San Francisco Is Creating a Backlash Against Peaceful Illegal Aliens. Contact Mayor Now!

I personally believe most illegal aliens are hard working and honest and harmless. But SF is causing a backlash against those people by letting dangerous aliens on the streets and a young woman, Kathryn Steinle, was gunned down randomly because of this stupid SF policy.

Here is the contact info and it is easy to do. Please make SF wake up:

Many will use this to write bigoted information and defend things said by Donald Trump against illegals. It is free speech and you have the freedom to do so but I hope you don't.

I hope you really consider that Trump is labeling peaceful and hard working people wrongly and that Xenophobia is irrational and could be racist.

We need to defend the American way, with two principles, sovereignty and tolerance. Trump fails because, while he may be for sovereignty, he is not a tolerant individual, going against the American way.

We feel terrible for the family of Kathryn, which is why San Francisco needs to keep dangerous aliens locked up!

But we also know that most aliens are not this way. Please, I implore you to do three things:

1. Contact the mayor.

2. Urge that the border be patrolled better. Big business is behind the lax border. This destroys US sovereignty.

3. Speak out against xenophobia and racism as it applies to illegals who are in the USA. They do work that most Americans do not want to do. They send money to Mexican relatives and keep the relatives from desperately wanting to come to the USA as well.  

There are two principles that we must uphold as Americans. One is tolerance for illegals who are here to work. You don't have to agree with them but you have to tolerate them. Second, speak out for the sovereignty of the nation as opposed to the globalists, and speak out for border control as both political parties are not interested in doing so.

Both tolerance and sovereignty are deeply imbedded in the American mind and both must be defended.


  1. I recommend people stay out of it. This sort of activism is long dead. Everything people do electronically (phone too) is recorded, filed and noted, save for future use on a Amazon or Google server at your state university assessable by all partner corporations and governments. Medical, education, social media, blogging, calls to the Mayor of completely corrupt San Francisco, all there in one file. 1984 is here and has BEEN here. The fear of the the thing is worse than the thing said Saul Alinsky, it's over and they want people to think they still have a "say" so they will "say' it and they will record it (often by zip code).

    "They" (global they) want a civil war as a means of depopulation. There is NO sovereignty anymore, not for a long time and I argue since the last civil war. I believe the 'United States of America" is a corporation owned by (global them). Not legally of course, but try and get one zombie off their i-pod or smart phone tracker for one second, not going to happen. Blogging is dead too, it was a trap all along, but I am glad you still have the balls to do it.

    Signing off of the USA corporation's non-profit ICAN, IPV 6 Internet 2 on (UN Broadband lines a public private partnership) originally created by DARPA as a global surveillance system under UN Agenda 21's data revolution for the knowledge based society (think Stasi, KGB, NAZI files and the library of Alexandria Egypt).

    1. Yes, many of the globalists want a civil war. That is why we have to teach the people tolerance and that other ethnic groups are not the enemy, but rather, the globalists are the enemy and you fight them by not borrowing, living multigenerationally, etc. But laws do get changed by activism. And this law needs to be changed. So they have my address? I really don't care. I am too old to fight, anyway.

    2. All true. What laws have you been able to change? I have tried for three years in 2 states and quit. I did get a couple of bills and ruffled feathers all the way to the bank but I got on the no fly list, can't go to the zoo (or they follow me with a camera) and was assigned several minders and informants some I can link to DHS. Walking the laws back is the only way, I am done. Good Luck and I DO NOT recommend it to anyone, in fact I am begging people to accept the fact that this is China, or Stasi-Land now and it does nothing to resist it now except make a bigger file of information about the activist. Think of your families now please.


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