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FBI office raided. Cointelpro was uncovered. Wicked Zionist program

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"COINTELPRO" was the FBI's secret program to undermine the popular upsurge which swept the country during the 1960s. Though the name stands for "Counterintelligence Program," the targets were not enemy spies. The FBI set out to eliminate "radical" political opposition inside the US. When traditional modes of repression (exposure, blatant harassment, and prosecution for political crimes) failed to counter the growing insurgency, and even helped to fuel it, the Bureau took the law into its own hands and secretly used fraud and force to sabotage constitutionally- protected political activity. Its methods ranged far beyond surveillance, and amounted to a domestic version of the covert action for which the CIA has become infamous throughout the world.
COINTELPRO was discovered in March, 1971, when secret files were removed from an FBI office and released to news media. Freedom of Information requests, lawsuits, and former agents' public confessions deepened the exposure until a major scandal loomed. To control the damage and re-establish government legitimacy in the wake of Vietnam and Watergate, Congress and the courts compelled the FBI to reveal part of what it had done and to promise it would not do it again. Much of what has been learned, and copies of some of the actual documents, can be found in the readings listed at the back of this pamphlet.

Gary here: The FBI, for example, did not want the fire stopped at the bank of America in Isla Vista at UCSB. The FBI may have murdered Kevin Moran, who was trying to put out the fire. The FBI, according to an FBI agent, agitated for the bank to be burned in the first place.
I believe Homeland Security is doing much the same thing now and is doing even worse, false flags and evil hoaxes.
Outside agitators can always be the government, and may not always be private individuals. And maybe the government does most of the outside agitation.
See also:

Zionism is a multiracial elite doctrine that includes these elite: UK Royalty, US Neocons, Mainstream Press, Financial Elite in the Western World, Israel. From Zionism (as we get a glimpse from Yinon Zionism freely published on the internet), we get regime change, war without end, the Iraq War, the Ukraine revolution paid for by the USA, and more war without end. But it will end when the Almighty returns to subdue the Zionists. 

Sunday, April 26, 2015

These Billionaires Have it Out for Mainstreet

These bilionaires want to gut social security, public pensions and all that keeps them from getting richer. Pete Peterson is the most offensive of them all along with the Koch Brothers who are not mentioned here:

Here is the author's list of bad billionaires but there are many more, and they want bank bailouts instead of spending on social security and pensions even though you contributed to those. Some sought to rig employment markets to their own benefits.

1. Pete Peterson

This exceedingly evil billionaire came up with the idea that entitlements are bad even though the definition of an entitlement is that you are entitled to it.  There is nothing wrong with being entitled to something. He believes entitlement austerity will lead to more wealth for him. He is not unlike Andrew Mellon who pushed for austerity as a solution to the Great Depression in the 1930's.

Peterson also wanted to divide old and young and has done so by implying that the young don't want social security to be around and want cuts to it. 

2. John D. Arnold

This wicked billionaire used his Enron trading money to build a hedge fund. He used the earnings to  attack pensions saying there was a pension crisis when in most cases that is not true. He wants to preserve big business tax breaks while creating a fake, or astroturf, pension crisis.

3. Charles Munger Jr.

He gerrymandered the districts to give Republicans control with 1/3rd power to stop budgets . It made Californians mad and they voted the Republicans out. 

4. Tom Perkins

He believes you should pay to vote, and if you pay a million dollars, you should get a million votes.

5. Steve Jobs, Eric Schmidt and others.

These guys tried to rig the markets for tech workers, by promising not to hire each others' employees. This drove wages down.


These wicked billionaires are doing the bidding of the globalist elite. They are seeking more money to feed their greed. They are the war class making war against everyone else. They are doing this by controlling and paying for the media and politicians.

Friday, April 24, 2015

I Found This Business Insider Comment to Be Insightful about Greece and Evil Banks

This comment pretty much sums it all up about Greece, evil banks and our housing bubble here in the USA. I highlighted the reader's comment on the US housing bubble which pretty much explains the banks and their thievery. Demetri was voted down by the trolls who inhabit the comment section of Business Insider, but who cares? Thank you Demetri:

demetri on Apr 23, 8:05 PM said:
Germany WILL eat their owns words: Greece Will Prosper...We don't need Any EuroNazi's.

I can not wait till Greece tells all of you mother phockers what you can all go do with yourselves.

The EU COMMISSION, IMF & ECB is now considered by EU Citizens a FRAUD & FARCE-- Junker, Rehn, Merkel, Schultz and Legarde have become rich from the EU & IMF salaries they make and thus all have become hypocrites to the rest of EU citizens who are suffering austerity! -- Did you know IMF head Legarde had her house raided by French Police for financial fraud? Same with Junker who is in trouble for Fraud, and then we have ECB's Mario Draghi worked for corrupt Goldman Sachs group in Europe---- It is absolutely incredible the Criminals we have running the IMF & Euro Zone, who have been using Greece, Portugal, Spain, Ireland, Italy, and Cyprus as a “test cases” to see just how gullible EU citizens are, by trying to make them Debt-Slaves for life!

. When Siemens was sued in Germany in 2011 over unethical business practices, it was revealed that it has doled out millions upon millions of euros to Greek politicians to grant Siemens lucrative government contracts regarding major public works projects related to the 2004 Olympics. ( In fact, 90% of all companies that were charged with bribery in Greece are German and the German government knew what was happening) so Berlin also needs to accept much of this responsibility and not try to play stupid with Greece. )

It was also revealed in that trial that the German government at that time (Gerhard Schroeder) knew about these bribes but did nothing about it because Germany was in a recession back then and the German government knew that if German companies got those contracts, it would mean new jobs in Germany. And let's not even get into the unpaid war reparations Germany still owes Greece (which amounts to 398 billion euros adjusted for inflation). So before you tell us what a great country Germany is, you may want to look at the big picture first.

Anyone would think that 95 % of the people who insult and make absurd comments against Greece 24/7 days a week does not know what these schemers are insinuating in their term " Default and Grexit ":

It means ---- ( Thank Samaras for his cowardly treason )Germany wanted an airport in dead center of Athens to fly their military aircraft over Greece. . .Germany wanted 12 1/2 of our Greek Islands. .. Germany wanted the country to close hundreds of foreclosed properties from their illegal austerity measures that the little rat Samaras approved, along with cutting more than half of the elderly retirement source of living, and closing hospitals for medical care, their electrical power lines for heating this winter, and cause families to near homelessness. You lost Germany - we don't treat our people the way you do.

Germany wanted the mineral rights to Greece - from renewable wind power, solar power plants, gas and oil, to drilling off of Crete and 12 other islands... to furthermore insult and try to destroy Greece. Get out - nobody in Greece wants anyone of you EuroNazi's and we will never allow our country to be German - that's preposterous. !!!! "

How would Americans react in their current 30 %underemployed/unemployed circumstance... if China started to impose spending cuts and tax hikes on each the person, that would amount to $3 trillion a year ?? There would be also wage cuts on a scale averaging down 25 percent from their peak, and the unrelenting abuse each hour to force citizens into homelessness , lack of medical emergency and destitute ?

The Federal Reserve and its Parent the Bank of England has been successful in stealing millions of properties through the housing crises which occurred in England prior to it happening in the US. Here's how it works in a nutshell. The banks which are provided funds by the Federal Reserve (digital funds) loan money to every breathing soul in America without feeling the need to have documents to prove anything stated on the loan doc EXCEPT the false info that was written. Then as the money is flooded into the demand side of home buying and the prices move upward rapidly, people are borrowing greater amounts of fake digital money that never existed, then the Fed manipulates the interest rate up, starts a rash of defaults which as we all know a default means the BANK owns the property now. So the bank which never put up any real money for the loan (just digital money that they did not have) gets the property when you default. Multiply this scam x millions and you have transferred the deed and title of millions of homes to the banks. Then to top it all off, the bankers convince our (in on the scam congress and the president) to make the citizens bail out the banks so not only did the banks become the owners of all these properties but they also got nice gifts for their epic scam in the form of cash from the citizens who have to pay back the bail out.

The idea that one central bank of the EU can set monetary and fiscal policy for 28 nations is where the problem lies. All other countries who control their currency are manipulating their economies despite debt loads exponentially greater than Greece. Did you think we would just sit back and not fight? Just let our agriculture rot away and decrease over 40 % of our economic monetary funds because Germany said so. Or let thousands of immigrants flood our country because Germany's business pal Turkey found huge profits from dumping those poor people without medical passes or documents into Greece. That is the sole responsibility of Germany to pay for all those immigrants who have flooded Southern Mediterranean counties.

You slander Greeks but there are many other countries in Europe that have more debt than Greece has .Italy and Spain debt to GDF ratio is 325%, the U.K is more then 500%, and Ireland is 667 %. But I don't here you or anyone calling them insulting names and criticizing there nation. This is no way to treat a nation that you admire so much. And part of those faults are even our own... we still fight the prior Greek government which continues to bribe kids into starting riots and make false propaganda From Samaras. why don't you start talking about the other countries exiting ? Or have they been continuously paid off to shut their mouths ?

( Evil always hates those who are fighting against it - no matter what side its in. )

Deadbeats should be kicked out of societies with disciplines and responsibilities. Greece has always paid every single cent. Banks do not led out funds to countries who don't pay. A half of billion Euros were paid last week, and instead of receiving a simple gesture...insulting comments and false bantering from every bribed country is what we continue to receive 24/7.

Germany who owes Greece loans from 1950,1952,1999, and without counting yet interest accrued on """ 278.7 billion euros ($302 billion)....equaling : $398 billion with accrued interests in War reparations. """" LOOK AT YOURSELVES FIRST AND PAY-UP !!!

Russia and China represent the 9th and 2nd largest economies in the world. They are not deadbeats as Germany is, and Greece's ports on the Med provide a very strategic location to both import and export gas and oil to Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia. You seem to want to talk about rhetoric instead of real issues.

If EU wants to kick Greece out...Go Ahead . You are playing with fire. ( I believe other poor economies who have taken in the bribes will be tempted to leave) and The EU doesn't want to push them toward Russia. And guess where those countries will go asking for help? But what will those countries have to offer?

Would you offer Insults and bantering in trying to make uneducated blind lemmings follow the lies they can print each hour 24/7 ? People know the truth - they are being fooled by EuroNazi Crazy beggers.

Personally, from all the insults you seem to love making...I want you all to go deal with it yourselves. How much of a loser can you possibly be...

how deplorable and flat out cowardly. Germany must be dead inside, and the only sense of living they feel is to insult and Banter Greece, and make everyone in Europe feel miserable and angry against us. Go ahead keep making rhetoric against us. Appease yourselves with over zealous lies

Pathetic...How deplorable ...and flat out cowardly...

Germany owes Greece 398 Billion Euros in War reparations, which does not include the gold looted out of Athens by Hitler's Army, and the artifacts taken by other countries which need to return.

Good luck with all your lying you trolling pipsqueaks

I used to contribute to Business Insider and these articles are often still applicable. Just scroll down to them.There are a few pages of them. I was not allowed to post at some point. I know that they moved to gain more control over content decisions, and have been more pro banker and more pro US government since then. Anyway here is the link to my articles:

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Jane Stanley Reported Salomon Building Down While It Was Standing. Victim's Brother Sues BBC.

A brother of a 9/11 victim Geoff Campbell, went into British Court accusing the BBC of covering up the murder of that brother. The coverup of course was evident as the BBC reported the WTC7 Tower, not the one hit by a plane, was down. But it wasn't yet down!

The BBC reported the destruction of WTC7 20 minutes prior to its actual falling! We know this act of coverup by the globalist media was part of the overall globalist plan to destroy the towers, and gain American support for regime change in the Middle East.

Turns out, the WTC7 was standing in the background as the reporter, Jane Stanley, reported it down. She reported at 5 pm but the tower didn't fall until 5:20. The WTC7, or Salomon Building was seen in the top right of the background, behind her left ear, while the two reporters were discussing its demise in the past tense!

Notice that Stanley was in the sunshine, and that this was a live report with the WTC skyline in the back. This was not some little mistake, but is a smoking gun proving 9/11 was a conspiracy.

 In the article link above at the American Free Press, the author writes:

"In 2007 the BBC ran a documentary which claimed that despite what hundreds of professional engineers, physicists, demolition experts, and scientists were claiming about free fall of WTC Building 7, they were in fact wrong and there was no free fall of WTC Building 7."
So, the BBC was, 6 years after the big lie, still lying about WTC7, which did fall at nearly the rate of gravity.

Globalist Zionism is a multiracial cabal that is responsible for this evil deed, this crime of the millennium. The globalists include the Neocons and the royals of the UK as well as big finance, ie. the Rothschilds and Rockefellers.  

Saturday, April 18, 2015

The Bank Bailins Are Still on the Table

I am not the only one worried about bank bailins or, since it is a new word combo, bail-ins. Certainly my libertarian friend who blogs at Smaulgld (no, I am not a libertarian), has seen the same things I have and has seen what happened to Cyprus as well.

I urge people to keep only the amount of money they can afford to lose in the bank and no more.

Of course, one could say that the Fed is not above lying. And since this Smaulgold article, I haven't seen much on the subject. So bank bailouts may indeed still be on the table which could hurt the economy badly. We don't know whether to believe old Stanley Fisher or not!

“As part of this approach, the United States is preparing a proposal to require systemically important banks to issue bail-inable long-term debt that will enable insolvent banks to recapitalize themselves in resolution without calling on government funding–this cushion is known as a “gone concern” buffer.” 

Tough to trust a New World Order globalist but certainly Cyprus was an example of bail-ins gone wild. But bailouts by governments, rather than bail-ins through commandeering deposits, are still the choice until we find out more.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

The Darkest Example of the Globalist Evil Could Have Been JFK's Assassination by LBJ

Truly, one of the darkest examples of globalization,and maybe the key example of globalization, was the assassination of JFK by LBJ. This video has a boatload of serious evidence, and every patriotic American should read about it because, as I wrote on Facebook:

I don't mind debating it, but Putin is seeking sovereign freedom. Obama admitted that the US undermined the Ukraine government with the goal to surround Russia. Put yourself in Putin's place. He has a sovereign nation. We are ruled by the globalists. Our last truly sovereign president was JFK. LBJ put an end to that: Watch it all and realize LBJ called JFK the Irish Mafia. LBJ's aunt Jessie Johnson Hatcher, was a rabid Zionist and a member of Zionist organizations. If you have the fortitude, listen to this. Oh, and by the way, LBJ's best friend, D Harold Byrd owned the Texas Book Depository.

So, I am no fan of Putin because his lack of tolerance of others, but the real empire today is the neo Roman Empire run in the Square Mile. We are continually pushed around by the Square Mile and Israel. Big oil and big finance are one.

The video that follows is not a complete record of all things that connect LBJ to John F. Kennedy's assassination, but certainly there is enough evidence to convince most people that he did the evil deed to our last sovereign president.

 Zionist globalism is a multiracial movement and cabal of elites from all races. It is a relatively small band of men and women, but they are mainly involved in media, and politics,  and include UK royalty, US politicians almost entirely, the nation of Israel, big finance and big oil. 

LBJ's aunt Hatcher was a Zionist globalist. LBJ did not want Kennedy to take away oil tax advantage, and did not want him to overturn the existence of the CIA and did not want him to weaken the Federal Reserve, and did not want him to get in the way of the Israeli nuclear program.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Washington Was Behind Ukraine Coup: Obama admits that US “Brokered a Deal” in Support of “Regime Change”

Washington Was Behind Ukraine Coup: Obama admits that US “Brokered a Deal” in Support of “Regime Change”

This article is proof that the USA undermined the Ukraine government. Our nation is out of control. Right wingers who don't like Jewish people took over but apparently that was not a problem for the Neocons. That is how low our nation will go to risk world upheaval.

Obama brokered the coup. This is wrong and people died and it led to the plane being shot down. This is wickedness. 

This regime change mentality is one that came from Yinon Zionism and other similar doctrines. Yinon wrote of regime change in the middle east. But the neocons have applied it to surround Russia and risk WW3.

Wake up Americans. 

I Have Written About Eugenics Before. Are Chemtrails a Eugenics Tool?

Eugenics is the science of depopulation. What is of concern is that presidents, like Obama, potential presidents, like Romney, have had Eugenics scientists as advisers. That should concern everyone. I wrote about Eugenics at Business Insider. The link is below along with other study tools.

One way to establish the goals of Eugenics could be the establishment of chemtrails. I am not convinced chemtrails do harm, but it is worth a study. Here are some questions regarding chemtrails:

1. Are chemtrails used to alleviate drought or to exacerbate drought?

2. Are chemtrails used to weaken the immune system of people so they need to buy more pharmaceuticals? Does big pharma profit from chemtrails?

3. Are chemtrails a weapon of war and where are they being used as such?

These are all issues that should be explored. Again, I have not come to a conclusion about them. I am concerned that one pilot has spilled the beans as to the motive for chemtrails and it was for national security.

That leads the the 4th question: How do chemtrails impact national security?

Anyway, there are some fairly disturbing quotes and information that people may want to view and study:

Here is my Business Insider article about Eugenics:

Again, I do not know that this chemtrail effort poses a threat to Americans or the world. But it could. If the globalists make comments about it, and they have, it should be taken seriously. 

Friday, April 10, 2015

Truth Comes Out--Cashless Society Necessary to Collect on Negative Interest Rates

The truth is coming out. The reason the banksters want a cashless society is because they want you to pay them when interest rates turn negative. They want to tax you for lending them money!

I have been warning about this. It was always couched in a discussion over convenience, over the fact people don't need cash. Well, when they start collecting interest on negative interest rates, you know, below zero percent, and you can't get cash anymore, you will wish you had cash.

Yes, one day you will miss the cash that you disdain now.

Think about it. It is totalitarianism and is the goal of the bankers, who really are banksters. They aren't happy to fleece you with asset inflation and speculation. No, that isn't enough for them. They want a piece of your deposits. They say they want to save the economy. But what they really want to do is to keep the rich entrenched, as they will own everything else, since they won't want to pay the tax.

Wake up sleepy America! 

Read more about this at my ebook and audiobook entitled Wicked Zionism. The ebook is on Amazon. The audiobook is on Audible, Amazon and Itunes.

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Christians Did Not Lose in Battle to Serve Gays and Lesbians, Libertarians Lost

Contrary to popular opinion, the laws attempted and retracted in Indiana and Arkansas to allow Christians to refuse service to gays and lesbians, were failures of the Libertarian movement. The Libertarians have sought the ability of people to discriminate in the public marketplace. They oppose the 1964 Civil Rights Act on the same grounds.

Regarding Christian teaching, most nominal Christians attempt to be tolerant, kind, helpful, even to those who don't believe the way they do. It is the Libertarian who worships self interest, that wants to be intolerant. The outcry against the discriminatory laws rolled back in Indiana and Arkansas are a major defeat for the Libertarians, who, quite frankly, should be ashamed of themselves, only they don't believe in shame.

And if the law of the land tells you to serve gays and lesbians, how does that compromise your religious values? Doesn't the Bible tell us to obey the law of the land?

I have always believed you cannot be a Libertarian and a Christian at the same time. 

The Libertarians are like barnacles at the pier. They cannot let go of their perversity. They are highly perverse individuals, who want to exclude. They have backing of eugenics, as you exclude the poor, lower their numbers, and the new breed of Libertarian, Rand Paul and Mark Levin, want to make war to lower the population as well. That is not the historical libertarian position on war.

Anyway, I digress. Here is the deal, if you obey the law of the land as a business owner, even if you disagree with the people you are serving, you are obeying God. No one is trying to take away your ability to voluntarily associate with whoever you want away from your business duties.

But from a Christian perspective, and my perspective, all races and people are potential Christians. I happen to believe it is a function of God's election, not free will. But that is for another time. The Apostle Paul said, there is one new man in Christ. So that includes potential Christians from every race and ethnic group.

Christians have a universal or near universal opinion on whether the gay lifestyle is right or wrong, and to them it is wrong. However, tolerance and caring for the person is the issue here. Christians can remember that, and understand that the defeat of these laws is not a defeat of Christian beliefs.

It is a defeat of the Libertarian view of the world. It is a setback, hopefully, a fatal one, for Libertarian exclusionary thought affecting the public marketplace.

I urge everyone to read my ebook (also in audiobook form) about Libertarianism. It will give you a handle on the deep and dark issues that make up the underbelly of a philosophy that looks nice on the surface, but is quite disturbing and evil below that surface.

Here is the ebook link.

Here is the Amazon audiobook link.

Here is the Audible link

Here is the Itunes audiobook link.

The ebook is available worldwide through the Kindle Store. Most nations are served by their own Kindle Stores.

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Root for Greece, Just Like You Root for Russia and Argentina.

You have to be rooting for Greece. Greece has only been able to pay back debt to the German and Euro Banks through borrowing money. Now that smacks of Ponzi Scheming, and the Greeks know this and don't want to pay the money back without a serious restructuring. 

The globalist Eurozone, founded on a doctrine of a single currency but not a single central bank or sovereign government, forces Greece and the other poorer nations to avoid printing their own money. This makes their debt insurmountable.

You have to root for the sovereign nations against the globalist cabal. Greece, Iceland, Russia, and Argentina are nations that have sought to exert their sovereignty against the policies of the New World Order.

The propaganda and bad press from places like Business Insider, Reuters and the rest has been heavy, indeed. Articles speaking to the financial disaster in Russia, the lawlessness of Argentina, and the slothfulness of Greece seem to pop up daily, with a rest now and again.

Yet, the globalist system wants to take away your freedom and not just the freedom of the above cited nations. It wants a cashless society, where you would have to deposit your money you don't spend, into the bank. That would be bad if interest rates were to turn negative. You would have to pay to park your money.

It wants gun control, to make it easier to foster other laws. It wants gun owners to hate blacks until it figures out a way to disarm them.

It wants you to buy into self driving cars without the freedom to drive your own car.

It has stated on occasion that it wants you to stop blogging and stop considering free speech a right, through Lindsey Graham and Diane Feinstein. 

The system cannot be trusted. If you are a patriot and you want the US to be a sovereign nation with its own foreign policy and good relations with Russia, Argentina and Greece, then you have to be rooting for these nations to stand firm and sovereign in the face of the globalist onslaught of economic totalitarianism. 

International bankers and Bush/Cheney globalist warmongers have bossed the USA around long enough. As Jamie Dimon said, and I paraphrase, if we break the law, fine our bank. We can afford it.