Israel Miscalculated Benefits of Regime Change. Europe Is Lost

Israel has miscalculated the benefits of regime change, a central policy of US neocons and Israeli Zionists. The Yinon Zionism of Oded Yinon and other glimpses into Zionist globalist doctrine show that the doctrine is one of displacement of peoples and of occupation and possible banishment of the Palestinians.

The truth is, many Jewish people oppose Zionism, especially the young, who have witnessed horrific crimes against humanity carried on by Israel. The BDS movement is gaining in scope daily.

But the largest miscalculation of Zionism is that Europe is now being inundated with refugees, with Arab refugees. Israel will lose the public opinion battle in Europe, an area with twice the population of the United States. And Israel deserves to lose this public opinion.

Israel and the USA, who are on the wrong side of world opinion, have pushed regime change and even the creation of ISIS. As more American people realize that ISIS is a part of the Zionist plan of a three part Iraq, written into print over 30 years ago, the Zionists are losing Americans daily to their globalist and imperialist cause.

America is not a willing empire builder, but the UK and Israel, bound to the hip through Rothschild support of the Zionist project (Israel), have called for America to be more aggressive. Niall Ferguson, that UK globalist mole who has weaseled his way into American thought, calls for the US to act like an empire building and make war continually. This is a dangerous way forward.

The nation cannot continue to waste resources upon the middle east, which is like a curse upon us for our support of Israel. The nations must serve its own national interest and pay more attention to the health of its people and its consumers, rather than waste resources on a failed idea, Israel.


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