Steven Isaacson of Brandeis Center Blog Mistakes antiSemitism for anti Zionism

I posted this at the Brandeis Center for Human Rights page on Facebook:

Steven Isaacson wrote on the Brandeis blog: “BDS is by its very nature an anti-Semitic movement.” Here is my response. He refuses to post the truth. I said: "You are lying. Shame on you. BDS is not by its very nature antiSemitic because Judaism is not Israel and Judaism is not Zionism. You aren’t a university, you are a propaganda machine."

Well, it turns out that the Brandeis Center is not connected to Brandeis University, and I apologize to the University! But the essence of my point stands.
and I also posted:

So, some people who are engaged in BDS may be antiSemites and that is evil. But that does not make the concept of boycotting Israel anti Semite. A court in the UK was clear, the Rothschild project, Israel is not the essence of Judaism. You all need to understand this.

Where BDS or any other movement falls into antiSemitism it must stop that behavior! But, so many times, Zionist will attempt to label antiBDS people. When the Brandeis people seek to stop BDS, they should rather be focused on stopping antiSemitism. BDS is a legitimate movement against an apartheid nation.

We have people like Joe Biden correctly attacking Donald Trump for being bigoted. At least I believe he is bigoted as well. But Joe Biden says nothing about Israel and a bigotry far more intense than you see in Donald Trump.

So, stop antiSemitism, yes. But don't use that as an umbrella to seek to stop BDS. BDS is a very legitimate tool for getting an apartheid nation to change. Israel deserves it.

As far as the existence of Israel is concerned, I do not advocate the overthrow of the Israeli government, nor do I advocate nations attacking Israel, but I do wish Israel would simply voluntarily decided to disband on its own. It was a mistake. Zionism was and is a mistake, a false teaching, and a pseudo religion that is mostly political, established by atheists. 


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