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Summers And Roubini Talk Negative Interest Rates, Sound Logic But Uncharted Waters

Summers And Roubini Talk Negative Interest Rates, Sound Logic But Uncharted Waters By Gary Anderson First Posted at Talkmarkets. Let me say that Larry Summers certainly holds to the Democratic Party mantra of job creation through monetary policy. However, he really could care less about jobs, in my opinion, when push comes to shove. Larry Summers cares about banks. And low interest rates insures that banks remain functioning, as they skate on thin ice , like Will Rogers once said about the state of banks in the Great Depression. You cannot have a 25 basis rate hike without putting the banks on thin ice these days. That is the Summers' message. And China just cut their funds rate .25 percent and our stock market in the United States rejoiced for a while. Talk about thin ice. Back in 2013, Summers talked about how the natural interest rate sans a bubble economy is negative. Ye

'Death of cash' predicted within a decade - Yahoo Finance

'Death of cash' predicted within a decade - Yahoo Finance My response to this Fiscal Times propaganda article published on Yahoo finance was as follows: Propaganda. I just wrote an article on Talkmarkets about this very subject as Gary Anderson. The cashless society is for the banks, and they want it bad. Larry Summers wants it bad so they can set interest rates at far below zero in the next crash. Then they will force you to put your money in the bank or spend it to stimulate the economy. Wake up sleepy Americans. The globalists have got us. See also my article on this very subject at Talkmarkets which goes into specific detail as to why propaganda like this is being published all over the internet frequently: Summers and Roubini Talk Negative Interest Rates, Sound Logic But Uncharted Waters  So, this is what the globalists want:   Here are the five things they want: 1. negative interest rates if necessary 2. cashless society where you have to d

The Fed Scares Everyone About Treasuries from Time to Time. Is It a Scam?

This article was recently published on the front page of Talkmarkets at the following link. I hope you find it interesting and helpful: From time to time, the Fed and its cronies scare everyone. And maybe those who are not actually cronies, chime in. Certainly this issue of lack of liquidity is scaring people. Articles abounded in the second quarter regarding this coming liquidity crunch. Yet when push came to shove, China was able to unload a hundred billion dollars worth of treasury bonds through Belgian dealers. No crisis there. So what is really going on? From a distance we need to distinguish two issues. The first issue is this fear of liquidity. Dealers in America are not making markets in treasury bonds, due to regulations forcing them to be more conservative. But the Belgian dealers had no trouble dispensing Chinese owned US treas

Phil Davis Blog | US Markets Race China To The Bottom – Can We Avoid Their Fate? | Talkmarkets

 Phil Davis Blog | US Markets Race China To The Bottom – Can We Avoid Their Fate? | Talkmarkets: Phil Davis is a trader, a very smart guy. He was able to help his group avoid the pitfalls of the latest crash. If people are going to trade, they have to understand that they are not the insiders, and that they have to live off of clues that Phil is oftentimes able to discern. He knows the markets are manipulated, but he has a lot of information that can save traders in this environment.  I respect Davis from reading him on Seeking Alpha and Talkmarkets.

Tyler Durden Blog | Deere Rocked By Bursting Of U.S. Farmland Bubble: Sales Miss, Profit Tumbles, Forecast Cut | Talkmarkets

Tyler Durden Blog | Deere Rocked By Bursting Of U.S. Farmland Bubble: Sales Miss, Profit Tumbles, Forecast Cut | Talkmarkets Another bubble bursts and the chart don't lie! That is a basketball term, folks, ball don't lie. But in this case you can see that the bubble has burst in farmland, and it could just as easily burst in housing in the near future. 

Dutch Defend No-Money-Down Mortgages as Loose Lending Targeted - Bloomberg Business

Dutch Defend No-Money-Down Mortgages as Loose Lending Targeted - Bloomberg Business TULPS, remember those? Dutch, a bubble is a bubble. Be very, very afraid. 

Greenspan warns about bond-market bubble -Is He Lying?

Greenspan warns about bond-market bubble - MarketWatch Alan Greenspan says we are in a bond bubble. Of course, he wants people to sell their bonds because there is a shortage of bonds for use as collateral. Also, he wants borrowers from the big banks to believe that interest rates will rise so they give up their floating low interest side of the bet for the more "secure" fixed higher interest rate. The banks take the low floating side because they know rates won't go up anytime soon. So, Greenspan is a liar, in my opinion. A comment was made in response to the article by Bob M., and here it is:  For the past 140 years, the yield on 30Y treasurys has averaged 200 basis points over the rate of inflation (it doesn't matter if you don't believe the CPI data - this has been the correlation over time).  Right now the yield on the 30Y is 285 basis points over the current CPI (which is essentially running at 0% YoY), so one could argue that the curre

Here Is a Discussion About Speculation and Asset Inflation Which Hurts Mainstreet

I posted this at regarding speculation and asset inflation and oil/food price inflation: Oil and food have been inflated for years. A bell pepper costs 99 cents. And this stuff was happening before the drought got bad. Oil is always a cornered market, when it pushes up. Oil was pushed up, according to the Saudis, by investment bankers. Wikileaks uncovered the truth of this: What role Wall Street investors play in the high cost of oil is a hotly debated topic in Washington. The Obama administration, the Bush administration before it and Congress have been slow to take steps to rein in speculators. The Saudis, however, have struck a steady theme for years that something should be done to curb the influence of banks and hedge funds that are speculating on the price of oil, according to diplomatic cables made available to McClatchy by the WikiLeaks website. I added: Inflation is low but until

Putin May Be Tiring of His Cronies - Bloomberg View

Putin May Be Tiring of His Cronies - Bloomberg View My response to this article is as follows: So globalization is the evil plan of the world. Anyone with half a brain knows it. Bloomberg knows it. Ask Mayor Bloomberg about his connection to the Sandy Hook Hoax. On the right Pam Geller was sponsored by Israeli lobbyists. Both parties must tow the AIPAC line. The Rothschild project is Israel, not established according to the Old Torah but established according to atheists like Herzl and Ben-Gurion. The globalists want world domination so much that they paid for regime change in the Ukraine. They want regime change in Russia and that is why Russia has clamped down on the NGO's. Yinon Zionism is the plan for domination of the middle east. And Israel dominates the US, with Fed vice chairman Stanley Fischer a dual Israeli citizen. Many of the neocons who shaped middle east policy were dual Israeli citizens. Our boys died for Israel, not for US interests. Let's

Stanley Fischer AIPAC's DUAL CITIZEN Is Second in Command at the Fed

The Federal Reserve supports antiBDS activities. The Fed is not a part of national sovereignty. The Fed is a foreign agent, a supranational agent. Stanley Fischer is a dual citizen and is a dangerous man, when it comes to freedoms and the interest of fighting apartheid in Israel. This, of course, comes off of the fact that Stanley Fischer did nothing to stop settlements on Palestinian lands while head of the Israeli central bank. And of course, musical chairs is indeed the way the central banks work. They are globalists and Fischer influenced Bernanke, Draghi, and others. AIPAC is behind this elevation of dual and pro Israeli government officials to power. AIPAC is soiling America with a nation God hates, Israel. The curse upon America will continue as long as Israel is in control of the United States. God does not hold the Zionists to be legitimate. That is discussed here.  Zionism and Israeli politics does not arise out of the authority of God granted in the Old Te

Donald Trump Is Not Presidential, but His Opinions Hit at America's Failures

Donald Trump is not presidential material. He is offensive, xenophobic and maybe even racist. Megan Kelly is right that he offends women, too. But she is so self important that it is hard to choose her over the Donald as to personality fails. Still, since Republicans in general seem to attack women, as if they have some sort of pseudo religious duty to do so, Trump piling on to women increases that offense. The Republicans don't mind alienating half the voters as if they are the man party? Too funny if it wasn't just pathetic. But on other issues, Donald Trump is speaking to the failure of America, the failure of policy as it attacks the middle class. He is speaking to the failure of big capital to give the United States of America a fair shake. Most of the jobs added in this economy since the recession are poorly paying jobs. Most are in food service. Gasoline is piling up as Americans are driving less. If many working poor can afford a vehicle, and many cannot, can the

Donald Trump Says He’d Deport All Undocumented Immigrants From U.S.

Donald Trump Says He’d Deport All Undocumented Immigrants From U.S. - Bloomberg Politics Donald Trump, who previously said that he would not consider booting out illegal aliens who are now here, has moved to the dark side. I had agreed with him that guarding the border more vigorously was a good idea. But he has advocated much more, seeking to boot out millions of people who have been educated in our schools, and can contribute to economic growth in our society. If Trump thinks that there is going to be no economic growth, that may be where he is coming from. But the economy is slowly growing, not by much thanks to the Federal Reserve Bank's policy of not taxing banks excess reserves. But Trump is talking like the pie is getting smaller or will not get much bigger, and these people need to go, even though most do work Americans would not do. I support the concept of sovereign nationality, through strong border patrol, and through strong repudiation of the globalists, wh

Linette Lopez Of Business Insider Misspoke About Puerto Rico's Tax Break Policy

Linette Lopez of Business Insider misspoke about Puerto Rico's Tax Break policy. She basically stated that Puerto Rico let the policy of tax breaks for American corporations end. Yet it is clear that the United States government repealed the tax break. This oversight is very disturbing. There were many comments by readers making Linette aware of the fact that the tax break was repealed by the United States government, yet she made no attempt to correct her article even into the next day, 3 AM, 8/8/15 EDT! This is a conspiracy, in my opinion, to set people off against the territory of Puerto Rico, to form and shape public opinion against that territory in a dirty and underhanded way. The article was carried by Yahoo and at least the headline could have been seen by potentially thousands upon thousands of people. I used to contribute to Business Insider, and while my 60 or so articles hitting the bankers rarely made it to the front page, I felt that the website was

Mish Shedlock Blog | 29 Page Memo Proves Greek Parliament Is Puppet Government Run By Germany; Devil Details And EU Guarantees | Talkmarkets The government of Greece is being micromanaged in very evil ways by Germany. Greece has no sovereignty, they gave it all away!

Conspiracy! Self Driving Cars and Culling the Human Population

There is a conspiracy of Futurists brewing. It has been brewing for quite some time, with the publication in 1968 of Paul Ehrlich's book, The Population Bomb . Fear of population growth, coupled with fear that economic growth could not keep up has been played out in the years since the book was published. The world has doubled in population, since the book, and debt no longer causes big growth in GDP, especially since wage growth has stopped dead in its tracks. All the constant drone of these facts makes us believe that those Futurists must be right. And with the advent of self driving cars, it is estimated that a sharing society will allow for most cars to be taken off the road, which will result in the need for fewer cars and fewer people. Of course, that technology would decimate all the oil nations in the world, insurance companies, and jobs that depend on the manually driven auto. Eventually, as the Economist recently pitched,  self driving cars would save lives, manuall

Banks Are Hiding Transactions to Pretend They Have More Capital

Banks make it look like they have more capital than they do. They skirt the rules of Basel 3, and maybe the central banks who are responsible for Basel 3 don't really care. Anyway, this article makes this charge and more that banks are not being good citizens. They are putting the financial system at risk:

Desperate Banker Attacks on Millennials Via Media Are Ramping Up

This article was originally published on TalkMarkets at this link. Please support this blogger by visiting the article there: Desperate bankers are attacking millennials with ever more frequency. They are doing so to get them to move out of the houses of their parents. Bankers cannot make real money unless they lend on houses. Millennials, or at least a large percentage of them, do not show an interest in home ownership at all. If this continues, eventually bankers will have to get real jobs. And they don't like that scenario at all. Here are just a few of the titles that have been recently seen on the major online portals regarding millennials: 1. From the Globe and Mail in Canada comes this heading: Millennials' Lack of Debt May Be a Sign of Trouble (Lack of debt means millennials are failing in Canada, but the country i

Ford’s Compact Car Production Leaving Michigan And The USA — Can You Guess Where Ford’s Going Instead?

Ford’s Compact Car Production Leaving Michigan And The USA — Can You Guess Where Ford’s Going Instead? So, poor Ford can't make enough money and has to move its Focus plant to Mexico? Please, give me a break. I have noticed that Ford has improved some products, but not others. Some of the products cut corners and it is obvious. I was shopping for a car with my daughter and she ended up going with a Nissan because Ford lacked cosmetic quality. Stuff was falling apart. So, Ford needs to put a better product out, rather than risk putting an inferior product out with workers who will start out unfamiliar with it. I am not saying the workers in Mexico would do a bad job, they will certainly learn to do a great job. But they aren't buying the cars. Americans are. So Ford, leave the jobs in America where your customers are! 

"We Want The Names Of Anyone Who Sold" - China's Market Witch Hunt Enters Twilight Zone This article from Tyler Durden ( Zero Hedge ), is a real eye opener. Fake trades are tolerated by governments until they are used to depress the price of stocks. They should be forbidden across the board, both on the way up and on the way down, but they are not. Still, China has decided to go after the fake trades and shorts. It will be interesting to see if this one way (down) enforcement causes a massive bubble down the road when people become confident that the government can cause stock markets to never crash! Since China did nothing to stop the upward pressure of speculation and churning fake trades, Durden calls this enforcement a witch hunt. In a way it is. But middle class people in China are being ripped off by these manipulators. Their wealth is disappearing daily. That is a big concern for China and should be a b The Billionaire Bigot: Why AntiSemitism In Europe Is Grossly Unfair The Billionaire Bigot: Why AntiSemitism In Europe Is Grossly Unfair "The Billionaire Bigot, Israeli/Ukrainian citizen, Ihor Kolomoyskyi, has made the attempt to fuse Nazi right wingers with Jews in order to elicit hatred against all Muslims. This attempt has been met with resistance among the Jews of Europe." I posted this article because Jewish people in Europe should be commended for resisting this secret agenda of Zionism (Zionism is NOT Judaism). The secret agenda is to fuse right Nazi types with Jewish people and non Jewish Zionists to hate all Muslims and fight them. But the Jewish people of Europe are resisting. We should all follow their example and stand up against the bigotry!

German Regulator Decides Deutsche Bank CEO Didn't Know About LIBOR After All BaFin, Germany's financial "watchdog".  The document contains voluminous evidence which suggests that not only did Anshu Jain (who stepped down last month), know full well that his traders and submitters were likely involved in manipulating LIBOR fixes, but it was in fact Jain who "reorganized the seating order in the trading division in London in the year 2005, which resulted in traders and submitters sitting together, [in order] to achieve an open communication between both functions, especially also with regard to the LIBOR." The report goes on to describe the relationship between Jain and Christian Bittar, the bank’s rate rigger... Gary here: If anyone thought that the Eurozone was an ethical organization only needs to understand that banksters get off there just like here in the US.