The Washington Post Used the Fake Sandy Hook to Argue Against Guns

I posted this at Business Insider where the Washington Post article appeared, arguing against guns:

Sandy Hook was a fraud. If you look at the pictures and videos of "parents" like Robbie Parker you will see no tears, method actiong, crying with no tears, no red eyes of real emotion. And if you go back and read the declassified Operation Northwoods, they were going to kill some people and have fake funerals for others.

Sandy Hook was fake, and no neighbors ever knew or saw Adam Lanza. Bloomberg has used it to start Everytown, chipping away at gun rights. Know this, Israel has strict gun control.

All you gun owners who support Israel and what we are doing in the middle east had better rethink your positions. The only reason the globalists let the Republican Party keep to pro gun is because the globalists have the Republican support for Israel, otherwise known in British Courts as the Rothschild project.

Bloomberg is a globalist and his agenda is clear; make the US like Israel.

Right wingers, wake up. If you gun owners support Israel, Pamela Geller, Judy Mozes and the rest, you are only strengthening the ultimate position against gun rights.

Lets be clear, the right wing globalists want you to hate, and Israel hates all Muslims. And the left wing globalists want you to have no guns, and Israelis have no guns unless they work in security or are in specified settlements!

Wake up America. Both parties are forcing the Zionist globalist agenda down your throats. (Zionism is a multiracial cabal worldwide, so Cheney and Biden are members, but is racist in Israel, very racist.)


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