Trump May Have Emotionally Raped His Wife. He Never Should Have Used the Word Rape!

I posted this at Business Insider, and it applies to bigots everywhere, but especially to Trump, who called illegal aliens rapists, and is, in a sense, a bigot for it, IMO. I wish he had not been so flawed because someone needs to talk about national sovereignty, but it can't be Donald Trump.

The link to the article that discusses the alleged emotional rape of Ivana is at the bottom of the quotation. An emotional rape of a wife has moral implications even if is legal:

Trump may have started some positive discussion about national sovereignty and closed borders, and the globalists hate that. But, he slandered illegals as being rapists when they commit less crime than the general population.

Now is payback time. He should never have used that word against the illegals, because it was not right, or fair. And now he is exposed as being a potential rapist in at least a moral sense. Talk about karma.

Unfortunately,Trump is not the guy to hitch your wagon to regarding national sovereignty even though it is an issue that must be continued.


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