Did the Turkey and Russian Spat Change the Fake War on ISIS into the Real Deal?

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Common sense and Turkey's behavior tells us that the war on ISIS is fake. Figuring out the war on ISIS is like figuring out the war on terror before it. There are bits and pieces of a puzzle, that come to light from time to time. We are not in the field, but not all information is hidden.

One wonders, for example, why John Kerry would put a condition on the destruction of ISIS? That condition is a cease fire in Syria leading to regime change. That shows where the heart of the American government is, for regime change and not for taking out ISIS! American pilots have acknowledged that three quarters of their bombs are not dropped on ISIS because missions are blocked. Environmental reasons for not dropping bombs are clearly flimsy in the wake of the pilot accusations that this has made ISIS stronger and in the light of Kerry's revelations.

Let's talk about Turkey. Evidence is reaching a critical mass, that Turkey is buying Syrian oil and Iraqi oil from ISIS at a massive discount proves what I have been saying all along. Even Russia had other objectives than ISIS, primarily the protection of Assad, but that may be changing. That subject is also discussed below.

So, we have an ally, a NATO ally of the United States, buying oil from ISIS that we claim we are fighting a war against. The evidence that ISIS is selling oil to Turkey comes from well known websites, which I am not recommending, but that have some connection to information that leads them to publish this view. Here are just a few stories collected for you from these sites:

From Business Insider is an article that appeared in July, 2015, speaks to the black market selling of oil to Turkey:
Links Between Turkey and ISIS Are Now Undeniable 

From the FT is a report back in 2014, that ISIS sells oil to Turkey, and that from the US Treasury Department:
ISIS Sells Smuggled Oil to Turkey and Iraqi Kurds, Says US Treasury

Now, consider that Obama sent a request to declare war on ISIS. But I have said that this war on ISIS is fake. It appears that the war on ISIS is at least being set up to be a no win war, a war that has no goal or no results. There is a reality element to no win wars, as some people die but nothing changes. According to the Washington Post, the Iraqi soldiers also believe that the US is collaborating with ISIS. Indeed, some have observed the US dropping water to ISIS, and weapons to ISIS, with which to kill the Iraqi soldiers. If we arm ISIS, the USA becomes a terrorist state.

We armed ISIS as McCain said, on the video, yet our government denies it. I believe McCain because he is like truth serum for the globalists. He told the truth about our motives for going into Iraq, to gain oil reserves for our oil companies. Even Joe Biden said that the anti ISIS coalition armed ISIS.
Matt Drudge tweeted in November, 2015 that the US has been secretly arming ISIS. He called it a shocking truth. The tweet has been deleted but there are screenshots of it online.

ISIS appears to be the designated third part of the perpetually warring three part Iraq, called for over 30 years ago by Oded Yinon. ISIS sells oil to the Kurds, and the Kurds profit, most likely, from the resale of that oil. But this arrangement does not indicate that the Kurds are allies to ISIS in any way.
ISIS and Israel could be cooperating militarily, although this is not independently confirmed.

So there could be a lot of players benefiting from discounted oil in the middle east. I had said that ISIS is useful to the USA if oil ever dropped too much, as it could harm supply.
Business Insider already thought of that as well, with an article entitled ISIS Is Making the Biggest Threat to Oil Prices Even Worse.  

But ISIS is now selling so much oil, estimated to be $100 Billion Dollars per month, that it could impact prices lower as well. Certainly ISIS coupled with lower oil prices weakens Iraq as a nation.
So, what is in it for Russia, to remain part of the fake, US lead, coalition to not destroy ISIS?
Russia appears to be bombing rebels who oppose Assad while spending less time on ISIS. However, this "arrangement" was rocked by Turkey's destruction of the Russian jet. That could spell curtains for ISIS.

What better way is there for Putin to get back at Turkey and the west than to make the fake war on ISIS real? 

It has been reported that Russia, after the Turkey jet debacle, is planning on launching a massive war against ISIS. Please be advised that there is no mainstream media coverage of this planned attack. This is all from alternative news. So, while it is logical, this massive planned attack upon ISIS is not independently confirmed, not that main stream media has done such a great job lately.
But there is a hint of this possible future break with the fake or no win ISIS war, as Putin has said one more downed jet would cause a separation of policy and separation from the alliance on the part of the Russians.
The US and its friends are not worried about the oil prices rising because of ISIS. They seek the destruction or weakening of Syrian, Iranian and Russian economies through low prices.
Perhaps Putin is coming to the realization that more Shiite victories in the middle east will be crucial to propping up oil prices going forward. That could include attempts to destroy ISIS, take back Iraq for the Shiite government, and make Assad strong again. A massive proxy war between Shiites and Sunnis that could escalate into WW3 should be sobering to all of us. If Putin was betrayed by a government leader he trusted, it may cause him to take more forceful action, causing oil prices to escalate.

See also this Guardian piece:
Turkey Could Cut Off Islamic State's Supply Lines. So Why Doesn't It?

And from Zero Hedge :
Turkey's Trump Card: Erdogan Can Cut Russia's Syrian Supply Line by Closing Bosphorus 

And from the BBC:
Turkey Challenges Russia Over IS Oil Change


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