I Knew Golf and the Golf Channel Were Making a Big Mistake in Trumpeting Donald Trump

Golf and the golf channel embraced Donald Trump and his golf courses. I tried to like the guy as he played and talked golf, but found I could not. I had a bad feeling about his relationship to the sport of golf.

His efforts to bury many Mexican people and slander them as being rapists is simply not acceptable, and my concerns about what his impact would be on golf have unfortunately become realized.

Trump is a self promoter first, above all else. That is my opinion but it is what I have observed.

Trump just went about his presidential candidacy all wrong. If he wanted the border protected, and many Americans do, just say it. But to slander those who have come across the border by accusing them of what the vast majority are not, is to hurt the movement to protect the border.

The concept of protecting the border is related to the concept of sovereignty of nations, sovereignty of the United States. So we have values that are strongly American.

One is national sovereignty, and Trump botched his support of that value because he has a steamroller mentality, is apparently Xenophobic and could be a racist.

But second, we support, as Americans, the concept of tolerance. We tolerate those who are here to live and work.

Even if immigrants are illegal aliens, there is a basic human decency and respect that must be afforded to them. That is just the right thing to do, the American way.

So, I totally understand why golf, an international sport that is all inclusive, would react to Trump by taking away events at his golf courses.

That will hurt Trump. He needs to limit the damage and apologize. Yet he keeps doubling down and he keeps becoming even more critical in his attacks.

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  1. He's in debt and therefore a lapdog for NY bankers. Globalists "they" want a civil war, a race war. Trump is helping. Again, we have no borders. This is UN broadband. This surveillance system will bring on the global digital governance, and it is as I type. Soon we will have a national (global ID) and we will vote by IP address. Transparency means global "they" get to manage your local budgets not "local us" get to see how the fat cats spend our taxes. This is a managed, knowledge based (surveillance) global society. They want depopulation (murder), it's a circus and Trump is in ring one.

    On man's knowledge worker is another man's Stasi agent or death panel member.





    1. At least he has come out against Pamela Geller. That is a good thing.

  2. Globalists either want a civil war or to disarm Americans, whichever comes first. I am a liberal for gun rights, but I also want gun owners to know that blacks aren't the enemy, the globalists are. They need to hold their fire.

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    3. Anonymous you requested deletion of the above post. I am comforted by the fact that many gun owners are not racist. I know the liberal ones are not. I am encouraged by your post that you didn't want posted, that conservative gun owners are generally not racist. I will take your word for it.

      Lol, I am not a CIA front. I am not a bigot and my writing shows that I hate bigotry. Zionism is, as you know a recent political doctrine. It is not the doctrine of Judaism or New Covenant Christian thinking.

      As far as British Israelism is concerned, it claims that the Israelis we see today are Khazars. Recent research in Israel has confirmed this possibility! It is quite possible that most Israelis are primarily Khazars. That does not mean there is not Hebrew DNA. But it is far from primary. There must be more study on this. But here are competing claims about this: http://www.haaretz.com/jewish-world/jewish-world-features/1.601287 and http://www.darkmoon.me/2013/top-israeli-scientist-says-ashkenazi-jews-came-from-khazaria-not-palestine/

      From a religious view, I believe that God knows who are descendents of Abraham and are going to be called to be Christians. It is not our job to figure that out. God keeps the lineage.

      You can see by my article here that Zionism is not legitimate regardless of who is right about Israeli lineage: http://www.wickedzionism.com/p/khazaria.html

      I would be interested if you would send me your links. bgamall4 at yahoo dot com.

    4. I sent them but global they have the ability to block things at will. I hope you did get them.

  3. Yes, I just published the article with an invite for the company to make their case. Thank you for that informaton. Go to the home page here and you will see it dated July 10,2015.


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