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Chris Vermeulen Blog | U.S. Government Is Going To Monitor All Your Financial Transactions Very Soon | Talkmarkets

Chris Vermeulen Blog | U.S. Government Is Going To Monitor All Your Financial Transactions Very Soon | Talkmarkets Here is another important article warning about the cashless society. I suggest you read all 4 pages or click on the link to make it one page. Privacy issues and the UN and Bill Gates are discussed. I have also warned the Millennials about this issue, a crucial issue of the day: And we have a warning from a commenter at the Chris Vermeulen article by "Joe Economy" that I would like to highlight: This isn't exactly new news, the NSA has been monitoring credit card transactions, phone calls, emails for probably more than a decade following stricter anti terrorism laws after 9/11. What I would like to see is more security and protection for consumers after the huge breaches of security that exposed credit

The USA Must Save Itself from the Coming Cashless Society

This article first appeared on my blog at Talkmarkets. I urge you to take a serious look at it: A. Scott Shay and the Cashless Society are discussed: On CNBC Scott Shay, Chairman of Signature Bank, spoke about the Cashless Society. This isn't news, as the interview took place in 2013, but it is applicable in the face of many calls for the cashless society, that are ongoing from Larry Summers and others. Others include the influential Scott Sumner, of Bentley University, the Financial Times , that calls cash a "barbarous relic" , the British Central Banker, Andy Haldane and economists Kenneth Rogoff and Citi's Willem Buiter who says cash stands in the way of the ELB, the Effective Lower Bound. Haldane is one of the 100 most influential people in the world, so these folks mean business. Larry Summers is di

Lloyd Blankfein has cancer - Business Insider

Lloyd Blankfein has cancer - Business Insider The two most powerful bankers in America have now been stricken with cancer, Blankfein and Jamie Dimon of JP Morgan. Dimon is cured for now. But clearly they are not listening to warnings from the Almighty. And no, they are not doing God's work, although Blankfein once said he was. Their corporations have been convicted of crimes against America or have avoided prosecution for obvious potential crimes Here are just a few examples. See here: and here: Business Insider didn't even allow a comment section to the article where Blankfein made his bout with cancer public. Business Insider didn't want the standard comments being hurled at this bad ma

Did Bethany McLean Misspeak When She Wrote About UK Banking And The GSE's?

This article was originally published to my personal blog at Talkmarkets: Bethany McLean's misstatements about UK banking and our GSE's is troubling. Now, it is possible that she is not aware of the information I have linked to and that she wrote her comments out of lack of knowledge. But she is in a position where she could have known more about the subject. After all, she is the author of 'The Smartest Guys In The Room, is a Reuters/Vanity Fair contributing editor,and has been an editor at large for Fortune Magazine and a contributor to Slate.  She should explain her reason for the misstatements. It would be great if she would clear all that up for us. In her recent Linkedin article,   I've written books about Enron and the financial crisis. But Fannie Mae is the scariest of them all, she quotes B

We Cannot Trust Big Market Rigging Banks to Replace the GSE's

 My article discusses banks replacing the GSE's and was first published on Talkmarkets: Big banks have been fined for manipulating LIBOR, fined for manipulating the CDS swaps markets, and are accused of rigging treasury markets for government bonds. These same banks have been seeking to replace the GSE's, Fannie and Freddie, and everyone knows that they have lost the trust of the American people. Bethany McLean has said that a decision should come soon on what to do with Fannie and Freddie. Here are the banks fined for manipulation of the CDS swaps markets:  Bank of America Corp, Barclays Plc, BNP Paribas SA, Citigroup Inc, Credit Suisse Group AG, Deutsche Bank AG, Goldman Sachs Group Inc, HSBC Holdings Plc, JPMorgan Chase & Co , Morgan Stanley, Royal Bank of Scotland Group Plc and UBS AG. Most of these banks are primary dealers for the F

David Hague | Funny Business

David Hague | Funny Business Lol, satire mixed with very astute observations. "Bankers are channeling their inner Rothschild." Lol. We totally agree with the bankers, the big ones and central bankers, desire world domination. How they will actually continue to prosecute this domination and extend it will be interesting to watch. It may not be pretty, however. Here is another example of his writing which is quite entertaining:

Primary Dealers Rigged Treasury Auctions, Investor Lawsuit Says - Bloomberg Business

Primary Dealers Rigged Treasury Auctions, Investor Lawsuit Says - Bloomberg Business Turns out I sniffed out a scam before this Bloomberg report. Here was my article on what had to be a scam. Now we know. I posted this at Collusion to drive down bond prices and inflate yields scares people into selling their bonds. I wrote that the Fed and Dealers do try to get people to unload their bonds because there is massive demand for them. The corruption is absolute, since bonds in Europe are going negative yield and people wonder why that isn't happening here. This is big folks.

Israel calls Iceland capital's boycott 'pure hatred' - Yahoo News

Israel calls Iceland capital's boycott 'pure hatred' - Yahoo News I posted this on the comment section of the article: My natural father was Jewish and I am adopted, but we like Iceland and we don't like Israel. Israel is not Jewish. It is Zionist. Big difference. Judaism is a religion. Zionism is a wicked political cabal and doctrine of world domination.

Everyone Said Treasury Bond Yields Would Go Up After QE Ended.

 This article was first published by me at Talkmarkets: Before I show why they have been wrong, I am going to cite some celebrated economic pundits who said that the long bonds would go up in yield after QE. After all, they thought they had it right. And you will be surprised to know that some of them may have wanted you to panic and sell your long bonds. In some cases, it is likely that their financial buddies in high places needed those bonds, desperately. I am not accusing any of the article builders below specifically. But talk about a bond bubble circulated in media with a lot of force, like ideas do when they are paid for. One wonders if China was listening to the talk before unloading treasuries? That is pure speculation on my part. Or perhaps China was testing the liquidity of the bond market, which worked out just fine. But it turns out, the l

Wednesday: Wages (Or Lack Thereof) Are Killing This Country $SPY Also $WMT

Wednesday: Wages (Or Lack Thereof) Are Killing This Country $SPY Also $WMT Wages are taking a beating and we have no recovery. The bottom 60 percent of Americans have accumulated only 2.3 percent of the wealth. This cannot continue or the nation will never recover. I don't think they want the nation to recover. 

Steven Isaacson of Brandeis Center Blog Mistakes antiSemitism for anti Zionism

I posted this at the Brandeis Center for Human Rights page on Facebook: Steven Isaacson wrote on the Brandeis blog: “BDS is by its very nature an anti-Semitic movement.” Here is my response. He refuses to post the truth. I said: "You are lying. Shame on you. BDS is not by its very nature antiSemitic because Judaism is not Israel and Judaism is not Zionism. You aren’t a university, you are a propaganda machine." Well, it turns out that the Brandeis Center is not connected to Brandeis University, and I apologize to the University! But the essence of my point stands.   and I also posted: So, some people who are engaged in BDS may be antiSemites and that is evil. But that does not make the concept of boycotting Israel anti Semite. A court in the UK was clear, the Rothschild project, Israel is not the essence of Judaism. You all need to understand this. Where BDS or any other movement falls into antiSemitism it must stop that behavior! But, so many times, Z

Are Bernanke and Yellen Fed Charlatans Dangling the Carrot of Prosperity?

 This article was first published on Talkmarkets: The Fed and its main recent players, Ben Bernanke and Janet Yellen are possibly well meaning, but are they charlatans in a way, dangling the carrot of future prosperity in front of the nation? This will be discussed in more detail later, but the more I read Ben Bernanke, the more I know his bluff needs to be called somehow. In the age of derivatives, the free market cannot be free. The free market for interest rates assumes that demand for bonds ebbs and flows. It assumes that there are more times when long interest rates are higher than short interest rates. Since inflation is more prevalent than deflation, that assumption used to be important. In the normal economy, Banks loaned money to the real economy based on long rates being significantly higher than short bonds. This is not something we don

Israel Miscalculated Benefits of Regime Change. Europe Is Lost

Israel has miscalculated the benefits of regime change, a central policy of US neocons and Israeli Zionists. The Yinon Zionism of Oded Yinon and other glimpses into Zionist globalist doctrine show that the doctrine is one of displacement of peoples and of occupation and possible banishment of the Palestinians. The truth is, many Jewish people oppose Zionism, especially the young, who have witnessed horrific crimes against humanity carried on by Israel. The BDS movement is gaining in scope daily. But the largest miscalculation of Zionism is that Europe is now being inundated with refugees, with Arab refugees. Israel will lose the public opinion battle in Europe, an area with twice the population of the United States. And Israel deserves to lose this public opinion. Israel and the USA, who are on the wrong side of world opinion, have pushed regime change and even the creation of ISIS. As more American people realize that ISIS is a part of the Zionist plan of a three part Iraq, wri

Fed Chicken and Egg Conundrum. Dimon Proves Will Rogers Right. Banks Broke

 This article was first published by me on Talkmarkets: The chicken and egg debate regarding the Fed-in-a-box theory contemplates which comes first, rising interest rates or selling bonds back into the economy and to banks. I have discussed that there are too few bonds in the system to act as collateral for deals and derivatives. But it is proving very difficult to sell bonds to the big banks or to "other financial institutions", as the big banks have a really good deal, interest on money in the excess reserves they possess. They get less interest on bonds if they purchase them. The "other financial institutions" may be holding out for a better deal on bonds. They could even be colluding to boycott bonds. So, the issue of trying to raise interest rates when there is the risk of deflation is a real risk. And deflation is t

Thomas Piketty Does Not Have the Best Solution for Stopping the Offshoring of Wealth

 This article was first published by me on Talkmarkets: Back in March of 2015, Thomas Piketty, famous economist who calls for a global wealth tax to fix the inequality of income, was interviewed on CNBC. It is clear from the interview, that Piketty wants the global wealth tax to be administered nation by nation, with a sharing of financial information across national lines. [At the end of this article I will share what the IRS thinks about financial offshoring as a scam and my ideas for a market based solution.] There is no doubt to me that this global lawmaking is a tempting proposal. Justice is, after all, a key to survival of the human race. But justice is quite flawed in its practice, and  big finance has the power to bend justice and even write into law what it thinks justice is. So, it is clear that Pike

How HFT Has Killed Market Basics - UrbanSurvival

How HFT Has Killed Market Basics - UrbanSurvival Just one example in this great article:  Say you enter an order to buy 100 shares of XYZ.  The trading house you’re with might buy 1,000 shares for a fraction of a second – just long enough to drive the price up.  Depending on machine speeds, another outfit notices the price and buys 1,000 shares, too.  And a third, perhaps. By the time your poor order for 100 shares is actually “filled” what happens?  You pay a fraction of a cent more.  Regulators don’t care because they view it as “petty crime” but it happens millions of times per day so it adds up.