America's Bigoted War Against Muslims Should End

America is engaged in a bigoted war against Muslims, causing dislocation in Syria, Iraq, Egypt, Libya, and more. This war is resulting in the regime change that has broken those nations, causing pain, death and all manner of evil and mayhem.

The US is primarily responsible for this evil, yet we are doing it for Oded Yinon and the Zionists who run Israel.

This is only going to make America and its values deteriorate. Our values represent fairness, tolerance, and compansion. We can have none of those if we keep breaking nations. We can't keep breaking other nations, because the human cost is too high. And it is simply wicked behavior.

If America keeps going down the road of greed and power attainment, we will eventually crash and burn. We must stop this and attempt to live at peace with our neighbors. We must carry a big stick, and that for defense of the nation, but we must speak softly and end the belligerence. We are too belligerent as a nation, starting wars everywhere and destabilizing nations everywhere.

We are walking on the dark side as a nation and it destroys moral of the nation and tears us apart, family by family. It has to stop.

We have to stop our involvement in the middle east, develop our own resources and insist that Israel make a just peace with the Palestinians or simply walk away. Israel has wasted the time of America for too many years now. Palestinian occupation is approaching 60 years. It is time we put our priorities first.

If we don't we will pay a heavy price. I believe in separation of church and state, but for us as a nation to continually do evil in the world will incur the wrath of God. I guarantee that. We don't want that. God is angry with empire building. We need to be thankful for what we have and we need to limit the power, as a nation, of the 1 percent and of capital oppressing the working class.

I am no Marxist, but capitalism is failing at the macro level, and while small business thrives, big business is oppressing many and killing the standard of living in our nation. We have to control the capitalists and save them from their own destruction!

They seek world domination and are willing to use bigotry as a means to their ends. That must end. And it must end soon.

As I wrote on Business Insider recently:

 Yinon is clear, three part Iraq. That is all the US, in carrying out the will of Israel, wants for Iraq. Read Yinon and this was all predicted decades ago. The Iraqi is correct and has seen it firsthand.

I oppose war, but we could have stopped ISIS at the root and didn't and now it is occupying the space that Yinon wanted. Did Yinon specify ISIS as the Sunni representative? No. But Netanyahu most certainly did.

So, we have the Sunnis, Shiites, and Kurds in the three part Iraq predicted in the 1980's. It has caused murder, dislocation, and all manner of mayhem and evil and regime change is actually bigotry because it results in bigotry, and in the death of Muslims, many of whom want to live a peaceful life and bother no one.

It is a sad direction for American foreign policy that we are headed toward. And yet, it is the plan and the evil actors stick to the plan and may tweek the plan, but never, ever let go of the plan. .


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