Friday, May 29, 2015

Ed Gilligan of AMX Dies Suddenly: Go to Hell Do Not Pass Go!

Ed Gilligan of AMX dies suddenly. He is slated for hell and will not get to pass go to collect his 200 dollars. That sounds harsh, I know. But this man was evil, like all the credit card moguls who pushed rates up during the time that the Federal Reserve was pushing rates down to zero.

People like Ed Gilligan screwed a lot of people and caused a lot of hardship in America when the middle class was most vulnerable. So, he was a 55 year old guy who looked like he was 70. What do you expect?

People say Gilligan was successful, but I posted what I thought at CNN:

He was successful in raising interest rates on middle class people while the Fed was lowering wholesale interest rates to zero. I don't think God would call that successful and he is starting to demand lives.

And that is indeed the truth of the matter.  Gilligan was vice chairman in 2007 and that was when interest rates started going up as the Fed lowered the rates, between September 18, 2007 and 2009. Rates went from 5.25 percent to .25 percent during that time and I remember interest rates jumped as much as 10 percent during that time for credit cards.

Some people had contracts with the credit card companies not to raise the rates more than 2 percent above prime, and yet the companies broke those contracts!

And credit card rates remain at historic highs, around 15 percent for good credit, even though the Fed has left the funds rate at .25 percent since the mortgage crisis!

So, the credit card compamies, banksters by another name, offered low rates to Americans. Then the banksters also offered teaser rates to homeowners at about the same time. So, then the whole thing crashed and the credit card companies proceeded to raise rates and put Americans into a form of slavery.

They offered low rates, then other bankers offered low teaser mortgage rates. Neither can be paid back when they hold people captive with high rates. On top of that, when the housing bubble burst, this Gilligan and his evil hoard raised rates while the Fed was lowering rates. He is wicked, and so were the bankers who offered the teaser rates and option arms and the like.

So, these folks are gouging the American people, including AMX, with rates not seen for a long time. There is no inflation, other than for gas and food, and yet these rates are at historic highs.

And we know that credit card moguls have fought to stop any fee increases on their businesses, leaving retail stores, a low margin business, to carry the burden. 

I am happy God is starting to demand something for this unprecedented age of financial greed. Greed mongers, beware!

So, I tried to post on CNN Money. You know how those censors are as they cannot handle the truth. Here are two posts that are now just pending:

 Johny DC, you hook people in with low rates and then the financial system comes undone and you make them slaves with high rates. You are all going to hell. It is immoral what you do.


This is one of the most wicked men who once lived on the face of the earth. We have Fed rates at .25 percent and historically high rates bleeding average Americans. Screw any talk of morality from people like this. He is gone and he will pay a heavy price with God. I can guarantee it. I suppose you would have looked at Hitler's moral side, or Ben-Gurion's moral side. They were murderers. But this guy did as Will Rogers said, Wall Street lets you bleed to death slowly.

And that has not changed.

That cowardly CNN. Zionism rules CNN. 

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Monday, May 25, 2015

Greece Says No Capital Controls. Greek Banks Fail then Die Greek Central Bank! Die!

Die Greek central bank, die! Greeks have the Eurozone by the balls. Greek mortgages and most of the country's debt are in Euros. So if Greece were to exit the Eurozone, and take on a new currency, there would be massive default on all those mortgages.

 It is expected that the Greek Drachma would decline in value compared to the Euro, and Euro banks would have massive mortgage defaults and other loan defaults that far outweight the government defaults to the IMF and Eurozone government.

So, Greece has the Eurozone by the balls. If the Greek banks default due to capital controls not being implimented by the Greek government, the Bank of Greece, the central bank, will be screwed.

The bank of Greece is part of the Eurozone system, and its default would smack the Eurozone right in the cajones.

Greece stated that capital controls will not be implemented. Any government in the Eurozone can quickly have its central bank on the ropes simply by not paying debt and by not implementing capital controls.

The Greek plan is diabolically cunning. It is an act of a sovereign nation and proves that sovereignty trumps all and should trump the silly Eurozone with their silly Euro. Greece will simply allow a run on the Greek banks and the Eurozone Greek central bank, which is no more Greek than the man in the moon, will default.

The inspiration for this article came from this link.

Somehow, the author reverted back to the same mantra, Greece is running out of time. So I responded in the comment section:

Greece is not running out of time. Greece has now decided not to impose capital controls, leaving the Eurozone Greek central bank as naked as a jaybird.

Yes, all the central banks connected to the globalist Zionist cartel are vulnerable to refusal to institute capital controls. (And no, Zionism is not Judaism, it is a political elite cartel.)

The run on the bank will leave the Greek Central bank naked and that central bank could default. That is thinking outside the box and simply cannot be absorbed by fossilized banksters who cannot contemplate such a financial attack.

Poor, poor banksters. Do you feel sorry for them? I don't. 

Don't forget Americans, your central bank, the Federal Reserve, answers to the globalists, not our nation.  When the Fed speaks of keeping its independence from congress, it really means keeping its independence from the vassal state it controls, the good ole USA!

National sovereignty is the only threat keeping the banksters from totalitarian dominance. Everyone with half a brain should be rooting for Greece. 

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Please Support the Memory of Fred Ross Sr.'s Work with Farm Workers. Sign Petition

I supported this petition with the quote below. Please support the work of Fred Ross Sr. and the memory of that work by signing the petition to award Fred Ross Sr the Presidential Medal of Freedom:

I grew up in Coalinga, California. I know the work of farmworkers was and is grossly under appreciated. Fred Ross Sr. was a giant in establishing better conditions and fairness for farmworkers, first white Oklahomans and then Hispanic workers. This I can tell you, each one of these farmworkers can work circles around the average American. And labor is under attack everywhere by the Zionist globalists (a multiracial but unjust cabal), that rules the western world. Unions are busted and too much money has gravitated to the top while wages and house prices have been manipulated to suit the elite. Fred Ross Sr shows Americans how things ought to be, not as they have become in this America that is exhibiting some really fascist tendencies. Racism and bigotry have taken over and I know the cabal that has done it and unfortunately, despite the protests of the right wing press, Mr President, you are part of the elite cabal. They call you a Muslim, but we know you are part of the elite cabal, that you are a Zionist. You are killing labor and using globalization to put a hammer upon the American people with the free trade agreements. You have to stop. But we know you won't. You follow the money. You make FDR and Ike and JFK look like saints. They were patriots, you are not. You are a Zionist, Mr Obama. And you have sold out not only your race, but also the interests of the American people. The least you could do is acknowledge the better way for America that was shown us by Fred Ross Sr.

Fred Ross Sr discovered and mentored Cesar Chavez and brought rights and better working conditions to farm workers from the dust bowl and then those who were of Mexican heritage. Globalization has destroyed many of the gains of labor, and that dark side of the economic movement is continuing to squeeze American labor. People are forced to live multigenerationally or have fewer children or go without important purchases and investments just because capital has the upper hand through globalization.  

Fred Ross Sr was a great man who offered mercy to the most oppressed workers in our nation. The least POTUS could do is to realize the petition.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Reddit Handles Discussions of Zionism in an Intelligent Matter

 I posted this at a Reddit thread (link below). There are others and I have not read them all, but certainly Reddit moderators have tried to bring some intelligence and critical thinking to this subject of Zionism versus Judaism:

I appreciate an intelligent discussion about this issue. One thing I want to add is that some scholars say that in the early 20th centuries, Rabbis "converted" from Judaism to Zionism. But Zionism really is not a religion. It is a political movement and perhaps a psuedo religion, but not a religion. I am tolerant of Judaism as a religion. I am not tolerant of Zionism as a political movement. It turns out that Zionists often accuse antiZionists of antiSemitism, but that is not what I am about. I tolerate Jewish religion that is peaceful, as I do all religion that is peaceful. That is the America Way according to the First Amendment. I hope people understand that from a religious perspective, Zionism cannot found a legitimate Zion, only the Messiah can. So, Truth Torah Jews and New Covenant Christians believe Zionism is a fake, a fraud. If you are not looking at it from a religious perspective, you cannot deny that Zionist history starting with Herzl was intended to boot people off their land, a theft of massive proportions. One more point, racists who are antiZionists are losers and need to abandon this cause.

For further study:

Reddit Thread: Zionism Is No Different Than Other Crazy Religions

Examples of Globalization Blog:

Globalizm Gone Berserk: the Three Way Tussle for Khazarria in the Ukraine

Zionism Has Nothing to Do with Judaism Holocaust Survivor Dr. Hajo Meyer

Has Russia Underestimated the Globalists Cabal's Desire for World Domination? Maybe Not!

Wicked Zionism Blog:


Pamela Geller's Bigotry

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Globalism Gone Berserk: The Three Way Tussle for Khazaria in the Ukraine.

This post has been updated on 2/18/2017

Before reading this please consider I have Jewish roots. I have both North African/Yemenite Jewish roots and Ashkenazi Jewish roots based on testing at Gedmatch. I oppose antiSemitism completely, and support tolerance towards all peoples. But do not support Zionism as a political belief:

This is probably the most important single political statement I have ever made.
Interesting (article), but we need to understand what is going on here. We have Ukrainians who are fascistic, opposed to Zionists who want to occupy most of the Ukraine. The Israeli research shows that many Israelis have a connection to the Khazars. So, we have a three way fight for the Ukraine. We have Israel, who wants a Second Israel, we have the Ukrainian nationalists, and we have Russians. The Ukrainians who kicked out the Russians, and the Russians know full well who is the most dangerous player in this tussle, the Zionists!
[Since the above quote, a small Jewish group in the Ukraine has  reached out to the fascistic right wingers, and have sought a fusion of the two! This has been accomplished through the leadership of Ukrainian oligarch, Ihor Kolomoyskyi, who is a citizen of the Ukraine, Israel and Cyprus. The Israeli research discussed below shows a good percentage of Israelis being connected to Khazaria. I disagree with one thing about the research. I believe Jews can trace their middle east roots by DNA.

Don't be deceived. Israel has planned to or has already sent weapons to the fascists and Putin has warned Israel to abstain from this arming or more casualties will be the result. Israel has no other reason to fight the Russians in the eastern Ukraine except for eventual occupation of said territory.
That alliance between the fascists and the Zionists may backfire if the fascists realize that they will be devoured as well, by the Zionists!

And they will be devoured, and will made into prisoners like the Palestinians. Or they will be "spirited across the border" in the historic words of Zionist founder, Theodore Herzl. The new Khazaria will trump all.

And that is how it will be if they trust the wicked Zionists who will lie to them and then turn on them. Reuters wants people to hate the fascists, while Israel provides arms to the revolution. That is because if the revolutionaries don't give in down the line, Israel will turn on them in the end.

I hate all bigotry, but what is going on in the Ukraine does not lend itself to a civilized interpretation. There is a power struggle and bigotry on various sides will stoke the flames of nationalism. If the Zionist win, Russia will eventually fall, or WW3 will be the legacy.

Wake up people, please.

Here is Khazaria, where the Russians defeated the Khazars long ago. Click on the picture to enlarge:

"Khazar map1". Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons -


Zionism is a very multiracial cabal worldwide, but is very racist and bigoted, with little or no tolerance in Israel itself.  Most American Jews and non Jews are more tolerant than Israel will ever be. We have a better system of life than Israel does.Israel wishes to mold the US into a bigoted nation, so that we will go to war with anyone Zionism chooses.


Finally, I support national sovereignty, but not bigoted nationalism. The New World Order of the globalists is not the answer, nor is Donald Trump, and both are a threat to freedom.


For Further Study:

High ranking Zionist official is a source of propaganda about Russia, saying Europe is threatened, which is, of course, absurd: Pamela Geller Is a Wicked and Racist and Hateful Z... Pamela Geller Is a Wicked and Racist and Hateful Z...: Americans, both Jew and non Jew, are at risk. Pamela Geller is putting at risk our way of life as Americans. Geller is an aggressive Zionis...


This article is from my new blog. I have not stopped my old blog, as I continue to point out examples of globalization. However, the new blog specifically targets Zionist excess. Zionism is multiracial, except in Israel. Zionism is where the money is, which generally means the US does what the Zionists want in foreign policy. That is not always the case, as we see with Iran.

But Zionism has come to our shores with an attempt to make the US into the image of Israel, and that is a bigoted and hateful nation. Read the article and you will see what I mean. I stand for tolerance of all religions, and that is the American Way.

Zionism is not Judaism. The two are incompatible, since Zionism is a recent political movement, and Judaism is an ancient religion. Why rabbis converted away from Judaism to the political movement of Zionism in the early 20th century is perplexing and has caused grave harm to the world.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Wall Street Is Driving Up Rents in Certain Cities. This Is New World Order Gone Berserk!

So, now, Wall Street is driving up rents. This is a prime example of what happens when Wall Street, and the New World Order, get hold of real estate. It is destructive to the national interest and insures poverty.

It is time the government of the USA started calling off these dogs. Otherwise, boycott the bay area, and LA as well.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

I Wrote This to Southern Poverty Law Center about Pamela Geller

I wrote this to Southern Poverty Law Center about Pamela Geller:

Sirs, I appreciate the work you are doing against Pam Geller. However, one must realize that Geller is the essence of Zionism. Zionism is not Judaism as you well know. It is a political movement that is racist from the beginning, bigoted from the start. Zionists will throw Jews under the bus for their cause, just like Charlie Hebdo, the pro Israeli magazine did. Anything to start a war with peaceful Muslims or with blacks, is fair game for these right wing Zionists. The fact of the matter is that there are liberal Zionists, and many non Jewish Zionists like Obama who really don't speak out against Geller and her ilk. Why anyone would be a non Jewish Zionist makes no sense to me. But we are in the Ukraine, and the non Jewish Zionists like Obama and Biden are into the Ukraine up to their eyeballs, and that because the Zionists have learned that most Israelis are Khazars. I wrote an article about it and will share it with you if you want. I hate Zionism as a political force for evil in the world. But many True Torah Jews and New Covenant Christians and others oppose Zionism on religious grounds, And we oppose Zionism on political grounds as well. It is dangerous and seeks world domination. I have been accused of being anti Semitic because I speak out against the Zionists and their goals of world domination and Israeli domination in that world. But I am not anti Semitic, and I want Jewish people to wake up, as many have, and speak out against the Zionists. Pam Geller is the David Duke of Zionism. She is dangerous and hateful and wicked to her very core. Thanks for your time.

Please support all who seek to speak out against the real Zionism, the real danger Zionism brings to the world. 

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Hannity, Drudge and All Assorted Race Baiters Were Disappointed Baltimore Didn't Fall Into Race War

The multiracial Zionist bitches who rule the media, people like Sean Hannity, Matt Drudge, Bill Kristol and the Rush Limbaugh seemed genuinely disappointed that there was not a knock down, drag out race war in Baltimore.

First, we have them itching for the fight, and their tweets and comments show it.

So, then, when the prosecutor indicted the cops, the right wing Zionist media (there is a left Zionist media too), came out hating that she offered peace for justice. Some woman on Hannity who used to be a judge looking like she was in pain with her finger up her ass said the prosecutor stretched the rules of ethics for prosecutors.

If I really believed that was Hannity's main concern, I could almost be interested. But peace is not what Hannity wants. People don't watch his little swamp scum of a program when there are no riots. Mainstream media racebaits, hoping for riots to boos their ratings. that is how little respect they have for the American people.

The globalist multiracial Zionists are so powerful they can help the Zionist cause for racism and bigotry by coming to the defense of bigots and racists whenever they can. Megyn Kelly is an example. I posted this about Megyn on my blog, Wicked Zionism:

Megyn Kelly, the evil Zionist on Fox News asks those who hate what Geller is doing if we should get rid of the Jews. That statement is foaming with wickedness because Megyn is equating Zionism with Jews and Judaism. They are not the same! Get rid of the elite multiracial Zionist cabal, including Fox News, not Jews!

We know right wing rags like Drudge and WND love to talk about race wars. There is no doubt people pay more attention to these folks as race riots unfold. No one told these Zionist misfits that Americans want peace in the cities, and both blacks and whites want that peace. These right wing nutcases foment race war, more than report about it, in my opinion, and I know others agree.

No one told them that riots are not THE American way, yet the right has been fomenting riots, even with the help of the government for years. Look up COINTELPRO and you will see government involvement. Now we have homeland security taking the place of the FBI in stirring up race war feelings.

The Zionist plot to ruin America or take it over, gets more sickening everyday. Fox and Drudge and the other misfits of media hate the idea that a prosecutor would diffuse a potential disaster by charging police and doing it quickly.

Frankly I don't feel sorry for those police. They screwed up somehow, in my opinion, but it is up to a court to decide how much.

Let the system work, and save the city of Baltimore from the Zionist thugs who view racial unrest in cities as if they were attending a gladiator fight in the Roman Colosseum.

The left has its share of subtle racial and bigoted activity, with hoaxes and false flags, but you can read about those on this blog. 

This article reflects my opinion of these offensive right wing Zionists. I can't read their minds, I can only smell their stinky actions. And it smells real bad, even through the TV. 

Friday, May 1, 2015

Israel Awarded Franchisor of the Millennium for Plans to Clone Itself: Second Israel!

Israel has been awarded the Franchisor of the Millenium Award for its plan to clone itself and establish a second Israel. As hair brained as this idea is, the fact is, the Ukraine has been chosen to be that franchise. This proven Zionist conspiracy for the world has been revealed. Read on.

Don't sell Israel short. What KFC can do, Israel can do better. I like KFC a whole lot better than I like Israel, however. I am starting to dislike Israel even though I have Jewish roots. This satirical article will show you some truth that you will find very unsettling to the world view of many.

The Ukraine and Israel have a lot in common. They are, taken together, likely the false flag capitals of the world. 

There is proof of this plan of a second Israel, as Putin has voiced concerns when Israel announced it would be sending arms to that nation. He did so on April 16, 2015 according to the International Business Times. And the plan to clone the Ukraine into the image of Israel has been leaked previously.

Even the Times of Israel has run an article about the leaked information, where the author exposes the Khazar nature of the ruling Jews in Israel. Some reverse migration would establish Jewish Khazars as the dominant political force in the Ukraine.

Can you imagine Netanyahu as a Khazar wearing one of those furry hats? Well, most of Israelis will stay put, as they have determined that it is more fun to mess with the Palestinians than with Vlad Putin, but the settlers will have a place to go and make trouble.

The settlers want the danger, it seems, and they want to make the other Ukrainians very unhappy. I can see it now, the Ukrainians setting up to fight the Russians and the Khazar Israelis. That won't work out, I am afraid. 

Arming the Ukrainians is a logical progression for Wicked Zionism hell bent on world domination. But will the non Jewish Ukrainians go along? Maybe they will be fooled. After all, you can't be a good Zionist without lying through your teeth.  

Now we know why the US Neocons, who are also multiracial Zionists, have been so interested in the Ukraine or a long time. Indeed, the Neocons have paid for that Ukrainian revolution. This plan has been in the works for a long time.

I presented the Neocons with a plaque to commemorate their role in establishing the Second Israel. The plaque was painted red to signify all the blood shed by the Neocons in their goal of worldwide regime change.

What is a few million innocent people murdered to the Zionist Neocons? The ends justify the means with those people. These people don't want to be your teddy bear. In the words of Elvis Presley, they play rough, and are more like lions and tigers.

Fact is stranger than fiction here. Fact is, the Ukrainians will likely be booted out or will become mistreated like the Palestinians. An Israel on the border of Russia means likely regime change in Russia. That would allow the Zionists to control the US and Russia, and have two strategically placed Israels. Now isn't that comforting? Not!

The Kzahars ruled the Ukraine and southern Russia, until the Russians destroyed that little empire. Perhaps the Kzahars are returning to exact revenge upon the Russians once and for all. Are you listening Vlad? Wait, let me get on my phone to warn you.

Turns out, the Khazar ancestry is the largest factor in the Ashkenazi gene pool! This has been proven by Israeli researcher, Eran Elhaik. Now the Israelis no doubt want that revenge for their ancestors killed a thousand years ago even though they never knew them.

Turns out the Israelis aren't the twelve tribes or anything like that (well, some may be, but no one can tell for sure except God.) They are just mongrels. Sorry, I meant Mongols. No offense to the modern Mongols.

Turns out that those who made a Khazar connection were called antiSemitic until the study by Elhaik. 

Elephants can only wish they had the memories of the Israelis! Israelis even remember what they never learned in the first place. How do you deal with a group like that!

Now we know why Putin annexed the Crimea, since that was a favorite place for the Israelis to establish a beachhead for the Second Israel! No wonder we know why Israel and the Zionists are angry with Russia.

And no wonder Europe is wary of coming down on Russia. They will be the ones caught in the middle of the potential chaos. 

And that, my friends, is your New World Order using your tax dollars wisely. Or not!

Can you imagine the threat to the world if the Zionists control Russia and the USA? Can you imagine the words of W. Bush when he said the constitution was just a piece of paper? Well, that would really be true once the world was controlled by the Zionists, hell bent on reducing the world population. 

I hope if they do reduce the world's population that they take out Cheney and Bush. But that is wishful thinking on my part. 

Now, we can't forget that Zionism is one with the UK royalty and the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers. These are all one. They are multiracial, except in any place called Israel. 

They even want the Arab citizens of Israel to leave Israel, and the right wing offered to pay them to leave. These are sick people we are dealing with here, these Zionists.

And boy, their plan is moving quickly into action. 

If you are a racist or antiSemite, don't misuse this information against Jewish people throughout the world. We don't want you helping us uncover the truth. Many Jews are mortified by the Zionist plans.

And for you who have a theological problem with this analysis, remember, Zionism is not Judaism nor will it ever be. Both True Torah Jews and New Covenant Christians know that the prophets said the Messiah would establish the New Zion. As long as I own it, the free gospel behind this view can be found at

Don't let your babies grow up to be soldiers, because they will be fighting for Uncle Khazar, not for Uncle Sam. How many more innocent people will die before the Zionists are finished with their master plan?

Disclaimer: This article contains satire and humor, and while loaded with truth in my opinion, it is up to the reader to verify the claims of the articles, which are made in jest and are not necessarily proven fact. Some claims are fiction.

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