Sunday, June 28, 2015

Panic Among Hedge Fund Investors in Greece - The New York Times

Panic Among Hedge Fund Investors in Greece - The New York Times

All the hedge fund stars, Einhorn, John Paulson and others stand to lose their shirts on Greece if it leaves the Eurozone. Go Greece!

"Spread Bet" Early Market Opening Indications: Stocks Tumble, Europe Crashes | Zero Hedge

"Spread Bet" Early Market Opening Indications: Stocks Tumble, Europe Crashes | Zero Hedge

Stock markets will crash on Monday, showing the fear of contagion in the markets, if we are to believe these futures numbers.  The Bank of International Settlements has said this, so there could be contagion:

 Rehypothecation and reuse of collateral assets

Rehypothecation refers to the right of financial intermediaries to
sell, pledge, invest or perform transactions with client assets they
hold; and it allows prime brokers and other financial intermediaries to
obtain funding using their client collateral. Collateral reuse, in turn,
usually covers a broader context where securities delivered in one
transaction are used to collateralise another transaction, including the
ability to reuse collateral through change in (temporary) ownership.
Yet the terms rehypothecation and reuse of securities are often used
interchangeably; they do not have distinct legal interpretations.

Certain types of collateral rehypothecation (and reuse) can play an
important role in financial market functioning, increasing collateral
velocity and potentially reducing transaction and liquidity costs.
Rehypothecation decreases the (net) demand for collateral and the
funding liquidity requirements of traders, since a given pool of
collateral assets can be reused to support more than one transaction.
This lowers the cost of trading, which is beneficial for market

Securities lending-type transactions (including collateral swaps),
which have been structured as collateralised loans, would not exist
without rehypothecation. In the repo market, participants would not be
able to cover short positions without the ability to reuse collateral.
However, repos do not directly rehypothecate collateral because they are
structured as a sale and repurchase transaction.

While certain types of rehypothecation can be beneficial to market
functioning, if collateral collected to protect against the risk of
counterparty default has been rehypothecated, then it may not be readily
available in the event of a default. This, in turn, may increase system
interconnectedness and procyclicality, and could amplify market
stresses. Therefore, when collateral is rehypothecated, it is important
to understand under what circumstances and the extent to which the
rehypothecation has occurred; or in other words, how long the collateral
chain is.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

There is a Method in Greece's Madness

Could be that the Eurozone is toast and is being rudely exposed for an idiotic supersovereign currency, the Euro, by none other than Greece. As the article shows, it is the Eurozone that is mad, and the idea of a currency spanning multiple countries is inherently flawed.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

The Washington Post Used the Fake Sandy Hook to Argue Against Guns

I posted this at Business Insider where the Washington Post article appeared, arguing against guns:

Sandy Hook was a fraud. If you look at the pictures and videos of "parents" like Robbie Parker you will see no tears, method actiong, crying with no tears, no red eyes of real emotion. And if you go back and read the declassified Operation Northwoods, they were going to kill some people and have fake funerals for others.

Sandy Hook was fake, and no neighbors ever knew or saw Adam Lanza. Bloomberg has used it to start Everytown, chipping away at gun rights. Know this, Israel has strict gun control.

All you gun owners who support Israel and what we are doing in the middle east had better rethink your positions. The only reason the globalists let the Republican Party keep to pro gun is because the globalists have the Republican support for Israel, otherwise known in British Courts as the Rothschild project.

Bloomberg is a globalist and his agenda is clear; make the US like Israel.

Right wingers, wake up. If you gun owners support Israel, Pamela Geller, Judy Mozes and the rest, you are only strengthening the ultimate position against gun rights.

Lets be clear, the right wing globalists want you to hate, and Israel hates all Muslims. And the left wing globalists want you to have no guns, and Israelis have no guns unless they work in security or are in specified settlements!

Wake up America. Both parties are forcing the Zionist globalist agenda down your throats. (Zionism is a multiracial cabal worldwide, so Cheney and Biden are members, but is racist in Israel, very racist.)


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Sunday, June 21, 2015

Jimmy B. Lee Died and Guess What. He Was an SOB.

Jimmy B. Lee died the other day and I can tell you I am not sorry. He was pure evil. Oh sure, he loved his family and condolences to them. Family loved him, and so did his rich friends.

But Jimmy was not doing nice things. He died at 62. That is a nice young age for not so nice people to kick the bucket.

Lee was in charge of mergers and investment banking at JP Morgan. He was responsible for lots of other family men losing their jobs as his merger mania was practically an assault on the middle class. Most of these merger deals were between companies that were profitable just doing their own thing.

And the United-Continental merge he facilitated has been seen as a disaster. From Barons here is a viewer comment: 
What's wrong? They merged that's what's wrong. I was a Continental frequent flier and flew twice sometimes three times a year internationally. With the merger they screwed their frequent fliers so now I don't travel as much and saving a lot of money.
Continental was an excellent airline and their employees were the best in the industry. With the merger Continental had to do down to United's rotten culture.

No one knows how these mergers work out in the long run. These companies often are saddled with additional high interest junk debt and employees forced to work even harder because of the merger. Service declines, as we see with Continental.

Other than oil companies, most companies that merge make huge profits and stifle competition. This is bad. And with oil, it is the merged big banksters who drive up the price of oil and make the proftis of skimming off the top.

But what set Jimmy B. Lee apart was his wicked politics, as he attacked the middle class through his politics. It wasn't enough for him to attack the middle class through mergers, he did it through what was known as Fix the Debt.

Turns out that Fix the Debt was a plan to screw the middle class like no other. Tax advantages for the rich and austerity for the rest of us was the Pete Peterson plan as a driving force in Fix the Debt. He incorporated Jimmy B. and others to help him implement these programs.

The destruction of benefits to Social Security recipients is high on the Fix the Debt agenda. Making seniors pay more out of pocket for Medicare is another. But corporate tax breaks resulting from the implementation of these austerity policies is the ultimate goal of Fix the Debt.

Jimmy B. Lee was a fearless capitalist asshole to everyone but his crony capitalist buddies. Let no one forget that.

You have to conclude that it would be just if God called Pete Peterson, the poster boy for tax breaks for the rich, to an early grave. But sometimes evil men live to a ripe old age.

Certainly Gilligan from AMX, who screwed cardholders by raising rates in the face of Fed funds going to .25 percent, was called away from his luxury life at a young age. It is beginning to be time for godly payback.

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Thursday, June 11, 2015

Greece Has the Eurozone by the Cajones and I Can Prove It

Everyone pretty much has most of their money out of the Greek banks.So, no need for capital controls. The Eurozone will likely keep funding the Greek banks. If they don't, and the ATMs are shut off, then Greece will have to fund the banks with Drachmas. If that happens, the Greek bonds, billions of dollars of them, that were used as collateral in swaps deals and loans, up until Feb, 2015, would all be worthless. Billions upon billions of dollars in swaps could be in danger. The holders of the bad swaps, the risky swaps, would have to put up billions more in collateral and if they couldn't, it would be a panic. A Euro panic.

So, the Eurozone will have to fund the Greek banks and write off the debt, as the IMF said they need to do. Greece needs to call the bluff of the Germans. They ain't got nuthin'. The IMF warned the Eurozone to cut that Greek debt!

So, here is proof that the Eurozone used Greek treasury bonds as collateral for mega swaps prior to February, 2015. This is a press release saying that from that date forward, Greek bonds would no longer be used as swaps. But they already have been used for years. They are Europe's version of mortgage backed securities and they could cause Eurozone to experience a credit crisis as banks fail to trust each other:


4 February 2015 - Eligibility of Greek bonds used as collateral in Eurosystem monetary policy operations

  • ECB’s Governing Council lifts current waiver of minimum credit rating requirements for marketable instruments issued or guaranteed by the Hellenic Republic
  • Suspension is in line with existing Eurosystem rules, since it is currently not possible to assume a successful conclusion of the programme review
  • Suspension has no impact on counterparty status of Greek financial institutions
  • Liquidity needs of affected Eurosystem counterparties can be satisfied by the relevant national central bank, in line with Eurosystem rules
The Governing Council of the European Central Bank (ECB) today decided to lift the waiver affecting marketable debt instruments issued or fully guaranteed by the Hellenic Republic. The waiver allowed these instruments to be used in Eurosystem monetary policy operations despite the fact that they did not fulfil minimum credit rating requirements. The Governing Council decision is based on the fact that it is currently not possible to assume a successful conclusion of the programme review and is in line with existing Eurosystem rules.
This decision does not bear consequences for the counterparty status of Greek financial institutions in monetary policy operations. Liquidity needs of Eurosystem counterparties, for counterparties that do not have sufficient alternative collateral, can be satisfied by the relevant national central bank, by means of emergency liquidity assistance (ELA) within the existing Eurosystem rules.
The instruments in question will cease to be eligible as collateral as of the maturity of the current main refinancing operation (11 February 2015).
For media queries, please contact William Lelieveldt, tel.: +49 69 1344 7316.

Press contacts

Notice that I highlighted the sentence explaining that marketable debt was being curtailed as collateral. The ECB got rid of all Greek bonds. This is not about the ECB operations. This is about the Eurozone operations. When a loan is made by a bank, a swap is given to protect the bank and potentially screw the borrower (think Detroit).

But if the collateral is bad, the bank is in trouble, and that is what is happening in Europe. The big banks have Greek debt as collateral. Now it is junk, which is why the ECB established QE, to bail out the big banks of Europe.

Remember, Greek bonds or any bonds considered pristine and of high quality (or at least investment grade) are used as collateral, as gold was once used as collateral. Debt being used as collateral is not a new thing, but is much bigger now than it ever was. And Greek bonds were pledged over and over in rehypothecation. Rehypothecation is the pledging of the same collateral over and over. But the ECB stopped that with this press release.

So, to summarize, it is likely that Greek bonds will be forever destroyed in value if the Eurozone fails to write off Greek debt and forces a Greek exit from use of the euro. The bonds are used as collateral, and others are owned by the ECB. Others are owned by individual nations in the Eurozone, and others are privately owned.

They will become worthless if Greece exits the Eurozone, The Grexit may be too much for the Eurozone to bear and if it is watch the Eurozone write off Greek debt so that Greece wins and the banksters lose. That could be a model for bigger Euro nations and the banksters know it.

Whether Greece's exit can cause a full blown credit crisis is hard to say, but certainly other nations chafing under the heavy hand of Eurozone and German financial oppression, like Spain for example, could create havoc and a credit crisis if they were to exit and maybe get a huge haircut on the debt they owe. And no one knows if the Grexit from the Eurozone could derail the European economy. It very well could.

What a great way to get your debt forgiven. The bankers didn't "bank" on sovereign leverage. Sovereignty is the ultimate winner over empire although it sometimes takes time.

The Achilles Heal of the New World Order bankers concerning the Eurozone is that sovereign nations can simply threaten change currencies, eliminate the Euro, and make their bonds useless, forcing a haircut on their debt. Sovereign nations acting in their own best interests should do that. Spain and Italy should do that.

Iceland became free of the banksters, arrested them, and its economy is doing better.

Greece appears to have the Eurozone by the cajones and that Eurozone may prove to be very fragile and susceptible to a credit crisis. That is a Spanish word, by the way. 

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Sunday, June 7, 2015

"I Think It Should Be the Goal of Every Canadian to Be Tolerant Regardless of Their Religious..."

"I Think It Should Be the Goal of Every Canadian to Be Tolerant Regardless of Their Religious..."

I originally saw this on Facebook about a conservative in Canada, and posted this comment to the poster of the article:

This is true. This must happen in America, Marshall. Please read the
following: The problem with Pamela Geller is that she said publicly that
she hated all peaceful Muslims and wants America to do so as well. She
was sponsored by specific Israeli lobbyists with the intention of using
free speech to teach intolerance and make America a nation of haters.
Pamela Geller is a Zionist although not all Zionists are bigots
publicly. They tolerate Israel's bigotry though to a person. Zionism is
not Judaism. It is a political movement of the elite. Both parties are
made wealthy by this elite and are part of the elite. The entire senate
is Zionist and probably the entire house of representatives. W Bush was a
Zionist and Obama is a Zionist. Look how many bankers went to jail for
the easy money housing crisis? None. Obama did regime change in Libya,
just like Bush did in Iraq. This was all planned by Yinon Zionism
decades ago. My natural father was Jewish and I am adopted. I expect
tolerance for Jewish people as we take the fight to Zionism, which rules
America. Even Sarah Palin is a Zionist, being sponsored by Rockefellers
and Rothschilds. Henry Kissinger, Rockefellers' right hand man is a
good friend of Palin. Wake up America.

Now, I realize the author of the article above is saying Muslims should be as tolerant as the rest of us so we should open a bar by the mosque. I get the humor. However, we, in the west need to set the example of tolerance, and realize many Muslims seek peace in the western world. 

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Alternet May Be the Most Wicked and Deceptive Website Ever

Beware of  which may may be the single most wicked and deceptive website on the internet. No, surely it is not as evil as the Silk Road or other sites selling drugs and illegal weapons. But for politics, this website, Alternet, is the worst. is the worst political website in existence, because the name gives the impression that it is an alternative to the mainstream political websites. Those websites parrot the propaganda of the American government. There may be less of that at Alternet, but Alternet does engage in selective alternative news.

It is no better than or the other MSM sites that refuse to acknowledge the false flags and hoaxes that have started to invade America, namely, 9/11, Sandy Hook Hoax and issues that have arisen concerning the fake blood photos at the Boston Bombing. Alternet is like a clone of Noam Chomsky, in my opinion.

Not only this, but the website pretty much is bland about Zionism as an issue, although there was a great article by a dissident Jew, Tim Wise, written way back in 2001 that discredits Zionism completely. Articles since this one try to say there is a good Zionism and a bad Zionism, but that is just New World Order talking. And no one talks louder than the New World Order.

Sorry, that good/bad thing does not wash, Alternet. The reason it does not wash is that Zionism in no way qualifies as Judaism. Zionism speaks of a man made Zion but there is simply nothing in the Torah and prophets that says a man made Zion is acceptable at all! Zionism cannot be supported in any way. It is not salvageable.

While no one is questioning the power of Israel to survive, there are deep questions about whether Israel should survive, if it is right for Israel to survive.

Based on Judaism (True Torah Jews) and Christian New Covenant doctrine, the answer is a resounding no!

Alternet is very mainstream liberal on this issue and is not an alternative net at all. Alternet had a truthful analysis of Zionism, that it is all bad and not Judaism, and moved away from that Wise article position, and never touched on that view again in a positive light as far as I have been able to tell.

That is unfortunate but also causes Alternet to continue to fool us about its radical nature, which is simply not alternatively radical at all.

On the positive side, Alternet continues to post articles critical of racism and bigotry in Israel. This is an attempt to shape Israel and Zionism into what Alternet thinks it should be. Unfortunately, that cannot happen and Alternet remains naive in this venture, somewhat noble but futile.

Clearly, Alternet is concerned that Israel's bigotry is showing in the college groups taking the stand that Islam is the problem. Blaming peaceful Muslims is wrong and Alternet acknowledges that wrong.

I guess we can hope for small victories coming from Alternet, but in the war of ideas against Zionism, it is a failure. And with as much insight as the editors sometimes have, it is amazing that they are so blind regarding Democratic false flags, and of course blind to the Republicans' 9/11/2001 government planned attack on the Trade Center.

It is difficult to understand how they can establish those anti conspiracy positions based upon what they know, the facts of the issues. Certainly they go too easy on pro Israeli magazine, Charlie Hebdo, but Alternet does hate bigotry. If it never calls for Israel to disband, it will never see the bigotry go away.

There are many Zionists who are not bigoted toward all Muslims. Israel appears to be and some Israeli lobbyists and conservative Zionist Pamela Geller is bigoted against every peaceful Muslim. But other Zionist like Don Lemon of CNN are not. But it doesn't make them absolved of their support for Zionism. Lemon is made wealthy by his advocacy for Israel as an anchor for pro Zionist CNN.

There is no certainty at this point that Alternet is not Zionist, and I believe it is. I tried to contact the site for clarification but received nothing. I must assume that Alternet is a pro Zionist globalist website, and truly a Main Stream Media website. If it is, the term Alternet remains, on this issue alone, totally misleading and deceptive.

Was it a premeditated deception? I don't know, but the outcome for the reader is the same even if it was not a preplanned deception. 

Monday, June 1, 2015

Miko Peled Jewish Hero Fights Injustice Against Palestinians - Wikipedia

Miko Peled - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Here is a Jewish hero who is fighting the darkness of Zionism daily. From the Wikipedia site he speaks the truth:

“Israel has been on a mission to destroy the Palestinian people for over
six decades,” Peled has said. “Why would anyone not give solidarity to
the Palestinian people?”[9] He has argued that Israel's actions in the 1967 war were not a response to a real threat but acts of bald aggression.[10]
And he has said that “every single Israeli city is a settlement” and
that “expressing solidarity with Palestinians is the most important
thing people can do.”[10]
 Article is shared under creative commons share terms 3.0 Unported License.