Monday, November 30, 2015

West Point Prof Bradford Says if You Oppose the War on Terror You Are the Enemy

This article was first published by me on Talkmarkets:

West Point Professor William Bradford has come out with troubling paper that appeared in the National Security Law Journal. The journal has said that, while it cannot be unpublished, it is a mistake. I am relieved by that, a little bit.

But Mr Bradford exposes the thinking that is dangerous and widespread in America, that we are in a war with Islam. I remember the time that George W. Bush said that war with Iraq was a crusade. Now we know it was just unholy globalist regime change, and it was far from godly sanction. It was one of the most unjust wars ever fought in the name of the United States, as hundreds of thousands of innocent people died, and Iraq was broken so that the rise of ISIS could take place.

John McCain, on video, clarified the holy nature of the Iraq war while running for president, where he said we went into Iraq for oil. Holy Petrodollars, Batman!

I am reminded also reading of Oded Yinon stating that Iraq was to be broken up into three parts. That was over 30 years ago, and it came to be thanks to this phony war on terrorism. This war against Islam destroyed Iraq, and caused America to seek the same destruction in Syria. Indeed, America has contributed to terror by committing to regime change.

Our faithful globalist confessor, John McCain said this and it is on YouTube video: 
"The Whole National Security Team Recommended Arming ISIS."

Say what, senator? People who arm ISIS should report to jail at once, IMO. But I know my opinion won't win the day.

One wonders how this arming of ISIS resulted in less terror in the middle east. Surely Mr. Bradford is aware of our fostering of terror. But it took until 2012 for the military to shake the Bush idea of crusade against Islam, when General Dempsey imposed a ban on anti-Islamic training in the military.

The concept that Islam has declared war on the west is permeating Facebook and other social media, but it isn't true. ISIS is not Islam. It is a very small extremist group. But, our regime change was a declaration of war on Islam as a whole. And indeed, even secular Islamic nations like Syria and Libya were tolerant of Christians until our regime change gave ISIS a foothold. Then Christians started dropping like flies.

Israel has occupied Palestinians for over 60 years. Surely much Islamic anger towards us can be a reflection of that injustice, that cannot be argued away. Occupation is occupation and if you call this pig a rose, like Sheldon Adelson did, it still doesn't fly. Adelson takes the Golda Meir view, that the Palestinian people, all millions of them, are just a made up nation.

Our nation was then shocked to its senses, maybe, when Russia came in and offered protection to a sovereign nation, Syria. Regardless of what you think about Assad, that put Russia on the right side of international law, and America, arming ISIS, is on the wrong side of that law. Then we find out from Putin that private citizens in most of the G-20 nations had been assisting ISIS in some way.

We know that support of ISIS was done to establish that three part Iraq that Sunni buffer to Iran. We know Israel hates Iran and has sought American support for war against Iran. Of course, General Dempsey again imposed a little common sense, saying that attacking Iran was a "bad idea". 

To see how far out of control this war with Islam, war against terrorism, lie has become, social media is filled with the idea that President Obama is a Muslim. But we know he is a globalist, his VP is a globalist, and regime change continued under Obama though it was started by Bush. The crusade goes on, with the exception of Iran.

Obama gave bankers a pass; he destroyed Libya; he destroyed Syria, so how much more unjust behavior does he have to do to prove himself a globalist? He is second only to George W. Bush in the category of regime change. The average American is totally mislead by lies. This is not a defense of Obama, just pointing out proof of how the concept of the war on Islam has permeated American culture.

Obama is too timid to go on TV and say he is a globalist, not a Muslim. He just clips the war against the extremists at the edges, like pruning a wayward plant. That tree should have been plucked up by its roots many years ago. But that tree is not Islam as a whole.

We can continue the folly of regime change, or we can work with Russia to make the middle east safe so many of the refugees who want to, can return home. We simply need to have our own foreign policy because Oded Yinon's plan is so not helpful to world peace.

As for Mr. Bradford, he appears to be the enemy of common sense and common decency. The idea of targeting American scholars for what they believe is disgusting . He is un-American, in my opinion.

Now, if America wants to destroy the ISIS it created, as Larry Kudlow wants, then perhaps there is some real patriotism to be found there. There are just wars, just not very many of them. But then, maybe Kudlow never read Yinon. So it is far from a done deal that the US will take out ISIS. And Kudlow may just want us to keep all refugees out. That moratorium seems un-American. We created ISIS which helped create the refugees.

Our leaders obviously do not worry about ISIS becoming a global power, capable of taking over the world.

So, how are people like Mr. Bradford allowed to have such influence over America? It is because there is globalist conspiracy to take over the United States and take away its true national interest. This conspiracy exists for the deceiving the American people with false flags and hoaxes, into thinking that there is a war on terror, while we secretly arm terrorists, as McCain admitted.

If Kudlow's article signals a change in this position from the main stream media, it could be significant going forward, or it could be just a wish on the part of an old Wall Street guy. But can we fight ISIS without being dragged by opportunists into some sort of new crusade?

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Will the Banks Game FSB and Investors with Voodoo TLAC Assurances?

 This article was first published by me on Talkmarkets:

The Financial Stability Board (FSB), which once voided mark to market so that banks would not have to devalue frozen assets, is back with more Voodoo.

 FSB wants the biggest 30 banks in the world to increase assets available for a bail in to levels near 20 percent, which hopefully will relieve taxpayers from actually bailing out too big to fail banks, effectively ending the concept of too big to fail.

FSB created massive moral hazard in allowing frozen assets to be frozen as to price. It made the banks feel invincible. Yes, banks not selling assets could ride them out without downgrading the value of those assets. But certainly, investors suffered in attempting to value the big banks.

Other Investors who invest in senior bank bonds were unscathed in the credit crisis of the last decade. They were simply not touched as the powers that be decided that taxpayers were somehow more worthy of bailing the banks out than the senior bond holders.

But banks need a lot of assets made available for bailins. I guess the financial powers that be don't want to destroy the governments that feed them. So, they are going for bailins next time. Most banks don't even come close to satisfying the Total Loss-Absorbing Capacity or TLAC.

So banks are being permitted, in most nations, to use senior bonds as TLAC assets. This means that banks will have to raise a lot less money. This is the Voodoo aspect to all this.

Banks are trying to convince investors that interest on the senior bonds should not have to go up that much. Investors are likely to swallow this argument. You have to wonder why, since this is the front line now for bailins. FT says the plan won't work if senior bonds are not included in the loss-absorbing assets.

The FT article goes on to make a distinction between the senior bond plan calling it the German approach and distinguishing it from the Spanish plan, a method of creating tier 3 assets available for loss-absorption.

There are some dangers in all these plans:

First, if you are not insured, your money is fair game for the bailins.

Second, the senior bonds are more risky and we should see banks paying a lot more interest on them and should be concerned if they get away with not paying a lot more interest. That smacks of the old AAA rated trashy MBSs of the past.

There are two other risks with this plan.

First, smarter people than I will have to figure out if these bailins will provide enough buffer in a major derivatives meltdown.

Second, Fed governor Daniel K. Turullo said that many firms are systemic as to risk. Why stop this bailin potential at the 30 biggest world institutions? Won't governments be on the hook for systemically risky hedge funds and other counterparties even if too big to fail is implemented for select banks?

Wouldn't it be better to unwind the derivatives business now with the reestablishment of Glass-Steagall?

One thing we do know from the Voodoo of old, if a bank can sell an investor something risky while making that investor think it is safe, the bank has fraudulently won and the investor has naively lost.

I can't imagine that would stop anytime soon without the threat of jail time or lashings. If FSB is trying to increase trust between the public and banks and investors and banks and governments and banks, I can't see that these little steps will do much.

Disclaimer, I am not an investment counselor or attorney. This is not professional investment advice.

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Pay Cash Only: Will the Russians Save Us from the Cashless Societ...

Pay Cash Only: Will the Russians Save Us from the Cashless Societ...:  This article was first published by me at Talkmarkets:

From the article:

 Sometimes fact is stranger than fiction. It has been reported
that the Russians have been observing the cable lines in key areas of
the world's oceans. The potential damage that Russia could cause to the
United States is not to be taken lightly. Certainly we would all suffer
possible financial loss from the destruction, even if temporary, to the
digital financial system upon which millions of financial transactions
are made.

Since only 200 oceanic lines carry 99 percent of all data and internet
traffic, the disruption to those lines could be catastrophic. Trillions
of dollars in transactions could be undone.

However, there is a silver lining to this dark cloud. This Russian
threat could slow down or even derail the coming Cashless Society!

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Banks Close in Rural Areas as World Cashlessness Advances

This article was first published by me on Talkmarkets:

Banks are closing in rural areas as they cannot afford to keep their ATM's open in Sweden. Since Sweden is the most advanced cashless society the problems faced with cashlessness is necessary to document. It was in bad taste that the local Swedish news labeled the study Cashless Society Faces Backlash from Losers.

Suddenly, pensioners and rural dwellers are now losers? This is a very unfortunate choice of words. All you millions of people who live in rural communities worldwide could be the real losers and be considered losers in the move towards cashlessness.

The problem Sweden has is that the citizens trust the big banks, thinking they are government agencies, when in fact, they are not. The cashless movement is worldwide, certainly from Singapore to India, from Sweden to Denmark, from the UK to the USA to Israel. That means there is a connectivity to these big banks, and they all want the same thing, more profit, more fees for transactions, more control of your every move. Dollar transactions are free, and cannot be traced.

Government (specifically regulators), exists to serve the bankers said Spencer Bachus of Alabama back in  2010. There is no greater proof of this truth than to watch the efforts to form a cashless society worldwide.

In India, for example, an article entitled India's Journey Towards a Cashless Society Has Just Begun,
the author speaks of tax incentives for Indians who make more than half their purchases through digital means. With India, it may take awhile, but the movement will be toward a cashless society.

In India, the banks will be asked to put terminals in all locations. But isn't that scheme failing in Sweden?

In the Philippines, the government and private banks have set the goal to establish one payment center for all financial transactions. And in Denmark,the government wants to ultimately scrap cash transactions, starting in 2016.

In Singapore, a nation that is technologically advanced but prefers cash as  a whole, there are plans to change all that.  The goal is to eliminate all points of sale, and just have electronic self checkout. Always, cashlessness is couched in language meant to please retail, other business and government, when the movement is purely about benefiting the banks.

In Israel, the move to a cashless society has been urgent, in the name of stopping criminal activity, they say. It faces legal challenges, but the goal at first is to limit check cashing to less than $2000 per check.

In Israel and in all the nations seeking more cashlessness, one major goal is to stop the underground taxless society. But really, destroying a large part of society that then pays into the taxing society seems to be risky, especially where there are large underground economies. This could ultimately hurt the GDP of nations in ways few realize.

And using Denmark as an example for many other nations is flawed, since Denmark has a strong safety net for its citizens. It will be interesting to see if Denmark will go the way of Sweden, ruining banking in rural communities. We will have to watch for stories indicating that people have fallen off the digital grid, the digital money grid, and have suffered inconvenience or hardship.

We know that in Denmark, there is a link between seeking cashlessness and accepting negative interest rates. And we know from Zero Hedge that there is a connection between negative interest rates and housing bubbles. Denmark has a massive housing bubble due to negative interest rates. The central bank, the Riksbank is concerned that massive debt will destroy the economy and the borrowers in the next crash.

Of course, people who have debts that cannot be repaid cannot function in a society that is totally cashless, which is the goal of Denmark! Denmark could force people off the digital grid faster than other nations that don't have such massive housing bubbles. We should watch this potential social catastrophe-in-the-making.

And in Denmark, you are paid to take out a mortgage. You would think the central bank would want that stopped since there is too much debt in Denmark. I don't think they know what they hell they are doing in Denmark!

The experimental nature of the cashless negative interest merger will likely be filled with massive unintended consequences. But this article from a guy on the World Economic Forum, clearly pushes the worldwide nature of the cashless society, from Latin America to Africa and beyond.

The goal of the globalists who seek world control is easy to understand. Make cash a niche product. Make cash something that is so rarely used that it becomes prohibitively costly to use. That is the plan.

The World Economic Forum was established to further global agendas and took on the role of solving the problems caused by the collapse of the Bretton-Woods fixed Exchange-Rate mechanism. The forum does not care about partisan national debate. Rather, the foundation is "committed to improving the State of the World" Its well known meeting is Davos, which calls for more debt, which is profit for the lenders.

So, to close this little look into the players and the dangers of cashlessness and its kissing cousin, negative interest rates, we can look at a Mastercard press release. Indeed, there is no hiding the goals. France, Canada, Belgium and the UK, which seeks to time stamp money, are praised for having digital transactions of 89 percent and higher.

The US and Singapore are reaching the "Tipping Point" of near cashlessness. And Egypt, Russia and Indonesia are just beginning their journey towards cashlessness. The goal is entire world dominance by the banks. But it is couched as a technological revolution, with the banks being facilitators and therefore will not be saddled with blame for the failures. 

Just realize that when the unexpected consequences of a cashless society hit, all nations but the USA will find their citizens unarmed and unable to force a walk back, no matter what human tragedies are revealed. And one wonders if the gun lovers in America even know that the moral bankruptcy of cashlessness is even an issue they should care about. 

But for all patriotic Americans, saving should be virtuous and spending recklessly to please government and the international banking cabal should not virtuous. An attack on virtue on this massive worldwide scale is the final push by the forces of darkness, and one can only look at cashlessness as being their final project.


Thursday, November 5, 2015

President Obama Turns Hero, Schedules Resignation and Confession of Government Evil Deeds

President Barack Obama, 44th US president, has scheduled an announcement from the Oval Office, where he is expected to resign, and reveal the many wrongdoings done by the United States government.

From a transcript outline, Obama is expected to discuss America's unfortunate involvement in the creation of ISIS and our collaboration with Israel to make ISIS a strong player in the Middle East.

He is expected to apologize for the many little hoaxes and false flags that have occurred during his administration, and the outline slates the following for discussion as he tries to heroically come clean for the many unseemly deeds his government has carried out.

He expects to discuss the Sandy Hook Hoax, the Umpqua Hoax, the Boston Bombing hoax and other government sponsored hoaxes. He intends to disband the government's crisis actor program because, not only does he view these hoaxes as being wrong, but he also is disappointed in the poor quality of acting done by the Robbie Parkers and Chris Mintzs and others.  They were simply unable to create realistic tears, leading to ridicule of the government by more and more astute observers.

Therefore, Obama wants to restore credibility and respect for the United States government.

President Obama intends to come clean on knowledge about the Bush/Cheney involvement in planning and execution of the 9/11 conspiracy. He knows that there is no scientific defense of the destruction of the third tower, and wants to set the record straight: it was detonated. We had known that from the John Kerry interview, but having the current president of the United States confirming this detonation is gratifying to many who have labored and endured the charge of tin foil, by the government sponsored debunkers.

Obama blows away all that fraud, and it is so refreshing to the rehabilitation of the United States to its proper place in the world.

The exact time and date of the press conference has yet to be determined, but the release of the outline gets the ball rolling towards the restoration of the United States to greatness. Obama has heroically determined for this to happen while he yet has the power to make it happen. 

Disclaimer: This article contains satire and humor, and while loaded with truth in my opinion, it is up to the reader to verify the claims of the article, which are made in jest and are not necessarily proven fact. Some claims are fiction.

Sunday, November 1, 2015