Sarah Palin Is for Fewer Abortions and for Less Money for Mothers

If Sarah Palin were really serious about limiting abortions, she would stop trying to cut welfare benefits for single mothers. Clearly, abortion is a regrettable act, in my personal opinion, but the option, religious and governmental control over a woman's body is likely much worse for society in the long run. 

I don't like abortion any more than Sarah Palin. I just think society has left it up to the woman to make the moral decision, not the government. There is, I think, wisdom in that fact.  

So, if Sarah Palin is for fewer abortions, she should not support the Republican austerity that we are experiencing, and she would be for more help for mothers, whether working or not.

But she is a phony, in my opinion, interested in political power, not in young black mothers as she said she was on Fox News' O'Reilly Report.

So, Sarah, get off your Republican duff and champion help for women. Otherwise, you may as well just keep your mouth shut.

Palin said this as proof that she really doesn't care about mothers who can't afford new babies. She is clearly a person that doesn't care how much mothers may need to suffer, even though she took the easy road and hooked up with the Rothschilds for sponsorship. Anyway, here is what she said:

‘We sometimes get the feeling that this administration hates true Americans… the type of Americans who came here and built this country, not the type who sat back on welfare handouts. The Obama administration keeps rewarding these same types of people while average Americans are told that their country is no longer Christian.’ – August 20, 2011

So, Sarah, if you don't want to help mothers and you demean them, how can you care about them at the same time? You aren't going about limiting abortions in the right way, at all? You fail, Sarah. 

Globalists want austerity so they can recover and survive their easy money lending escapades. And of course they pay people like Sarah Palin handsomely to promote austerity and hardship.. 


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