Teslas Are Not Cars. Crash Test Reveals the Truth

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If your Tesla gets banged up, few can fix it and it costs thousands of dollars for those who can, for a fender bender. Tesla is a one piece aluminum joke. And the joke appears to be played on the buyers of the car.

I told everyone this car was a bad joke because of the owner's desires to:

1. End manual driving,

2. Blast an atomic bomb on Mars to warm it up (and old Israeli student idea), and

3. Go live on Mars to escape nuclear destruction.

Please do not support Elon Musk, the delusional owner of Tesla or trust him with the future of technology in the United States.

...News flash: These things are not cars. They are more like giant computers, with an 18-inch screen and a 1,200-pound battery. None of the components looked anything like car parts. Only the wheels belied any connection with transportation.
 It took two months to finish the repairs. Since Tesla would only sign off on the car when it was perfect, it was sent back to the factory in Fremont three times for additional realignment and recalibration.
The final bill came to $32,000. The good news is that my lithium ion battery was fine, which would have cost an extra $30,000 to replace.

Understand that Tesla is a fraud, a hoax, in my opinion. It certainly is not crash friendly. It was given the highest rating by Consumer Reports as the best car ever made. If a fender bender cannot be fixed for less than $30,000 dollars as the article relates, then it can't be the best car ever made. It could be a car that leads one to financial distress and serious inconvenience because you don't get a new Tesla to drive as a loaner car. Cheap Bas****s.

If anyone owns Tesla Stock, $TSLA, they should consider this man's story before taking any action. I am not an attorney nor a stock counselor. I just think people need to understand what is really going on with Tesla.

More on Elon Musk's delusions in addition to the belief that he built a good car:

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