'Death of cash' predicted within a decade - Yahoo Finance

'Death of cash' predicted within a decade - Yahoo Finance

My response to this Fiscal Times propaganda article published on Yahoo finance was as follows:

Propaganda. I just wrote an article on Talkmarkets about this very
subject as Gary Anderson. The cashless society is for the banks, and
they want it bad. Larry Summers wants it bad so they can set interest
rates at far below zero in the next crash. Then they will force you to
put your money in the bank or spend it to stimulate the economy. Wake up
sleepy Americans. The globalists have got us.

See also my article on this very subject at Talkmarkets which goes into specific detail as to why propaganda like this is being published all over the internet frequently:

Summers and Roubini Talk Negative Interest Rates, Sound Logic But Uncharted Waters 

So, this is what the globalists want:

Here are the five things they want:

1. negative interest rates if necessary

2. cashless society where you have to deposit or spend

3. self driving cars so you will be outlawed from driving

4. gun control and or hatred against other groups

5. population control of up to 90 percent fewer people

These five things are what the globalists, along with their economists, futurists and eugenicists want, in a nutshell folks.


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