Putin May Be Tiring of His Cronies - Bloomberg View

Putin May Be Tiring of His Cronies - Bloomberg View

My response to this article is as follows:

So globalization is the evil plan of the world. Anyone with half a brain
knows it. Bloomberg knows it. Ask Mayor Bloomberg about his connection
to the Sandy Hook Hoax. On the right Pam Geller was sponsored by Israeli
lobbyists. Both parties must tow the AIPAC line.

The Rothschild project
is Israel, not established according to the Old Torah but established
according to atheists like Herzl and Ben-Gurion. The globalists want
world domination so much that they paid for regime change in the
Ukraine. They want regime change in Russia and that is why Russia has
clamped down on the NGO's.

Yinon Zionism is the plan for domination of
the middle east. And Israel dominates the US, with Fed vice chairman
Stanley Fischer a dual Israeli citizen. Many of the neocons who shaped
middle east policy were dual Israeli citizens. Our boys died for Israel,
not for US interests. Let's not be fooled, people.


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