Germany, How About a New Financial Organization, the G-BRICS?

You stupid Germans (politically, but we don't hate you). You are so tight over a measly 300 euros. But Greece could exit the Eurozone, and how about the Eurogroup too and how about NATO.

The Greeks could buy into the BRICS structure with their new world bank and we could call them the G-Brics! The G-BRICS would be Greece, Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa.

Then add to that, Russia could build a military base next to Athens so you could get your damn Euros back. Greece has to make money anyway it can thanks to you, Germany.

Where does this leave us. We wait for the IMF to see if they will be involved in the bailout. We wait to see if Germany will require Greece to issue IOU's. We wait to see if Draghi will carry through with recapitalization of the banks and his push to convince the Eurozone to cut Greek debt.

He is starting to sound more reasonable than the Eurozone leaders. 

I would wish upon Greece that they establish a sovereign wealth fund, put the money into the BRICS bank, where the Eurozone cannot touch it, and plan to get out of the Eurozone as soon as they can. After all, they may only have 30 years at the most, if debt is pushed back 30 years. 

Well, this video dubbed in English makes fun of you Germans. And you deserve it, lol:


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