Desperate Banker Attacks on Millennials Via Media Are Ramping Up

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Desperate bankers are attacking millennials with ever more frequency. They are doing so to get them to move out of the houses of their parents. Bankers cannot make real money unless they lend on houses. Millennials, or at least a large percentage of them, do not show an interest in home ownership at all.
If this continues, eventually bankers will have to get real jobs. And they don't like that scenario at all.
Here are just a few of the titles that have been recently seen on the major online portals regarding millennials:
1. From the Globe and Mail in Canada comes this heading: Millennials' Lack of Debt May Be a Sign of Trouble (Lack of debt means millennials are failing in Canada, but the country is now in recession, so it must have been a sign of trouble. Generally speaking, lack of debt is a good thing. At least that is what Will Rogers said.)
2. Money has the article title: 10 Things Millennials Won't Spend Money On  (Of course a home is one of those 10 things.)
3. Forbes says: More Millennials Are Living at Home Than Ever Before  (Bankers are waking up to the terrible fact that it wasn't lack of a job that mattered to millennials. They now have more jobs and are still living at home. Banker panic ensues!)
4. Channel 19 of Cleveland gets into the act: Renting: the New American Dream? (Bankers are hoping that millennials, 3/4th of whom say they will buy houses within five years, will live up to that poll and not back down. Bankers are scared out of their wits that the millennials will just keep renting.)
5. Business Insider weighs in with: Blackstone: There Is a Hidden Crisis in America That No One Is Talking About (Of course, Millennials may be saving, at the bank, but they know markets crash and don't care what Blackstone says about filling up their 401k's.)
6. Fox Business News asks: What Happens If Millennials Never Enter the Housing Market?  (Fox only partly blames the millennials. It also puts blame on the fact that credit is not wide enough nor deep enough. I guess that means there is not enough easy money. Why don't they say that? Makes you wonder. They must not want to tip off the millennials when credit becomes wide and deep, lol.)
We can now turn to articles that simply insult millennials. There are too many articles to mention them all.Millennials are insulted continually and abusively. I won't list all the abusive Helicopter Parent articles because the psychologists are most likely worried that the millennials won't make the same financial mistakes of their parents and that costs bankers. These psychologists want parents to cut loose the millennials so they can make mistakes and make bankers rich. (I am reading between the lines.) Boy am I cynical and conspiratorial. But I am onto something.
But I digress, as here are more articles really badmouthing millennials:
1. Better After 50 says: The Trouble with Millennials (The author cringes at the HGTV-driven entitlement of the young home buyers. Maybe she fears that millennials would prefer to rent a place with "amenities" than buy a place with no "amenities". That must really scare bankers out of their wits.)
2. Freedomworks turns minimum wage increases on their head: Millennials Barack Obama Thinks You Are Worthless (I think this is more about libertarians with ties to bankers wanting millennials to work for peanuts than it is an attack on Obama. This doesn't mean Obama isn't capable of insulting millennials. He is quite capable.)
3. Nasdaq has an article out: Five Worst Money Blunders Made By Millennials (Millennials don't trust the stock market and bankers are apoplectic about it! Millennials have bad money habits in the eyes of bankers, and the bankers are worried.)
4. From the controversial Breitbart comes this abusive title: 7 Reasons Why Millennials Are the Worst Generation (Hey Millennials, this sometimes odious rag thinks you are totally useless. Of course they don't mention that you have gone through some of the worst economic times this nation has ever seen. And they say you don't know about money. But you know at least this much about money; you don't want to part with it to get a toxic loan!)
5. The Washington Post says this about millennials: 5 Really Good Reasons to Hate Millennials (One of the five reasons given is that millennials think it is it is not ok to publish cartoons about the Prophet Muhammad of the Muslim religion. I happen to agree with them. Free speech can be self censored. I also agree with millennials that America is not the greatest nation anymore because we make war continually and are a bully of a nation for the globalists, and because Americans are oppressed by the uber wealthy globalists.)
And of course, Millennials hate banks and that really concerns the powers that be:
1. Fast Company has this title:  Sorry Banks, Millennials Hate You (A three year study found millennials are seeking to live a bank-free existence. Wow, I don't know how long that will last but it must be making bankers rolf somewhere daily.)
2. Tech Crunch says: Millennials Are Destroying Banks, and It's the Banks' Fault (Nice title. Millennials are already in debt with student loans. Why would they want a mortgage? At least one banker reading this may have fainted.)
3. Bloomberg offers a video with the title: Millennials Hate Banks ... So Where's Their Cash? (Larry Summers and the cashless society people must hate knowing millennials keep their cash at home. Poor Larry. Watch for more articles in the future promoting the cashless society so bankers can make money off these no good millennials.)


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