Cheney Whines About the Iran Nuclear Agreement. But John Kerry Has No Trust for Cheney or Israel

Dick Cheney is whining bitching about the Iran nuclear agreement. So we need to know why? And we need to know why the US pushed for this agreement. I have a few theories. Some may even be right.

This is the article speaking of the hated Dick Cheney:

So, here are responses and mine:

Alternate said satirically:

We are doomed and are all going to die.

The only time I was this scared was in 2003, where Saddam almost succeeded in launching its massive WMD attack on America.

I, like you probably, going to sleep in my nuclear shelter until Donald Trump win the election and makes everything all right again!

I then said:

Just remember Alternate, that, while I sort of agree with you I know John Kerry was at the center of the negotiations. He knew what happened on 9/11/2001. This is his exact quote (regarding WTC7, the tower not hit by the planes. Of course he gave a convoluted excuse but told the truth about controlled demolition.):

"I do know that that wall, I remember, was in danger and I think they made the decision based on the danger that it had in destroying other things-- that they did it in a controlled fashion."

So, this is my theory. Israel is an ally but a difficult ally. Therefore, balance in the world is necessary to prevent total chaos in the middle east. This is why Cheney is so vocal. He wants chaos in the middle east even though it destroys the US economy. He could care less what the price of oil is, because he is heavily invested in oil shale in Colorado. He is also heavily invested in Genie Energy and this was the Business Insider article about Genie Energy: Genie is also invested in oil shale, not just the Golan Heights.

Now, the question would be, do the Democrats want to harm Putin with lower oil prices or just help the economy? Hard to say, maybe both.

But you can't have lower oil prices with continual war in the middle east. And too many resources of the USA are required to assist Israel if there is continual war in the middle east. We don't want to expend these massive resources anymore.

This all is just my opinion.

And regarding why the US is so indifferent to Israel could this statement I made on Business Insider hold the key? Maybe:

See I think forces friendly to Israel assassinated JFK. LBJ was on tape saying "others" were involved. He knew exactly who did it. His girlfriend said he knew as well. I don't know if this is payback, but you just never know what goes on behind the scenes. Israel wanted the bomb and now it may face a nuclear arms race someday.

Be careful what you wish for because there are always unintended consequences.


  1. My theory is that the RINO (you call neocon) occultists/globalists want civil war in the USA --yesterday. The arrest of Obama makes fake Christian TEA Party Zionists (who don't know they are Nazi Zionists) drool. It's what they have been programmed to want. I am pretty confident that an arrest of Obama would make the ghettos burn, what they have been trying t make happen. And this is my view of the occupy/tea-party dialectic.

    This is Boykin, he hangs around Vallely

    ..and he is a member of team B II, you remember them

    All wars are bankers wars.

  2. Lol, what a link and the comments! Obama is a traitor, but not because he is a Muslim! I posted my answer to those bozos:

    Gary Anderson · Works at Gary Anderson Author
    Obama is a Zionist, (Zionism is not Judaism), and I can prove it. First, he didn't put a single bankster in jail for the credit crisis. Second, he facilitated regime change in Libya according to Yinon Zionism and third he facilitated the growth of ISIS. That can be seen in Yinon and in the view of Netanyahu who wanted a buffer against Iran. So, Obama is an idiot, but not because he is a Muslim.


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