Donald Trump Is Not Presidential, but His Opinions Hit at America's Failures

Donald Trump is not presidential material. He is offensive, xenophobic and maybe even racist. Megan Kelly is right that he offends women, too. But she is so self important that it is hard to choose her over the Donald as to personality fails.

Still, since Republicans in general seem to attack women, as if they have some sort of pseudo religious duty to do so, Trump piling on to women increases that offense. The Republicans don't mind alienating half the voters as if they are the man party? Too funny if it wasn't just pathetic.

But on other issues, Donald Trump is speaking to the failure of America, the failure of policy as it attacks the middle class. He is speaking to the failure of big capital to give the United States of America a fair shake.

Most of the jobs added in this economy since the recession are poorly paying jobs. Most are in food service. Gasoline is piling up as Americans are driving less. If many working poor can afford a vehicle, and many cannot, can they afford to drive across town 20 miles per day? They pay inflated gasoline prices based on their depressed wages? I don't think so.

While gasoline has gone down in price recently, Americans were ripped off for years as wages stagnated, and that was a double penalty since their house values were crashing as well. As the Fed has said, the hot money left the real estate market, LIBOR skyrocketed, and banks would not lend to each other. Credit dried up for consumers and it was really easy before it dried up.

The economy, and the middle class are at a breaking point, so Trump's message resonates with many.  Let's look at a few of these points Trump is making:

1. Trump says that there are bubbles brewing in markets. Well, that is true. People don't like bubbles anymore. They want real wages, not an economy based upon the need for credit in order to get ahead. Millennials learned first hand how that could turn on its head. Millennials learned what it was like for home prices to go down and for bankers to take advantage of their parents.

2. Trump says that the border is too porous and that this ultimately robs wages from Americans. Well, certainly, many Americans don't want to pick farm produce or build houses. But, the border is too porous, because fair and organized entry into nations is important. It can stretch the systems of education and medical care to have illegals flooding into the US and then having citizen children. It has a social cost.

That does not mean that I am against immediate citizenship. I am for immediate citizenship of children born here. That does not mean that I am for sending back illegal children who have trained in our schools. That is dumb, because we paid through the nose to train these kids. We need their education and drive to help our nation. We need a path to citizenship for all who are educated here.

But we need to zealously guard the borders. It just is the right thing to do. Globalists are afraid that there will be a shortage of workers, but the US could make sure this doesn't happen by committing more resources to an orderly process at the borders.

3. Trump says he will bring jobs back to the US. Well, truth is, he could influence this process. He isn't going to fix the process completely, but he certainly could apply laws and incentives that would keep more jobs in America. For economists to reject his view out of hand shows they are likely in the pockets of the big capitalists. These globalist types want to take advantage of the American consumer, making products elsewhere that they expect to sell to Americans. There is something fundamentally unpatriotic about that unless there is simply no other way for an industry to survive without moving offshore.

Perhaps the thing that Americans are most angry about, and that I am angry about, is issue number 1, that housing has become a bubbled up commodity. Housing can be manipulated in price by those who chose to manipulate it. And all the while this housing is being manipulated by hot money, the wages of Americans must stagnate in an effort to maintain some sort of competitiveness in the world.

So, we have globalists offshoring jobs, letting people in in droves, both of these pushing wages down, all the while they are speculating in housing and driving the prices of housing up. This is a squeeze on the middle class of unprecedented proportions.

It makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. It is madness, and it will create an unstable economy if it the gap between house prices (and rents), and wages get worse.

CBS said that home prices have outstripped wage appreciation in 76 percent of the real estate markets of the United States. This is another bubble. Sorry, you can say it isn't, but Donald Trump is right and your globalist controlled politicians are silent. They know the score. But they don't care.

Donald Trump makes me angry with his lack of nuance and his insensitivity. But he is hitting the ball out of the park when it comes to the issues. The rest of the politicians are useless. Yes, they are totally useless and in the pockets of their globalist masters.

That is the truth, and this is coming from a guy who voted for Obama twice, who is a liberal for gun rights. Oh, and there are other liberals who support gun rights, but they get no air time. That is just the way things are.

If Donald Trump succeeds in shaming the rest of the politicians in both parties, he will have done something. But then, it is possible that they simply don't have any conscience anymore. And if that is the case, our nation will continue to face hard times, and the millennials will force bankers to get real jobs, since they don't want to take on loans like their parents did.

Yes, Trump is onto something. It is just too bad it is Trump and not a JFK type, as JFK had an understanding of these very same things, and possessed the nuanced intellect to make people understand the issues and love his presidency.

Could Trump be a phony, with no real desire to fix anything. It is always possible. He seems sincere, however. He could influence the direction of government on the three issues above even if he isn't president. That would most likely be a very good thing.


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