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Larry Summers Cannot Save the Fed and Misspoke About Fed Capabilites

This article was first published at Talkmarkets: Larry Summers has spoken once again about secular stagnation on a Business Insider article entitled Larry Summers: the Global Economy Is in Serious Danger. Summers makes an excellent case for why things cannot remain as they are. He is right in saying that stimulus in the form of fiscal efforts is likely needed to expand the US economy. But, there are two points that were contained in the article that make me not trust him anymore than I trusted him when I wrote the article Summers and Roubini Talk Negative Interest Rates, Sound Logic but Uncharted Waters. First of all, I had mentioned that more than anything, Summers worries about and cares about the banks first. Every motive he has, to the best of my observation, revolves around what is good for the banks at that moment. It may not be a long term fix h

Will Fed and Central Bankers Give Up Alchemy to Save the World?

 This article was first published by me at Talkmarkets: Will central bankers give up alchemy to save the world? I have have my doubts. First of all, most people don't know that central bankers are alchemists. In fact, most people have no clue that they are able to issue debt in the form of sovereign bonds, like treasury bonds, and turn them into gold! That is right. Who needs gold when debt can be gold? No I am not saying you can't use gold as gold, because it is a valuable asset. But debt makes more gold available. Indeed, alchemy is the business of turning mundane things into gold. It has been an idea that has fascinated for thousands of years. Yet, the bankers did what Merlin could only hope to do, turn something as ungold-like as debt into gold. This gold, that is in the form of sovereign bonds, is used in the derivatives markets. The debt is use

The Conspiracy of the Federal Reserve Bank, Trump Knows Nothing

 I posted this comment at Business Insider in answer to Trump, who mistakenly said the Fed keeps interest rates low for Obama: The Fed could care less about Obama. The Fed cares about the banks because it is a bank, a private bank according to a ruling in 1982, Lewis VS the USA. And the banks can't survive without low interest rates because Greenspan expanded the derivatives system. This system is the real evil behind deregulation. I wrote about it here: The Fed is a conspiracy. It conspires to make the economy grow slowly. The reason it does so is that low interest rates are built into the system it has built. I proved this on Talkmarkets. The Fed is socialism for the banks, and it is a conspiracy. This is how they do it. They keep the economy from growing properly. They make it grow slow. Then the Republicans are mad that so many people are dependent on the government. The Fed really is not the government, but is a private bank. It is beholden to the banks, not th

Russia to Help Palestine Become Independent State – Putin / Sputnik International

Russia to Help Palestine Become Independent State – Putin / Sputnik International It seems as though every issue has two sides, and the USA is on the wrong side of almost all of them. Putin appears to be on the right side of almost all the issues. Sad for America that the neocons have pulled us down. Evil Zionist globalism cannot take over the world. As you know, Zionism is not Judaism, not a religion. It is simply a nationalistic doctrine seeking world control and dominance. 

Deutsche Bank Economist: The Fed Is in Danger of Making a Mistake of Historical Proportions - Bloomberg Business

Deutsche Bank Economist: The Fed Is in Danger of Making a Mistake of Historical Proportions - Bloomberg Business Our globalist Fed is making a mistake by keeping interest rates at zero. Even though the Fed leaders say they don't want negative interest rates, they need to raise rates a good deal to cushion against lowering them in the next downturn. They are acting like that doesn't matter, and are going to experiment with negative interest rates. They will limit cash that can be taken out of banks and will force depositors to keep most of their checks in the bank, down the road. It could be coming to America, as it has already come to Greece. 

Asperger Syndrome Government Hoaxes

Asperger Syndrome Government Hoaxes There has to be an answer to the government and its media continually throwing Asperger's children under the bus by accusing fake shooters of having the syndrome. One would hope that the government would come to its senses, but the truth is, the globalists have taken away the sovereignty of the nation over a long process. Please share the Facebook page where ever and when ever you can. 

Fed Weakness, Future Insatiable Bond Demand with Short Supply

 This article by me was originally published on Talkmarkets: The Federal Reserve and many central bankers are sincere about saving America from negative interest rates caused by derivatives markets' demand for long bonds. But the Fed could not save us from the housing bubble of the last decade and won't likely save us from negative interest rates and a powerful push towards the cashless society. Supply and demand are key to understanding the long bond market. And that supply and demand may result in profound changes in our economic system, not for the better. Long bond markets are likely rarely manipulated, as stocks are when corporate buybacks reduce supply of stocks available. There has been an accusation made that banks are trying to push yield up and price down, because they want the best deal for their insatiable appetite for bonds.  Manipulation o Zionism, Kabbalah, Masonry and World Federation Zionism, Kabbalah, Masonry and World Federation Determining what secret societies support Israel and the New World Order may be clarified in this article. From the article: ...The final person to talk about the Federation was none other than the self avowed atheistic founder of Israel itself. David Ben-Gurion made this troubling, unbiblical statement:   “In Jerusalem, the United Nations (a truly United Nations) will build a Shrine of the Prophets to serve the federated union of all continents; this will be the seat of the Supreme Court of Mankind, to settle all controversies among the federated continents, as prophesied by Isaiah.” So, while the Jesuits, who likely support some version of a New World Order, are less obvious in support of Israel and are at least divided, Kabbalah and Freemasonry have been linked directly to the New World Order that is inclusive of Israel holding a central role.

Freemasonry: Why the Queen of England Pretends to be a Christian

Freemasonry and the British Monarchy: Why the Queen of England Pretends to be a Christian I try to stay away from the often confusing subject of Freemasonry, because it is a secret organization and difficult to follow in all its subplots. But clearly, many Freemasons in the world are in positions of power, in the US, UK, Israel, etc. So, the rulers of this world, if they have a religion, are not Christians, but rather, are atheists/Satanists. The extent of this is difficult to discern, but no matter. Christ will destroy them all with His Second Coming. In some ways, the higher degrees of Freemasonry remind me some of Kabbalah, where at the top levels, good becomes bad and vice versa. That should be enough to make Christians want to stay away from all of it! I do not advocate using the knowledge about Freemasonry to be antiSemitic as many are. But clearly, leaders of Israel have been Freemasons, and have a close connection to the British monarch and the royals, like roy

Millennials Need to Wake Up About Derivatives and the Cashless Society

This article was first published with minor editing on Talkmarkets by me: Millennials need to wake up about the coming cashless society. The reason why is because they have not been thinking critically about how it will affect America, and because they are the victims of a media blitz claiming to speak for them. But the real danger to millennials and all Americans lies in the details of a coming cashless society. Let's look at the media blitz, Millennials. I took a sample on the first page of Google, searching for the positive take on a cashless society. There are hundreds of similar articles. Damon Darlin, who could be a darlin' of those who seek a cashless society, wrote this NY Times piece: Cashless Society? It's Already Coming Mr Darlin says he has been using Apple Pay, and that it will replace your wallet, but not your