Greece Should Exit NATO, Not Just the Eurozone!

Greece should exit NATO after events have transpired with the Eurozone on Sunday. Greece needs to exit NATO, and let a Russian Carrier park in Athens. This is the only leverage that Greece has.

The reforms already agreed to by Greece are stringent and not doable. It is impossible for Greece to come up with 50 billion in assets to assign to a fund to pay the debt. It has been tried before in 2011 and the Greeks barely could raise 3.5 billion Euros in assets. Yet the Eurozone wants that and still more odious reforms which could assure the further destruction of Greek GDP.

Russia has said it will help Greece with energy which could allow Greece to grow, but if the Eurozone cannot see this light at the end of the tunnel, Greece should leave NATO immediately and then bargain.

As it is Jubilee economist Tim Jones has said this through Al Jazeera:

The Greek government was 317 billion euros in debt at the end of last year. Of that amount, 247.8 billion euros — about 78 percent — is owed to the IMF, the European Union and the European Central Bank (ECB). The IMF, ECB and European Commission, the executive branch of the EU, are collectively known as the troika, the group of international institutions charged with managing the Greek debt crisis.

With 90 percent of all bailout moneys going to banks instead of the Greek people, so far, it is crazy to think that Greece can endure more cuts. Greece is getting nothing, and this is all about the banks.

That is what globalization and lack of sovereignty can do for you, wed you to the banking system that will cause massive financial carnage if it breaks. So, to hell with the people, and they get crumbs, not even a bone from the Eurozone. It is obvious that the Eurozone hates Greece, and is humiliating Greece, something the Italian minister Renzi has warned must stop.

But the Eurozone apparently wants Greece to cut the negotiating power of the unions, which will further destroy the Greek economy and the Greek way of life. 

It is unknown if the Greeks will add the new taxes and reductions in pensions along with the cuts to union negotiating power, which will surely destroy the economy further. If they do not, the stalemate will continue and it could rip apart the Eurozone. Again, that is why the Greeks must vote to leave NATO as a bargaining chip. It is all they have.


Finally, since we have learned that this debt deal is a bad one for Greece, Greece should walk away without any effort to pay back a dime, as this was what the BBC economist just said:

The BBC's Economics Editor Robert Peston has been examining the "killer" lines in the Eurogroup rescue offer.
Firstly he says Greece needs additional finance of €82-86bn - which would boost debt to well over 200% GDP.
A "bonkers" prospect, he exclaims.
Secondly, Greek banks need additional capital of up to €25bn to absorb losses from the implosion of the economy - caused by forced bank closures.
And thirdly, if a deal is not reached, Greece would be offered "swift negotiations on time out of euro, with possible debt restructuring".
To keep across more of his updates follow  @Peston

I posted this at Business Insider illustrating that the globalist Germans and Eurozone don't have a clue about what Russia could do. I don't advocate the Eurozone failing, but if they do can you blame Russia and Greece from forging a relationship, even a deep relationship?

So, there is a third party. It is Russia. Greece should exit NATO and let Russia build a military base on Greece soil. I know it sounds farfetched. But Germany and the Eurozone are so lame, such deliberately incompetent bankers and lenders, that they deserve what Goldman Sachs and Citibank did not receive, total failure.

I also commented against the drone of harping about how Greece is left wing, helping the poor is left wing, and the like:

So, let me get this right, Naro, helping the poor is left wing and helping the bankers is what? What is it Naro? I will let you name it. Helping bankers after they loaned out money without sound underwriting can wreck a lot of havoc, Naro. So, what is bailing them out called?

I am not saying bailing out banks through bailouts or bailins are not necessary. With all the derivatives in the world maybe it is. But, the bankers need to go to jail. Germany bankers need to go to jail. GS bankers need to be in jail. The rest of our TBTF bankers need to be a jail. That would limit the desire to risk it all, as the Germany banks did. They became the most levered banks in the world and somehow, they are not the bad guy?

I am sick of these libertarian neanderthals telling us what bailouts are and why lenders should not be at fault for anything.

And as for Merkel is concerned, this applies to her as the representative of Eurozone banking and to the US TBTF banksters: 

Austerity - the policy of hurting people to help save Lenders from the consequences of their own stupidity.

And one Greek said:
The Germans could not do it with tanks so now they try it with banks...

Another Greek said:
 But I warn you, if they take the Acropolis from us, it's war.



The IMF says the Eurozone cannot do a bailout with IMF help, unless there is a massive Greek debt haircut. So, the Eurozone may be very weak if it can't swing a bailout without a debt haircut and IMF involvement. We shall be watching.


Calls for boycotts of Germany are increasing. Germany is taking advantage of the Eurozone by artificially benefiting from a cheaper currency than it would have if the Euro did not exist.


I am calling for a new financial alliance, the G-BRICS! Yes, because Germany is so tight, financially, just let Greece exit it all, establish a financial link to the new BRICS global bank. And then Greece could pay off miserly Scrooge, er, Germany, with a Russian military base sitting next to Athens.

So, (in the words of Janet Yellen, who starts every sentence with the word "so"), here is my G-BRICS pitch along with a funny video that shows Germany as the Scrooge that it is:

So, take that Germany! We don't hate you, just are disappointed in you.


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