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West Point Prof Bradford Says if You Oppose the War on Terror You Are the Enemy

This article was first published by me on Talkmarkets: West Point Professor William Bradford has come out with troubling paper that appeared in the National Security Law Journal. The journal has said that, while it cannot be unpublished, it is a mistake. I am relieved by that, a little bit. But Mr Bradford exposes the thinking that is dangerous and widespread in America, that we are in a war with Islam. I remember the time that George W. Bush said that war with Iraq was a crusade. Now we know it was just unholy globalist regime change, and it was far from godly sanction. It was one of the most unjust wars ever fought in the name of the United States, as hundreds of thousands of innocent people died, and Iraq was broken so that the rise of ISIS could take place. John McCain, on video, clarified the holy nature of the Iraq war

Will the Banks Game FSB and Investors with Voodoo TLAC Assurances?

  This article was first published by me on Talkmarkets: The Financial Stability Board (FSB) , which once voided mark to market so that banks would not have to devalue frozen assets, is back with more Voodoo.   FSB wants the biggest 30 banks in the world to increase assets available for a bail in to levels near 20 percent, which hopefully will relieve taxpayers from actually bailing out too big to fail banks, effectively ending the concept of too big to fail. FSB created massive moral hazard in allowing frozen assets to be frozen as to price. It made the banks feel invincible. Yes, banks not selling assets could ride them out without downgrading the value of those assets. But certainly, investors suffered in attempting to value the big banks. Other Investors who invest in senior bank bonds were unscathed in the credit crisis of the last decade. They were s

Pay Cash Only: Will the Russians Save Us from the Cashless Societ...

Pay Cash Only: Will the Russians Save Us from the Cashless Societ... :  This article was first published by me at Talkmarkets: From the article:  Sometimes fact is stranger than fiction. It has been reported that the Russians have been observing the cable lines in key areas of the world's oceans. The potential damage that Russia could cause to the United States is not to be taken lightly. Certainly we would all suffer possible financial loss from the destruction, even if temporary, to the digital financial system upon which millions of financial transactions are made. Since only 200 oceanic lines carry 99 percent of all data and internet traffic, the disruption to those lines could be catastrophic. Trillions of dollars in transactions could be undone. However, there is a silver lining to this dark cloud. This Russian threat could slow down or even derail the coming Cashless Soc

Banks Close in Rural Areas as World Cashlessness Advances

This article was first published by me on Talkmarkets: Banks are closing in rural areas as they cannot afford to keep their ATM's open in Sweden. Since Sweden is the most advanced cashless society the problems faced with cashlessness is necessary to document. It was in bad taste that the local Swedish news labeled the study Cashless Society Faces Backlash from Losers. Suddenly, pensioners and rural dwellers are now losers? This is a very unfortunate choice of words. All you millions of people who live in rural communities worldwide could be the real losers and be considered losers in the move towards cashlessness. The problem Sweden has is that the citizens trust the big banks, thinking they are government agencies, when in fact, they are not. The cashless movement is worldwide, certainly from Singapore to India, from Sweden to Denmark, from the UK to the USA t

President Obama Turns Hero, Schedules Resignation and Confession of Government Evil Deeds

President Barack Obama, 44th US president, has scheduled an announcement from the Oval Office, where he is expected to resign, and reveal the many wrongdoings done by the United States government. From a transcript outline, Obama is expected to discuss America's unfortunate involvement in the creation of ISIS and our collaboration with Israel to make ISIS a strong player in the Middle East. He is expected to apologize for the many little hoaxes and false flags that have occurred during his administration, and the outline slates the following for discussion as he tries to heroically come clean for the many unseemly deeds his government has carried out. He expects to discuss the Sandy Hook Hoax, the Umpqua Hoax, the Boston Bombing hoax and other government sponsored hoaxes. He intends to disband the government's crisis actor program because, not only does he view these hoaxes as being wrong, but he also is disappointed in the poor quality of acting done by the Robbie Parke

Pay Cash Only: What Could Go Wrong to Leave You Vulnerable in the...

Pay Cash Only: What Could Go Wrong to Leave You Vulnerable in the... : There is only one economic, necessary and evil reason to establish a cashless society. And that is to break the zero lower bound. Cash pre...