Hillary Pummeled by the Right Wing, but It Is All One Cabal

People at Business Insider were calling Hillary Clinton a liar and that she should be criminally charged for this or that. But apparently the NY Times got it wrong about the email controversy, saying justice officials wanted criminal charges when that never was the case.

So, the partisans were out and I sought to establish some balance in discussing the parties and the cabal:

Lying started with W Bush. It continued with Obama. Lying is part of being in control of a cabal, because everytime you call it a democracy, you are lying. The fight is between differing factions of ONE CABAL.

That doesn't mean that policy cannot be different between Dems and Repubs, but only on the edges. For example both parties engaged in regime change in the middle east. Both parties did away with Glass-Steagall, and the senate vote was 90 to 8.

They differ on issues, such as the amount of war, as most Republicans want more war, which is bad, but then they want more gun rights for citizens, which is good. I am a liberal for gun rights. So I view that as an important issue as I view less war as an important goal.

But in general, both parties engage in some form of austerity, which bows to the wishes of the bankers. The Republicans seek massive austerity, including the destruction of medicare. The Democrats eat slowly at your social security benefits.

But the bankers own both parties, and that is why Phil Gramm can make so many shocking statements about America as a consultant for UBS, a position he earned by helping to bury Glass-Steagall along with Bill Clinton.


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