Friday, July 31, 2015

Hillary Pummeled by the Right Wing, but It Is All One Cabal

People at Business Insider were calling Hillary Clinton a liar and that she should be criminally charged for this or that. But apparently the NY Times got it wrong about the email controversy, saying justice officials wanted criminal charges when that never was the case.

So, the partisans were out and I sought to establish some balance in discussing the parties and the cabal:

Lying started with W Bush. It continued with Obama. Lying is part of being in control of a cabal, because everytime you call it a democracy, you are lying. The fight is between differing factions of ONE CABAL.

That doesn't mean that policy cannot be different between Dems and Repubs, but only on the edges. For example both parties engaged in regime change in the middle east. Both parties did away with Glass-Steagall, and the senate vote was 90 to 8.

They differ on issues, such as the amount of war, as most Republicans want more war, which is bad, but then they want more gun rights for citizens, which is good. I am a liberal for gun rights. So I view that as an important issue as I view less war as an important goal.

But in general, both parties engage in some form of austerity, which bows to the wishes of the bankers. The Republicans seek massive austerity, including the destruction of medicare. The Democrats eat slowly at your social security benefits.

But the bankers own both parties, and that is why Phil Gramm can make so many shocking statements about America as a consultant for UBS, a position he earned by helping to bury Glass-Steagall along with Bill Clinton.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Sarah Palin Is for Fewer Abortions and for Less Money for Mothers

If Sarah Palin were really serious about limiting abortions, she would stop trying to cut welfare benefits for single mothers. Clearly, abortion is a regrettable act, in my personal opinion, but the option, religious and governmental control over a woman's body is likely much worse for society in the long run. 

I don't like abortion any more than Sarah Palin. I just think society has left it up to the woman to make the moral decision, not the government. There is, I think, wisdom in that fact.  

So, if Sarah Palin is for fewer abortions, she should not support the Republican austerity that we are experiencing, and she would be for more help for mothers, whether working or not.

But she is a phony, in my opinion, interested in political power, not in young black mothers as she said she was on Fox News' O'Reilly Report.

So, Sarah, get off your Republican duff and champion help for women. Otherwise, you may as well just keep your mouth shut.

Palin said this as proof that she really doesn't care about mothers who can't afford new babies. She is clearly a person that doesn't care how much mothers may need to suffer, even though she took the easy road and hooked up with the Rothschilds for sponsorship. Anyway, here is what she said:

‘We sometimes get the feeling that this administration hates true Americans… the type of Americans who came here and built this country, not the type who sat back on welfare handouts. The Obama administration keeps rewarding these same types of people while average Americans are told that their country is no longer Christian.’ – August 20, 2011

So, Sarah, if you don't want to help mothers and you demean them, how can you care about them at the same time? You aren't going about limiting abortions in the right way, at all? You fail, Sarah. 

Globalists want austerity so they can recover and survive their easy money lending escapades. And of course they pay people like Sarah Palin handsomely to promote austerity and hardship.. 

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

America's Bigoted War Against Muslims Should End

America is engaged in a bigoted war against Muslims, causing dislocation in Syria, Iraq, Egypt, Libya, and more. This war is resulting in the regime change that has broken those nations, causing pain, death and all manner of evil and mayhem.

The US is primarily responsible for this evil, yet we are doing it for Oded Yinon and the Zionists who run Israel.

This is only going to make America and its values deteriorate. Our values represent fairness, tolerance, and compansion. We can have none of those if we keep breaking nations. We can't keep breaking other nations, because the human cost is too high. And it is simply wicked behavior.

If America keeps going down the road of greed and power attainment, we will eventually crash and burn. We must stop this and attempt to live at peace with our neighbors. We must carry a big stick, and that for defense of the nation, but we must speak softly and end the belligerence. We are too belligerent as a nation, starting wars everywhere and destabilizing nations everywhere.

We are walking on the dark side as a nation and it destroys moral of the nation and tears us apart, family by family. It has to stop.

We have to stop our involvement in the middle east, develop our own resources and insist that Israel make a just peace with the Palestinians or simply walk away. Israel has wasted the time of America for too many years now. Palestinian occupation is approaching 60 years. It is time we put our priorities first.

If we don't we will pay a heavy price. I believe in separation of church and state, but for us as a nation to continually do evil in the world will incur the wrath of God. I guarantee that. We don't want that. God is angry with empire building. We need to be thankful for what we have and we need to limit the power, as a nation, of the 1 percent and of capital oppressing the working class.

I am no Marxist, but capitalism is failing at the macro level, and while small business thrives, big business is oppressing many and killing the standard of living in our nation. We have to control the capitalists and save them from their own destruction!

They seek world domination and are willing to use bigotry as a means to their ends. That must end. And it must end soon.

As I wrote on Business Insider recently:

 Yinon is clear, three part Iraq. That is all the US, in carrying out the will of Israel, wants for Iraq. Read Yinon and this was all predicted decades ago. The Iraqi is correct and has seen it firsthand.

I oppose war, but we could have stopped ISIS at the root and didn't and now it is occupying the space that Yinon wanted. Did Yinon specify ISIS as the Sunni representative? No. But Netanyahu most certainly did.

So, we have the Sunnis, Shiites, and Kurds in the three part Iraq predicted in the 1980's. It has caused murder, dislocation, and all manner of mayhem and evil and regime change is actually bigotry because it results in bigotry, and in the death of Muslims, many of whom want to live a peaceful life and bother no one.

It is a sad direction for American foreign policy that we are headed toward. And yet, it is the plan and the evil actors stick to the plan and may tweek the plan, but never, ever let go of the plan. .

Monday, July 27, 2015

Trump May Have Emotionally Raped His Wife. He Never Should Have Used the Word Rape!

I posted this at Business Insider, and it applies to bigots everywhere, but especially to Trump, who called illegal aliens rapists, and is, in a sense, a bigot for it, IMO. I wish he had not been so flawed because someone needs to talk about national sovereignty, but it can't be Donald Trump.

The link to the article that discusses the alleged emotional rape of Ivana is at the bottom of the quotation. An emotional rape of a wife has moral implications even if is legal:

Trump may have started some positive discussion about national sovereignty and closed borders, and the globalists hate that. But, he slandered illegals as being rapists when they commit less crime than the general population.

Now is payback time. He should never have used that word against the illegals, because it was not right, or fair. And now he is exposed as being a potential rapist in at least a moral sense. Talk about karma.

Unfortunately,Trump is not the guy to hitch your wagon to regarding national sovereignty even though it is an issue that must be continued.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

The Ugly Side of Libertarianism: No Aid for Tornado Victims

The Ugly Side of Libertarianism: No Aid for Tornado Victims

This is the dark side of libertarianism, which is used by the globalists when needed to push for deregulation and austerity. Libertarians are either funded by the globalists or are just plain stupid. Probably some of both at work. Libertarians are never allowed complete power, but their ideas are always welcomed by bankers who need bailouts for themselves and austerity for the rest of us. 

So, libertarianism has a dark side that the dark overlords of globalism use there ideas when necessary. 

Derivatives markets regulation: Unintended consequences | The Economist

Derivatives markets regulation: Unintended consequences | The Economist

Transforming risky assets into collateral, because of a shortage of pristine collateral, has been a common theme of mine. This article is from a few years back, but things have gotten worse. The Fed must unload the pristine collateral it has on its balance sheet, or risk causing a financial implosion because it has cornered the market on bonds needed for good. collateral!

Global Derivatives: $1.5 Quadrillion Time Bomb | Global Research - Centre for Research on Globalization

Global Derivatives: $1.5 Quadrillion Time Bomb | Global Research - Centre for Research on Globalization

So, unless derivatives are collateralized, ie., backed by collateral, namely treasury bonds or sometimes inferior bonds like MBSs that caused the crash in 2008, they are highly risky.

This we know, there is a shortage of collateral. That is a problem. Even Jamie Dimon has said that there is a shortage of collaters. This may be causing many deals to take place outside the clearinghouses for derivatives, which require collateral.

So the system may be unstable and dangerous to the financial well being of nations. We will see. 

Phony Claims About Syria Retaining Chemical Weapons - StumbleUpon

Phony Claims About Syria Retaining Chemical Weapons - StumbleUpon

We know the rebels in Syria used chemical weapons and even used them as false flags against the government. The rebellion spawned ISIS. ISIS is a problem for everyone but Israel who it does not touch and the establishment of ISIS in Iraq has made Yinon Zionism, the desire for a three part Iraq, come true.

And back to Syria, the regime change is also written about by Yinon back in the early 1980's. We have totally fallen for the Israeli plan and the Israeli national interest, not caring about the US national interest except in the case of Iran, and that is even precarious because of the traitors we have in the Congress.

Friday, July 24, 2015

Letter: Why Israel, but not Iran? | The Salt Lake Tribune

Letter: Why Israel, but not Iran? | The Salt Lake Tribune

Of course the simple answer as to why Iran has to stop making nukes while Israel has over 100 nukes is that Israel is the favorite, the Zionist project, of big finance, Rockefellers, Rothschilds, etc.

There was a court ruling that in this Rothschild project, free criticism is allowed, because Zionism is not Judaism and is its own evil creation:


Friday, July 17, 2015

House Republicans want to strip the New York Fed of a crucial power - Business Insider

House Republicans want to strip the New York Fed of a crucial power - Business Insider

It would be nice if the NY Fed, the Fed really in charge, would not have a permanent seat. It has power because it is representing the most powerful banks, the NYC banks. The House at least gets this. 

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Germany, How About a New Financial Organization, the G-BRICS?

You stupid Germans (politically, but we don't hate you). You are so tight over a measly 300 euros. But Greece could exit the Eurozone, and how about the Eurogroup too and how about NATO.

The Greeks could buy into the BRICS structure with their new world bank and we could call them the G-Brics! The G-BRICS would be Greece, Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa.

Then add to that, Russia could build a military base next to Athens so you could get your damn Euros back. Greece has to make money anyway it can thanks to you, Germany.

Where does this leave us. We wait for the IMF to see if they will be involved in the bailout. We wait to see if Germany will require Greece to issue IOU's. We wait to see if Draghi will carry through with recapitalization of the banks and his push to convince the Eurozone to cut Greek debt.

He is starting to sound more reasonable than the Eurozone leaders. 

I would wish upon Greece that they establish a sovereign wealth fund, put the money into the BRICS bank, where the Eurozone cannot touch it, and plan to get out of the Eurozone as soon as they can. After all, they may only have 30 years at the most, if debt is pushed back 30 years. 

Well, this video dubbed in English makes fun of you Germans. And you deserve it, lol:

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Cheney Whines About the Iran Nuclear Agreement. But John Kerry Has No Trust for Cheney or Israel

Dick Cheney is whining bitching about the Iran nuclear agreement. So we need to know why? And we need to know why the US pushed for this agreement. I have a few theories. Some may even be right.

This is the article speaking of the hated Dick Cheney:

So, here are responses and mine:

Alternate said satirically:

We are doomed and are all going to die.

The only time I was this scared was in 2003, where Saddam almost succeeded in launching its massive WMD attack on America.

I, like you probably, going to sleep in my nuclear shelter until Donald Trump win the election and makes everything all right again!

I then said:

Just remember Alternate, that, while I sort of agree with you I know John Kerry was at the center of the negotiations. He knew what happened on 9/11/2001. This is his exact quote (regarding WTC7, the tower not hit by the planes. Of course he gave a convoluted excuse but told the truth about controlled demolition.):

"I do know that that wall, I remember, was in danger and I think they made the decision based on the danger that it had in destroying other things-- that they did it in a controlled fashion."

So, this is my theory. Israel is an ally but a difficult ally. Therefore, balance in the world is necessary to prevent total chaos in the middle east. This is why Cheney is so vocal. He wants chaos in the middle east even though it destroys the US economy. He could care less what the price of oil is, because he is heavily invested in oil shale in Colorado. He is also heavily invested in Genie Energy and this was the Business Insider article about Genie Energy: Genie is also invested in oil shale, not just the Golan Heights.

Now, the question would be, do the Democrats want to harm Putin with lower oil prices or just help the economy? Hard to say, maybe both.

But you can't have lower oil prices with continual war in the middle east. And too many resources of the USA are required to assist Israel if there is continual war in the middle east. We don't want to expend these massive resources anymore.

This all is just my opinion.

And regarding why the US is so indifferent to Israel could this statement I made on Business Insider hold the key? Maybe:

See I think forces friendly to Israel assassinated JFK. LBJ was on tape saying "others" were involved. He knew exactly who did it. His girlfriend said he knew as well. I don't know if this is payback, but you just never know what goes on behind the scenes. Israel wanted the bomb and now it may face a nuclear arms race someday.

Be careful what you wish for because there are always unintended consequences.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Greece Should Exit NATO, Not Just the Eurozone!

Greece should exit NATO after events have transpired with the Eurozone on Sunday. Greece needs to exit NATO, and let a Russian Carrier park in Athens. This is the only leverage that Greece has.

The reforms already agreed to by Greece are stringent and not doable. It is impossible for Greece to come up with 50 billion in assets to assign to a fund to pay the debt. It has been tried before in 2011 and the Greeks barely could raise 3.5 billion Euros in assets. Yet the Eurozone wants that and still more odious reforms which could assure the further destruction of Greek GDP.

Russia has said it will help Greece with energy which could allow Greece to grow, but if the Eurozone cannot see this light at the end of the tunnel, Greece should leave NATO immediately and then bargain.

As it is Jubilee economist Tim Jones has said this through Al Jazeera:

The Greek government was 317 billion euros in debt at the end of last year. Of that amount, 247.8 billion euros — about 78 percent — is owed to the IMF, the European Union and the European Central Bank (ECB). The IMF, ECB and European Commission, the executive branch of the EU, are collectively known as the troika, the group of international institutions charged with managing the Greek debt crisis.

With 90 percent of all bailout moneys going to banks instead of the Greek people, so far, it is crazy to think that Greece can endure more cuts. Greece is getting nothing, and this is all about the banks.

That is what globalization and lack of sovereignty can do for you, wed you to the banking system that will cause massive financial carnage if it breaks. So, to hell with the people, and they get crumbs, not even a bone from the Eurozone. It is obvious that the Eurozone hates Greece, and is humiliating Greece, something the Italian minister Renzi has warned must stop.

But the Eurozone apparently wants Greece to cut the negotiating power of the unions, which will further destroy the Greek economy and the Greek way of life. 

It is unknown if the Greeks will add the new taxes and reductions in pensions along with the cuts to union negotiating power, which will surely destroy the economy further. If they do not, the stalemate will continue and it could rip apart the Eurozone. Again, that is why the Greeks must vote to leave NATO as a bargaining chip. It is all they have.


Finally, since we have learned that this debt deal is a bad one for Greece, Greece should walk away without any effort to pay back a dime, as this was what the BBC economist just said:

The BBC's Economics Editor Robert Peston has been examining the "killer" lines in the Eurogroup rescue offer.
Firstly he says Greece needs additional finance of €82-86bn - which would boost debt to well over 200% GDP.
A "bonkers" prospect, he exclaims.
Secondly, Greek banks need additional capital of up to €25bn to absorb losses from the implosion of the economy - caused by forced bank closures.
And thirdly, if a deal is not reached, Greece would be offered "swift negotiations on time out of euro, with possible debt restructuring".
To keep across more of his updates follow  @Peston

I posted this at Business Insider illustrating that the globalist Germans and Eurozone don't have a clue about what Russia could do. I don't advocate the Eurozone failing, but if they do can you blame Russia and Greece from forging a relationship, even a deep relationship?

So, there is a third party. It is Russia. Greece should exit NATO and let Russia build a military base on Greece soil. I know it sounds farfetched. But Germany and the Eurozone are so lame, such deliberately incompetent bankers and lenders, that they deserve what Goldman Sachs and Citibank did not receive, total failure.

I also commented against the drone of harping about how Greece is left wing, helping the poor is left wing, and the like:

So, let me get this right, Naro, helping the poor is left wing and helping the bankers is what? What is it Naro? I will let you name it. Helping bankers after they loaned out money without sound underwriting can wreck a lot of havoc, Naro. So, what is bailing them out called?

I am not saying bailing out banks through bailouts or bailins are not necessary. With all the derivatives in the world maybe it is. But, the bankers need to go to jail. Germany bankers need to go to jail. GS bankers need to be in jail. The rest of our TBTF bankers need to be a jail. That would limit the desire to risk it all, as the Germany banks did. They became the most levered banks in the world and somehow, they are not the bad guy?

I am sick of these libertarian neanderthals telling us what bailouts are and why lenders should not be at fault for anything.

And as for Merkel is concerned, this applies to her as the representative of Eurozone banking and to the US TBTF banksters: 

Austerity - the policy of hurting people to help save Lenders from the consequences of their own stupidity.

And one Greek said:
The Germans could not do it with tanks so now they try it with banks...

Another Greek said:
 But I warn you, if they take the Acropolis from us, it's war.



The IMF says the Eurozone cannot do a bailout with IMF help, unless there is a massive Greek debt haircut. So, the Eurozone may be very weak if it can't swing a bailout without a debt haircut and IMF involvement. We shall be watching.


Calls for boycotts of Germany are increasing. Germany is taking advantage of the Eurozone by artificially benefiting from a cheaper currency than it would have if the Euro did not exist.


I am calling for a new financial alliance, the G-BRICS! Yes, because Germany is so tight, financially, just let Greece exit it all, establish a financial link to the new BRICS global bank. And then Greece could pay off miserly Scrooge, er, Germany, with a Russian military base sitting next to Athens.

So, (in the words of Janet Yellen, who starts every sentence with the word "so"), here is my G-BRICS pitch along with a funny video that shows Germany as the Scrooge that it is:

So, take that Germany! We don't hate you, just are disappointed in you.

Friday, July 10, 2015

Israeli Company Hired by State Government to Spy on Pennsylvanians and Other Americans | Common Dreams | Breaking News

Israeli Company Hired by State Government to Spy on Pennsylvanians and Other Americans | Common Dreams | Breaking News 

While we can appreciate companies that watch and prevent terrorism, we don't appreciate companies that overstep their bounds and attempt to control peaceful protest, like the old COINTELPRO of the FBI.

Pennsylvania got rid of these guys, back in 2010, but they did some damage to peaceful protest, prior to losing their contract. Shame on you, ITRR! I posted this as a remembrance for those who already knew this and as news for those who have not been familiar with this sort of activity in the USA.

This is a bad example of globalization. Perhaps the company messing with our free speech, can post a defense, which I would be more than willing to publish in the interest of free speech. 

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

I Knew Golf and the Golf Channel Were Making a Big Mistake in Trumpeting Donald Trump

Golf and the golf channel embraced Donald Trump and his golf courses. I tried to like the guy as he played and talked golf, but found I could not. I had a bad feeling about his relationship to the sport of golf.

His efforts to bury many Mexican people and slander them as being rapists is simply not acceptable, and my concerns about what his impact would be on golf have unfortunately become realized.

Trump is a self promoter first, above all else. That is my opinion but it is what I have observed.

Trump just went about his presidential candidacy all wrong. If he wanted the border protected, and many Americans do, just say it. But to slander those who have come across the border by accusing them of what the vast majority are not, is to hurt the movement to protect the border.

The concept of protecting the border is related to the concept of sovereignty of nations, sovereignty of the United States. So we have values that are strongly American.

One is national sovereignty, and Trump botched his support of that value because he has a steamroller mentality, is apparently Xenophobic and could be a racist.

But second, we support, as Americans, the concept of tolerance. We tolerate those who are here to live and work.

Even if immigrants are illegal aliens, there is a basic human decency and respect that must be afforded to them. That is just the right thing to do, the American way.

So, I totally understand why golf, an international sport that is all inclusive, would react to Trump by taking away events at his golf courses.

That will hurt Trump. He needs to limit the damage and apologize. Yet he keeps doubling down and he keeps becoming even more critical in his attacks.

See Also:

San Francisco Is Creating a Backlash Against Peaceful Illegal Aliens. Contact Mayor Now

Trump Is a Xenophobe, But Opposes Pamela Geller's bigotry

Friday, July 3, 2015

San Francisco Is Creating a Backlash Against Peaceful Illegal Aliens. Contact Mayor Now!

I personally believe most illegal aliens are hard working and honest and harmless. But SF is causing a backlash against those people by letting dangerous aliens on the streets and a young woman, Kathryn Steinle, was gunned down randomly because of this stupid SF policy.

Here is the contact info and it is easy to do. Please make SF wake up:

Many will use this to write bigoted information and defend things said by Donald Trump against illegals. It is free speech and you have the freedom to do so but I hope you don't.

I hope you really consider that Trump is labeling peaceful and hard working people wrongly and that Xenophobia is irrational and could be racist.

We need to defend the American way, with two principles, sovereignty and tolerance. Trump fails because, while he may be for sovereignty, he is not a tolerant individual, going against the American way.

We feel terrible for the family of Kathryn, which is why San Francisco needs to keep dangerous aliens locked up!

But we also know that most aliens are not this way. Please, I implore you to do three things:

1. Contact the mayor.

2. Urge that the border be patrolled better. Big business is behind the lax border. This destroys US sovereignty.

3. Speak out against xenophobia and racism as it applies to illegals who are in the USA. They do work that most Americans do not want to do. They send money to Mexican relatives and keep the relatives from desperately wanting to come to the USA as well.  

There are two principles that we must uphold as Americans. One is tolerance for illegals who are here to work. You don't have to agree with them but you have to tolerate them. Second, speak out for the sovereignty of the nation as opposed to the globalists, and speak out for border control as both political parties are not interested in doing so.

Both tolerance and sovereignty are deeply imbedded in the American mind and both must be defended.

European Countries Tried To Block Release Of IMF Analysis On Greece: Report

European Countries Tried To Block Release Of IMF Analysis On Greece: Report

Globalization gone bad. Eurozone tried to block the release of the IMF analysis on Greece. How low can you go Eurozone? The report calls for a haircut on Greek debt so Greek has a way to pay debt going forward. The Eurozone must be really weak and afraid and vulnerable to seek to block an IMF report!

The Eurozone may be going down. Who knows?

Russia and Saudi Arabia Surprisingly Are Forming an Alliance

Russia and Saudi Arabia are forming an alliance. And that may be a good thing. World stability rests on the resistance to Yinon Zionist regime change. Yinon regime change has disrupted the Middle East, wrecked havoc in the Ukraine, and killed and displaced thousands of innocent women and children.

That Saudi Arabia is waking up to the Zionist threat of regime change is a good thing for world stability and peace. The most disrupting political cabal in the world, in terms of war making, is the west, with the Zionists, many of which are neocons, leading the charge. I posted this on a board that makes perfect sense of the danger the world faces from the Zionists. (Disclaimer: Zionism is a political cabal and doctrine, not Judaism or any other religion.):

While I am no fan of the Saudis in terms of their sacralist government, the Yinon Zionist plan is to unseat the rulers just like what happened in Iraq, Libya and the attempt in Syria. So, the Russians know all about this regime change policy of the neocons who are Zionists. Even Obama is a Zionist and most people are clueless about that. ISIS exists because Netanyahu said it was good for Israel. You won't likely see ISIS attacking Israel. So, Russia and Saudi make sense. They know they have to use their might to stop Israel and the US from regime change, which is actually the cause of many innocent deaths. Saudi Arabia knows Israel wants chaos in that nation.

And there is proof that Russia does indeed understand the Yinon Zionist plan. Back in 2011, Medvedev warned the Arab states:

 "Revolutions across the Arab world could see fanatics coming to power, breaking up states and leading to “fires for years. The situation is tough. We could be talking about the disintegration of large, densely-populated states, talking about them breaking up into little pieces,”

This warning may have been heeded by the Saudis, who desperately want stability, in an area where regime change has killed, displaced and destroyed standards of living for many innocent men, women and children. Yinon Zionism is wicked to the core and this is the essential code of that doctrine from Israel Shahak, who translated the doctrine into English and said this:

1. The idea that all the Arab states should be broken down, by Israel, into small units, occurs again and again in Israeli strategic thinking. For example, Ze'ev Schiff, the military correspondent of Ha'aretz (and probably the most knowledgeable in Israel, on this topic) writes about the "best" that can happen for Israeli interests in Iraq: "The dissolution of Iraq into a Shi'ite state, a Sunni state and the separation of the Kurdish part" (Ha'aretz 6/2/1982). Actually, this aspect of the plan is very old. 2. The strong connection with Neo-Conservative thought in the USA is very prominent, especially in the author's notes. But, while lip service is paid to the idea of the "defense of the West" from Soviet power, the real aim of the author, and of the present Israeli establishment is clear: To make an Imperial Israel into a world power. In other words, the aim of Sharon is to deceive the Americans after he has deceived all the rest.

Wake up America as the Saudis and Russians have awakened to the threat of Zionism to world peace. Zionism started the unrest in the middle east. Zionism was formulated in 1895 by Herzl, whose plan it was to steal land and displace the original landowners.

The fire of hatred in the middle east was not started by the Muslims, Arabs or Palestinians, but rather by the Zionists who planned the takeover prior to any shots being fired. It is their responsibility to make peace of move on. 

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Here Is One Man's Experience with WaMu and JP Morgan Chase in the Aftermath

An anonymous fellow commenting on a BI article about how Jamie Dimon found a 30 billion dollar treasure (unexpected bonus) reveals alot. I have not verified his story but it is worth reading, especially when we see that a bank can foreclose on a current loan. Something to think about for all of us:

JP Morgan Chase got my WaMU apartment loan essentially for free from the FDIC when the FDIC "sold" WaMu and all its assests to Chase for a little more than $1B. After two years on time payments, my former WaMu loan term expiredand then, rather than extend the loan - Chase chose to "voluntarily foreclose" on the current loan.

While I was fighting Chase in court, Chase put a receiver in place on the building, and let it fall into such disrepair it was cited by the City of Los Angeles for neglect. Unfortunately, since I was on title, I got the paper work and had to go to criminal court and prove the receivership.

If the loan had been Chase's, they would have lost $500K off the million dollar loan by selling a tagged building at auction. As it was, since the loan was free, they made $500K instead of $1M. Oddly enough, at this two year mark Chase started firing all the former WaMu servicing reps I had been working with. It was carnage. 4 in one month. Every time I called, the person I was dealing with had been fired. I assume Chase was getting pushback from the employees, and the result was to bring in demon spawn Janet Scott to their Stockton commercial loan center and clear out all the WaMu workers so Chase could run roughshod over the former WaMu borrowers. I have never seen such a mass firing in one month.

In any event, all of that money should have gone to the wiped out WaMu shareholders. As many commenters have noted, this was a theft from WaMu shareholders, which Dimon is now touting as an "unexpected bonus." Hey, you give me a $30B money earning asset, I will be brilliant too. Even if I see the whole thing, I will make money, since it was FREE.

Selling my building at that steep loss was a travesty to both WaMu and Chase shareholders, but in my mind in was outright theft from me. It was a beautiful historical building I had spent four years restoring (I mean on my hands and knees.) But Jamie badly needed cash because it had just come out he lost $6.5B on the London Whale, um, venture.

This article lauding Slimin' for his slick management of a free gift from the taxpayer is nauseating. The article mentions that Chase could lose a great deal of these loans as they mature and people refi out.

A word of advice for investors: It is not good business to borrow from a bank that will foreclose on you even when you keep your loan current. All these borrowers should refi ASAP. I speak from experience.

Greeks Should Now Realize Merkel Is a Pig and Vote NO!

The Greeks should now know that Angela Merkel is a pig and they should vote NO in the referendum on the bailout. After all, while the rest of European ministers want a deal struck before the bailout, she reads the poles and wants to wait. That will give her a stronger position in the negotiations to screw Greece more.

She knows the polls say Greeks will probably vote yes, although they should vote no for greater leverage against this greedy German leader.

If Greece votes yes, it will be a huge mistake and Germany will make it difficult for Greece to ever get ahead. Greece will be in worse shape as the years go by if the Eurozone does not cut the Greek debt.

Understand this, the bailouts are for the Euro banks. So when Greece makes payments and is given money, most of that money goes to the European banks. The only way out for Greece is cutting the total debt to a lesser amount.

And the Eurozone, in spite of the IMF's counsel otherwise, has said it will not do that.

Greeks, you need to vote no and stand up to the Germans, who had their debt cut after WW2.

Europe Wants to Punish Greece With Exit - Bloomberg View

Europe Wants to Punish Greece With Exit - Bloomberg View

The Greek creditors in the Eurozone, especially Germany, have shown terrible judgement. Germany had debt forgiven after WW2. After WW1, the German debt was onerous and Germany wants to impose that rigidity upon Greece. The Greeks must stand up or the creditors will decimate their nation going forward.