Thursday, January 22, 2015

Netanyahu Wins the I Am Your Daddy, America, Award for Controlling US Foreign Policy

Benjamin Netanyahu said that America is easily controlled by the Israelis. It is not anti Semitic to say that Israel controls the American foreign policy. That is, unless you want to label Netanyahu anti Semitic! Yet the Main Stream Media wants you to think that blaming Israel for control over American foreign policy is still anti Semitism. That is MSM fraud!

Netanyahu does not want peace or a settlement with the Palestinians. He never did. He knows the US will not get in the way of the Israel's taking of land in the West Bank.

Netanyahu lied about saying he supported the Oslo Accords when the peace process was working in the Clinton administration in the 90's. But he was never going to give an inch of land owed to the Palestinians, but in fact has steadily taken more and boasted about manipulating the peace process. The Washington Post reported this in fairness to the limited MSM coverage.

Here is what Netanyahu said when he was not aware he was miked, and it is on video. This is the translation from the Hebrew language:

"I know what America is. America is a thing you can move very easily, move it in the right direction. They won't get in the way."

So, in honor of this statement, and since Sharon is dead, and his statements were even more inflamatory, I am presenting Benjamin Netanyahu, a Sharon Clone without the girth, with the "I Am Your Daddy, America", award. He is our daddy and we allow it because the US media won't tell you this stuff. It has to be by word of mouth that we learn this evil control Israel has over US foreign policy.

I presented the award as Bibi arrived early to speak to congress, which was arranged by John Boehner in circumventing POTUS. Truth is, this is just an example of the power Netanyahu has over America and Boehner is acting like a disrespectful traitor to America.

Even Fox News Wallace and Shepard Smith are repulsed by Boehner's "wicked" behavior.

We know that Sharon said this before he lapsed into a well deserved coma:

 “Every time we do something you tell me Americans will do this and will do that. I want to tell you something very clear, don’t worry about American pressure on Israel. We, the Jewish people, control America, and the Americans know it.”

He made that statement on  the radio, and Kevin Barrett, editor of Veterans Today, heard it with his own ears. And Sharon said this in October, 2001, which was less than a month after 9/11!

What more proof do we need that Israel was in on the 9/11 attacks! And Newt Gingrich worked closely with Wolfowitz, Perle and the other neocons leading up to 9/11 based on research by If Newt is a Zionist, sold out to 9/11 attacks on his own nation, the entire government is Zionist, which is an elite political movement and is not Judaism in any way.

Now, Netanyahu made this claim about control over America, way back in 2010. If the mainstream press has made no effort to expose this, but rather is still promoting the idea that it is anti Semitism to accuse Israel of control over US foreign policy, we are doomed to continued brainwashing as a nation.

Netanyahu did blush as I presented the award. He said he was flattered that people see him as their daddy. It was, after all, his goal all along. I attempted to slap him for his arrogance, but Newt held me back and said you worship this god, and you don't slap him.

You make me sick, Newt.

Oh, and don't forget, Zionism is multiracial, at least worldwide. It is pretty racist in Israel itself. The right wing wants Arab Israeli citizens to leave Palestine. That is pretty racist.

The only MSM media that I have found to have reported the story is not the Huffington Post, but its less read partner, the World Post.

With regard to the history and religious history of Israel and the UK and the connection between the two, I emailed Noam Chomsky this viewpoint:

I want to run by you something important from a religious perspective. The prophets and the Torah spoke of a New Zion,established by the Messiah. Most Jews understood this, though not understanding that Christ was that Messiah. But when Zionism was formed in the early days, there was resistance to establishing a Zion without the sanction of God and most Jews resisted.
Add to this, that God hated the Roman Empire above all others, yet the Square Mile adopted as its heritage that it is the extension of the Roman Empire and you have a political movement of neo Romans who support a fake Zion. 
While this is how ignoring religion impacts politics, and I am a firm believer in separation of church and state, it is clear that the UK Square Mile (Londinium) and Israel have disrespected the scriptures and have clearly ignored God's clear warning against establishing unauthorized Zions.

Some could say freedom from religion is all good, but I believe it is all bad when it comes to this empire. The Square Mile and Israel along with their army in the US called the Neoconservatives, are rogue operations with massive power, doing regime change and killing millions of people. They have thrown millions into poverty or relative poverty compared to their previous positions with easy loans and through very hurtful war of regime change.

They have removed leaders who controlled their nations and now there are just warring factions and chaos. This was of course, the Yinon Zionist plan from the start.

The proof of this mistake in ignoring God is evident by the massive killings and suffering that has taken place through the hands of the west and its empire. The experiment in empire has failed. It has become a curse on the average citizen. Hot money comes in to this or that nation, pushes up prices and then it leaves with easy profits. That has devastated not only the US, but also Europe and other places in the world.

Prof Chomsky knows that the Anglo-American empire has killed countless millions of people and, in fact, he has documented this. Without gaining our sovereignty back as a nation, we are ruled in part by the UK and by Israel and that is a result of rich elite men ignoring the knowledge that most Jewish people had prior to the establishment of Zionism in the 1800's.

As long as I am able to own the domain, I will go into the details of the gospel of Christ for free. But even the unbelieving Zionist globalists who have wrecked this havoc on the world through mass killings should reassess what they are doing and what evil they are unleashing on the world. They should read Chomsky's documented evidence of this mass murder by the empire.

Who knows what dangers exist for this continual ambition for world domination?

Also, we know Zionism is not Judaism, although many Jews have modified their understanding of the scriptures to fit the reality of Israel. That is a huge mistake. On the other hand, there are a growing number of Jewish people, like the True Torah Jews, who understand that Israel is a fake Zion with no right to claim the authority of God for its existence.

We should politically support True Torah Jews and other Jewish groups who hate Zionism as a political movement and who know it is a fake Zion. These dedicated people have more knowledge of scripture than the evangelical right wing so called Christians who support the fake Zion!

Yep, those evangelical right wingers are ignorant of the Old Testament prophets and the Torah and are often the most vocal warmongers. These so called Christian Zionists are fraudsters from the beginning.

I have an award for them as well, which I would like to award on a trap floor that went straight to hell. Maybe I could call the award the He Never Knew You award. But don't worry readers, their judgement will come at the end time.

I support the sovereignty of the USA. I pay my taxes. I have a right to free speech. I don't believe in dodging taxes. However, I don't believe walking away from unfair credit is necessarily a bad thing. I do not believe in the sovereign man movement, but believe God has instituted sovereign nations. He hates empire, and our globalist Zionist empire is no exception. America needs to determine its own sovereign foreign policy goals, not as part of a greater empire. 

 Disclaimer: This article contains satire and humor, and while loaded with truth in my opinion, it is up to the reader to verify the claims of the articles, which are made in jest and are not necessarily proven fact. Some claims are fiction.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Mr President, You Weren't Thinking of the Middle Class When You Ran for President

Mr Obama, as I listen to the State of the Union speech I don't believe you when you say that you ran for office to help the middle class. You are an elite Zionist, and you failed to prosecute one single banker, ie., bankster, for causing the credit crisis.

The banksters made so many bad loans they froze up the credit system. And the banksters didn't pay the trillions upon trillions of dollars back that were lost due to that freeze. You proved your Zionism, not a race, nor a religion, by not prosecuting the bankers. You proved you are a Zionist and Joe Biden said you don't even have to be Jewish to be one!

Know this people, Anti Zionism is not Anti Semitism. Zionism is an elite multiracial cabal of evil intent and world domination. It includes the UK Square Mile as a center of its power.

You pleased your handlers when you ran for office, Mr President.

But I digress. Tarp repayment was a drop in a very large bucket. The banksters owe trillions for causing the credit freeze and they should be in jail to prove it!

You are a liar Mr President. You are a fraud, but then, the Republicans are still worse.

Oh, and by the way, terrorism and 9/11 were both concocted by Richard Cheney. Quit lying to us on that as well. We know the score.

But then, as the speech goes on, the Republicans don't clap for a long needed raise in the minimum wage. They are dorks and you know what that means. 

And of course, when talking about the presidents of the USA, I must repeat what I posted at the Yahoo boards:

 Read the doctrine of Yinon Zionism of regime change and see if Obama is carrying it out almost to the letter, after W started it. Wake up sleepy Americans. It is on the internet. Look it up and read it and read the preface by Israel Shahak a hero who translated it in 1982 to warn America.

Monday, January 19, 2015

GenrePulse Is a Good Way to Promote Ebooks

An excellent way to promote ebooks is Genre Pulse. Here is the link:

The investment usually can pay for itself and can give people who sell ebooks some momentum in their campaigns to get the ebook in front of potential buyers.

I recommend the service, although there are no guarantees. It doesn't cost a fortune to experiment with the service if ebook promotion is your goal. There are places to throw away money, and this is not one of those based on my experience. 

Sunday, January 18, 2015

It Is Encouraging to See New Zealand Supporting Palestine at the UN

New Zealand has said that Palestine should have a separate state and representation at the UN.New Zealand is in the Security Council and wants Palestine to join Israel there as well.

This is very responsible on the part of the New Zealanders. Israel's response was to squirm like a toad, but that was to be expected.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Pro Zionist Charlie Hebdo Receives "What the Hell Were You Thinking" Award for Throwing Jews Under Bus

It is happening again. French Jews suffered terrorist acts in a Kosher Market and on the same day, the Charlie Hebdo magazine headquarters was blown up. French police connected the attacks. That connection is why Charlie Hebdo and its editor, Philippe Val, deserve the What the Hell Were You Thinking award.

Truth is, the victims of the Kosher Market were buried in Israel. I have no idea why since Charlie Hebo's editor was pro Israel and brought all this grief upon the Jews in France! Yes, hear me out. Hebdo threw Jews in France under the bus.

Charlie Hebdo is a Zionist, or pro Zionist magazine! It is provoking Muslims on purpose, not for purposes of free speech, but to incite them against the Zionists and other Jews. Now French Jews are moving to Israel and that is what this is all about. Israel wants this, and you helped them, Philippe. That is my opinion and I stand by it.

Both Wikipedia and Counterpunch stand by their view that the magazine and Mr Val are pro Israel. Was it just a matter of time before something like the attacks took place, because of Charlie Hebdo's continual mocking of Muslim icons? Of course.

French Jews moving to Israel, because of these attacks, means less land for the Palestinians, and they have at least an equal claim to the land of Palestine! Israel is an ongoing war criminal nation, when it comes to the Palestinians. 60 plus years of occupation should outrage any rational observer.

We are on to your manipulations, Zionists. You are scum. It is not the first time that Jews have been sacrificed for the Zionist cause. That happened in World War 2 and there are other examples freely published. It is just the latest example of same. It could happen in the USA, too.

Young Jewish people  from the USA are ignoring Israel and they could be the target of Zionists too, some day.

What the hell were you thinking Philippe? Since ownership of the magazine is either placed at your feet or a closely held secret and you are the main editor, you are endangering Jews in France and you don't see anything wrong with this?

This is why I flew to France and presented you with the What the Hell award. You may as well have that, Philippe, to remember your co workers better, you idiot. I tried to kick you in the nuts for your wicked ways, but was restrained by a brave Muslim peacemaker. There are those such Muslims in France, and the Kosher Market folks know this and are happy one was there for them.

And we have the example of Sine, a cartoonist employed by Charlie Hebdo, who was accused of anti Semitism in 2009, for stereotyping a French leader's relationship with a Jewish Heiress, saying his son would convert to Judaism. He was accused of fomenting racial hatred for a mild stereotype!

What fomenting of racial hatred was going on with the hurtful pictures of the Muslim prophet to an entire people? How much racial hatred have those fomented, Philippe? And you insulted Jesus Christ as well according to Counterpunch.

And where was the French government to throw you into the courts, as is their way if Jewish folks are hurt.

Now, in America, we allow the Zionist, Sacha Baron Cohen to stereotype everyone under the sun in Borat, although he leaves out the Jewish people in that stereotyping. People tolerate that here because of our tradition of toleration. And many here are mesmerized and can't figure it out. Sacha was trained in Israel and most people don't know this.

However, Charlie Hebdo knew it was putting Jews in danger. Just having freedom of speech does not mean you cannot censor yourself. I do it all the time. I know and write satire, and it needs to be self censored.

You are scum, Philippe. And no offense to pond scum in saying so. We believe in tolerance of all religion here. We respect all religion but don't give up our own views. We know Zionism is not Judaism. So we don't respect Zionism as a religion, which is a nationalism that from a religious perspective, has no legitimacy whatsoever! But we tolerate even Zionism.

We tolerate Zionism, but write satire about it because it has such a horrible record of behavior, since 1895, when Herzl said that the natives would have to be relocated! That was before the Holocaust and before one shot was fired between the Arab and Jewish residents of Palestine! Zionism was wicked at its birth in the 1800's! 

So, Philippe, you have all the Zionist leaning media making you into a hero. But you and I know you aren't. You are no hero. And that media is as sick as you are. And you know that too. CNN is falling all over itself to play up the violent record, and doesn't take you to task as the root cause of the violence, Philippe. We know all about CNN and the MSM.

There is a new editor at Charlie Hebdo, but it doesn't bury your reckless disregard for life, Philippe, just to further your cause. Again, that is my opinion, but I am not the only one with that opinion.

One more point. Apparently there is no Sharia Law ruling areas of Paris, France. Fox News is perhaps the most adamant US network for claiming that there is. Fox deserves the Ignorance Award, and I will be flying out to their headquarters to present the award, but the damage has no doubt been done to the image of France.

In remembrance:

1. We were going to take up CNN's advocacy of vacationing in Israel when the sirens were going off in the last Gaza war, but Mayor Bloomberg just didn't sound credible, so we stayed home. Just kidding, we would never vacation in Israel.

2. And we almost believed CNN that children in Gaza during the war were not targeted by the Israeli army until a physician and a journalist said that was a lie, and children were murdered just for the fun of it.

3. The Israeli military says don't cut aid to the Palestinians for joining the ICC. They have Ramallah on the West Bank in the palm of their hands and want to keep it that way.

4. The Israeli intelligence officials protested using US NSA info against the Palestinians as the US just gave the conversations to the Israelis without even listening to them. Who is in charge? Apparently the Israelis, but kudos to their intelligence people. Netanyahu mocked them, however.

5. Yinon Zionism laid out the plan carried out by the neocons. Change the regime in Iraq, and split Iraq into three nations. Look at what destabilization and hurt has come from that? But the Muslims are playing into the hands of the Zionists, who, if it weren't for their miserable treatment of the Palestinians, could almost think they were a superior race, as they are the puppeteers. But don't forget this, they have the money from Europe, and the backing of the USA, especially from the multiracial Zionist neocons, or they would be nothing.

Update: With the Copenhagen shootings at the blasphemy debate, Israel calls for mass immigration of European Jews to Israel. Why is that not a surprise? I have warned in this very article prior to the Copenhagen incidents, that this was a major motive of Israel and drove Charlie Hebdo's pro Israel editor, Val.

If that immigration happens, the Palestinians will have less land. I am confident that Israel was in on Charlie Hebdo's little scheme, and it would not surprise me that Israel was somehow involved in Copenhagen although it is less obvious.

Netanyahu has garnered another award for this call for mass immigration to Israel by Jews in Europe. It is the Continual Rejection of all things Palestinian award, or CRAP award. 

Was Lars Vilks, the author of the offensive cartoon in Denmark pro Israel as Charlie Hebdo was? Or perhaps he was used by the Zionists who seek massive immigration of Jews to Israel.

Certainly, the massive transfer of Jews to Israel would be a brain coup, and would hurt the Palestinians, and would even force a move to the long held Zionist desire of having a Greater Israel, which we get a peak at through Yinon Zionism.

Thinking into the future, could Jews leaving Europe result in a proxy war between Russia and the US on European soil? You wonder when you hear things like the US contemplating arming the Ukraine. 

And, since the same type of plans, to get Jews to go to Israel, could happen in the USA, Jews in the USA and all over the world must speak out more loudly against Zionism, and I know some already do. But more must do this. It is likely that Netanyahu will permit Jews in the US to stay in the US without calling for immigration, but you don't know for sure.

The UK is supportive of Israel through the Square Mile, so I don't see this behavior happening in that nation at this time.

For Jews, Israel is not the home of the Jews, because the Messiah didn't found it. If Jews believe the prophets, they can come to no other conclusion. So when Netanyahu says that Israel is THE home of the Jews, he is lying. 

Certainly, the goal of Israel is to have the bulk of the worldwide Jewish population living in Israel or in the USA, and maybe in the UK and Canada, all controlled by Israel through the globalist Zionist financial cabal.

Oh yes, and the Fed is a private Zionist Globalist bank, according to the court case, Lewis versus the USA, 1982. The court didn't say it was Zionist but we can connect the dots, especially when it bailed out foreign wealthy funds throughout the UK commonwealth in the last decade, even doing so in the Cayman Islands.

FYI, Zionism worldwide is a multiracial cabal, except in Israel where it has strong racist tendencies. And if you think Netanyahu is a good guy, remember he said that ISIS Is Good for Israel. How does that make you feel, America?

I don't support most war, but is the US operating in our own national interest by limiting our actions against the new threat, just to please Bibi? We don't exert our own national interest when it comes to most things we do in the middle east. We have operated to please Yinon Zionist or similar doctrine since 2000.

Disclaimer: This article contains satire and humor, and while loaded with truth in my opinion, it is up to the reader to verify the claims of the articles, which are made in jest and are not necessarily proven fact. Some claims are fiction.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Where Have All the Kennedy Liberals Gone? I Have an Award to Give Out

John F Kennedy was a liberal, but he was for gun rights. He was assassinated by the Zionists and LBJ and was a brave man who hated the New World Order. Old Lyndon Johnson is on video saying "others" were involved and his girlfriend outed him as predicting the demise of JFK the day before. And his best buddy, D Harold Byrd, owned the damn Texas Book Depository!

[Update: Now we find out that Bill O'Reilly of Fox News has said he was in Miami for the "suicide" or so called suicide of Oswalds' friend, George Mohrenschildt, who was writing a book vindicating Oswald. But phone records apparently put the no spin idiot in Dallas, Texas, according to a Business Insider article. How interesting.

He thinks up this story of being in Miami to confirm a suicide while he was in Dallas, where the Texans, LBJ and George HW Bush, most likely killed JFK! O'Reilly is rewriting history but he was been caught in multiple lies. He is a New World Order globalist shill, in my opinion. He wants history to show big oil, the neocons, the Republicans and the globalist financiers, all known as the Zionists, had nothing to do with the JFK assassination, which is what we get from his books.]

Since the last "sovereign nation" president, JFK, was assassinated, the liberals, who had no clue that the USA killed JFK, became strong gun control advocates, unknowingly playing into the hands of the Zionist globalists. A Zionist introduced gun control into the House where it sat until JFK and MLK were assassinated, and LBJ signed the bill into law.

I have an award to give, to the most representative Kennedy liberal. But, I can't find one. I have an award, and want to hand it out. But you can't give it to that sorry Zionist Bloomberg. You can't give it to that sorry Zionist Obama.

They make me puke. Really. So, thinking that the Republicans walked in the way of Kennedy, I looked into their positions regarding gun rights. Yes, they are for gun rights. But when you look more deeply, they are bought and paid for by the Zionists as well. Even Sarah Palin is a Zionist, being funded and sponsored by two Rothschilds.

Yes, the Republicans believe in gun rights, but they want you to point them towards black people and are racists. That is also a Zionist policy, to foment racism and division in the USA.

So, as much as I tried to give the award to a Republican, I could not. There are none qualified. No, not even one Kennedy liberal exists in either party. Chuck Hagel was a true JFK liberal, but he was not even permitted to serve out a full term as Secretary of Defense. They wanted his kind banished.

After all, Hagel revealed the New World Order to Obama in 2009. Looks like Obama was a good NWO soldier, as no bankster was prosecuted for the toxic, easy money loans that destroyed the middle class last decade. Obama was a Zionist globalist. He let the bankers off completely!

And the liberals that do exist now are given a bad name, for wanting to help the poor and elderly. Why would anyone hate people who want to help the poor? Would you non liberals rather they just starve? Yet you allow way more tax money and welfare to trickle up to the banksters and that is ok? The bad name is given by, you guessed it, the Zionists.

Will Rogers would be ashamed of you liberal haters. He was as clever as they come, and he accomplished much. But he didn't believe in ignoring the poor in times of hardship, and he was a great American. When has it become a reality that in order to be a great American you have to be a hard nosed and selfish son of a bitch who loves the big banks?

Will Rogers did not love the big banks. He was disgusted by big banksters. People are opposed to helping the poor because of the debt created. But in fact, if the US issued its own currency, constitutionally, there would not be interest placed upon the currency itself.

And money handed out to the poor is not hoarded by banksters, but spent into the real economy. Real small business benefits directly.

The curse of Zionism has made liberalism look bad. But historically, liberalism has been responsive to the people, not to the banks and the rich. It was once viewed with honor, not dishonor.

Others say liberals have no common sense and are communistic. But maybe the critics have unlimited lack of common sense themselves in bailing out the big banks with more money than liberals have ever spent on the poor. The banks owe way more than TARP. They owe for the financial crisis they caused. That means they owe trillions of dollars back to America. I don't see any clawbacks, do you?

It isn't communism to bail out the big banks, but that is because the banksters keep the money, and they are the private sector. But otherwise, it looks like communism. And it far exceeds any help extended to the poor, by trillions.

The curse of Zionism is the curse of big finance and greed. It is not better to be banks first and people second. That means the banks are ruling America. That should concern all of us.

Thanks to Zionism, regime change has disrupted the world and made more military spending necessary. Zionism is a curse, because Zionism is a political movement that is false and is hated throughout the world. That makes America hated for supporting the movement.

All the terrorism in the world is magnified because America supports and is captured by Zionism. It is indeed a curse we live under as a nation. There would likely be far less terrorism if Zionism did not exist.

Zionism is established on three foundational premises.

First, Zionism rejects the biblical notion that the Messiah would establish the New Zion. Whether that new Zion is spiritual or physical, it was to be established by the Messiah and not by self avowed atheists like David Ben-Gurion. Supporting this fake Zion is a curse.

Second, the regime change of Zionism applied worldwide, is the basis for Zionist power. Zionism has created regime change in the US and in the middle east and in the Ukraine and called it democracy, the code word for regime change.

Third, Zionism is a New World Order project, a political and economic movement that is backed by the richest people in the West, the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers. Capitalism is a code word for predatory movement of capital which is hot money. This hot money moves through predatory economic schemes and through planned war. Zionism is globalism, a world movement for political and economic superiority, with Israel as a central player.

This hot money makes its way throughout the world looking for a fast profit. What is left after the Zionists profit is housing crashes, oil crashes, financial and lending contractions, and human death and dislocations.

Zionism is a political movement that is wicked to its very core. It is not Judaism. It is multiracial in its makeup. It is empire, and God hates empire.

JFK was under no illusion, and hated that fake Zion and hated that New World Order that causes wars and profits from them. He attempted to change laws to stop the Zionists. They stopped him instead.

I still have the award, but all the liberals are now Zionists. That means they are phony liberals.

I am looking for a real liberal, not a phony Zionist liberal like Obama or Biden or the Clintons. I have an award, the JFK Liberal award, I can't award it as long as we are under this curse. So, my award may never be given out, and that is sad indeed.

Not only is JFK gone, everything he stood for is gone as well. LBJ gave the USA to the Zionists. He was an avid Zionist and it was due to family ties.

I was thinking about giving out a  phony liberal award instead, but I don't have enough statues for all the people who qualify.

But don't worry, readers, it would have been better for the Zionists that they never saw one hour of sunshine than to face what they will face at the end of time. God's full wrath will come upon them. You cannot serve God and serve Zionism. And they will find that out the hard way.

More Jewish people are speaking out against Zionism or they are ignoring the Zionists and Israeli behavior against the Palestinians and its neighbors. All peoples must speak out against Zionism for the danger this globalist movement can manifest.

I urge Jewish people not to move to Israel, but to demand that their governments keep them safe. But in a more perfect world, they would speak out against Israel's treatment of the Palestinians as just one example. This is the right thing to do. More are, but more need to speak out.

As for my award, I don't expect to be giving out the real liberal award anytime soon. Maybe I could present it to myself. That is like kissing your sister. People who have sisters have told me that, anyway.

In remembrance:

1. The credit crisis was a freeze caused by bankers making easy money loans that could not be paid back. The credit crisis cost way more than TARP, trillions upon trillions of dollars. That is what you owe back to America, banksters. Trillions upon trillions you owe, not the relatively little amount that you paid back in TARP. 

2. Minimum wage rising is the only way to pry money from the wealthy and it is long overdue.

Disclaimer: This article contains satire and humor, and while loaded with truth in my opinion, it is up to the reader to verify the claims of the articles, which are made in jest and are not necessarily proven fact. Some claims are fiction.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Israeli Lap Dog Libertarian Globalist Rand Paul Slated for Important Award

Rand Paul has proven he is a lap dog libertarian who is really just for Israel. He introduced legislation that would forbid aid to the Palestinians because they want to join a world court that seeks justice for governmental war crimes.

That passion for justice for the underdog on the part of Paul has earned him an award of great importance. The award is slated to be presented to him at the Gary Anderson headquarters. The award is known as the award for excellence in the destruction of true justice. In Rand Paul's case let's just call it the ED award, which also corresponds with his erectile dysfunction according to recent statements from his wife, Kelley.

Just kidding. I have no idea what his wife's opinion is about his ED.

But, most people already know that Rand Paul is a prock. He is also a dumb fook. His erectile dysfunction makes his closet Zionism all the more disgusting. He can't get it up when thinking about Israel but he wants to. Hence he remains in the closet.

Rand Paul preaches peace, not war. Yet he doesn't want justice for the Palestinians either. One wonders how he can hold this phony position. He knows that the occupation of the Palestinians is hurtful and that it is  a stealing of land that started with the Plan Dalet.

But then, Rand Paul supported British Petroleum when the oil company was bad mouthing the little people in the gulf of Mexico after the big oil spill. If he is a putz, Paul is a putz with ED.

And that presents a problem for people who want justice. Turns out, Rand Paul even suffers from LD, libertarian dysfunction. This is because Ron Paul, who really wanted peace, and really exposed Israel, was a libertarian who had it right about Palestine.

While I hate the religion of self that is libertarianism, at least I can acknowledge that Ron Paul said Hamas is a a result of  Israeli policy. And 9/11 is a result if Israeli policy. And unfairness to the Palestinians is wrong.

But then he went and said Jerusalem can be the Israeli capital. He obviously doesn't understand that the Palestinians have important claims on Jerusalem that are historical and that would help the cause of peace.

So, there is a lot of ignorance out there amongst the libertarians.

But I digress. Rand Paul is a Zionist libertarian even if his father was not. Yet, maybe they both, by wanting to roll away regulation of banksters, prove they are pro Zionist as the cabal includes big finance, not just Israel.

To be totally anti Zionist seems to be impossible in the current scheme of things, or you just can't function in government.

But Zionism is a curse. We are cursed, Rand Paul, and you don't even know it. We know that the Zionist attempt to establish a new Zion in Israel had no divine authority or scriptural sanction. We know this. And yet, our nation is owned by those who want this Zionist Rothschild project to be the preeminent political movement in the world. It makes no sense, unless you realize that power, and ultimate power is not answering to God, but will one day have to answer to God.

Messiah was to establish the New Zion according to the scriptures. And you would think that the libertarians would want to know this. Apparently they don't fear God. Well, we knew that didn't we?

Rand Paul then, is ignorantly angering God by refusing the occupied Palestinians recourse to the courts. You just can't serve God and Zionism at the same time, Rand Paul.

When receiving his ED award, Rand Paul was told of these things. He looked at me wild eyed, almost like Gary Busey. And then he said:

I don't believe in God. I do what the world looks on as right. I go by consensus, and the rich are winning. I want to win too.
In the face of such simplicity and honest ignorance, what are you gonna do?

Disclaimer: This article contains satire and humor, and while loaded with truth in my opinion, it is up to the reader to verify the claims of the articles, which are made in jest and are not necessarily proven fact. Some claims are fiction.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Champion of Zionism and Israel, Alan Dershowitz, Accused of Sex with Underage Girl

Alan Dershowitz, pro Zionist and pro Israel, has been accused of having sex with an underage girl. Now we know Dershowitz has denied the claims, but simply having to face these charges seems to us as a form of justice.

Dershowitz once said that the Zionists should back off the Greater Israel concept, and when they didn't you would have thought he would have repudiated Zionism. But he didn't.

So now he faces the aggravation and destruction of his character regardless of guilt or innocence.

I was amused at Business Insider's title regarding Dershowitz. It was: How a Famous Harvard Professor Got Caught Up in a Financier's Sex Abuse Scandal. BI just couldn't say Dershowitz had been accused of sex with an underage girl right in the title.

Zionism is such a club.

Zionism is not Judaism. It is a wicked financial and political system that dominates the western world.