Greeks Should Now Realize Merkel Is a Pig and Vote NO!

The Greeks should now know that Angela Merkel is a pig and they should vote NO in the referendum on the bailout. After all, while the rest of European ministers want a deal struck before the bailout, she reads the poles and wants to wait. That will give her a stronger position in the negotiations to screw Greece more.

She knows the polls say Greeks will probably vote yes, although they should vote no for greater leverage against this greedy German leader.

If Greece votes yes, it will be a huge mistake and Germany will make it difficult for Greece to ever get ahead. Greece will be in worse shape as the years go by if the Eurozone does not cut the Greek debt.

Understand this, the bailouts are for the Euro banks. So when Greece makes payments and is given money, most of that money goes to the European banks. The only way out for Greece is cutting the total debt to a lesser amount.

And the Eurozone, in spite of the IMF's counsel otherwise, has said it will not do that.

Greeks, you need to vote no and stand up to the Germans, who had their debt cut after WW2.


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