Stanley Fischer AIPAC's DUAL CITIZEN Is Second in Command at the Fed

The Federal Reserve supports antiBDS activities. The Fed is not a part of national sovereignty. The Fed is a foreign agent, a supranational agent. Stanley Fischer is a dual citizen and is a dangerous man, when it comes to freedoms and the interest of fighting apartheid in Israel.

This, of course, comes off of the fact that Stanley Fischer did nothing to stop settlements on Palestinian lands while head of the Israeli central bank.

And of course, musical chairs is indeed the way the central banks work. They are globalists and Fischer influenced Bernanke, Draghi, and others.

AIPAC is behind this elevation of dual and pro Israeli government officials to power. AIPAC is soiling America with a nation God hates, Israel. The curse upon America will continue as long as Israel is in control of the United States. God does not hold the Zionists to be legitimate. That is discussed here. 

Zionism and Israeli politics does not arise out of the authority of God granted in the Old Testament to establish the New Zion through the Messiah. Many Jews and some Christians understand this truth.

But take my word for it, we are cursed as a nation regarding prosperity as long as we are associated with Israel and let Israel exert so much power over us. That is a guarantee.

While Fischer was central bankster for Israel, the common people were harmed by asset inflation without wage inflation. The same is happening here in the United States. 

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