservative in Canada, and posted this comment to the poster of the article:

This is true. This must happen in America, Marshall. Please read the
following: The problem with Pamela Geller is that she said publicly that
she hated all peaceful Muslims and wants America to do so as well. She
was sponsored by specific Israeli lobbyists with the intention of using
free speech to teach intolerance and make America a nation of haters.
Pamela Geller is a Zionist although not all Zionists are bigots
publicly. They tolerate Israel's bigotry though to a person. Zionism is
not Judaism. It is a political movement of the elite. Both parties are
made wealthy by this elite and are part of the elite. The entire senate
is Zionist and probably the entire house of representatives. W Bush was a
Zionist and Obama is a Zionist. Look how many bankers went to jail for
the easy money housing crisis? None. Obama did regime change in Libya,
just like Bush did in Iraq. This was all planned by Yinon Zionism
decades ago. My natural father was Jewish and I am adopted. I expect
tolerance for Jewish people as we take the fight to Zionism, which rules
America. Even Sarah Palin is a Zionist, being sponsored by Rockefellers
and Rothschilds. Henry Kissinger, Rockefellers' right hand man is a
good friend of Palin. Wake up America.

Now, I realize the author of the article above is saying Muslims should be as tolerant as the rest of us so we should open a bar by the mosque. I get the humor. However, we, in the west need to set the example of tolerance, and realize many Muslims seek peace in the western world. 


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