Merrick Garland Could Be a Zionist. It Isn't About Being Jewish

Merrick Garland could be a Zionist. Since he is a SCOTUS nominee, that presents a problem for Americans. It has nothing to do with being Jewish. I don't care if Jews are on the Supreme Court, except most have been Zionists by design. That is the problem, Zionism, not being Jewish.  There are many non Jewish Zionists and many Jewish Zionists, and some Jews who hate everything Zionism stands for from a religious and ethical perspective.

But Merrick's wife's grandfather was Samuel I Rosenman, who was an adviser to Roosevelt and Truman. Merrick's wife is Lynn Rosenman Merrick. Zionism is definitely in the family dating way back.

Clearly, President Truman was a Christian Zionist, who believed that Zionism had a right to settle Palestine, even though the Torah prophets never gave that authority for a New Zion to men, only to the Messiah.

So, Christian Zionism is suspect as a legitimate religious doctrine as is Zionism, as to any religious verification. And certainly Zionism is clearly a political cabal, that was started in the late 1800's, and was seen as a replacement for Judaism, an ancient religion.

Well, many Jews oppose that Zionist goal, including the many non Zionist Jews in America who ignore Israel and the True Torah Jews who predated Zionists in Israel by 100 years and refuse to serve in the army or acknowledge the Zionist government in Israel!

And many people oppose the march of Zionism on America, from all ethnic and religious and racial groups! My natural father was Jewish and I am adopted, and I totally oppose Zionism as a doctrine and as a political cabal.

So, it turns out that Rosenman schmoozed with the Zionist congress leader, Stephen Wise. That means that this family may be Zionist. I don't know for certain.

Roosevelt himself once joked, when running into Samuel Rosenman, Stephen Wise (a rabbi and World Zionist Organization president) and Nahum Goldmann (who succeeded Wise in the Zionist group) outside his weekend home in the country (where Rosenman rented a home nearby): “Carry on, boys, Sam will tell me what to do on Monday … Imagine what [Nazi leader] Goebbels would pay for a photo of this scene: the President of the United States taking his instructions from the three Elders of Zion.” [GOLDMANN, N., 1978, p. 156]
Back to Garland, the nominee. Turns out, Garland sought to block the overturning of gun control for hand guns and he may want to do what the Zionists want, to disarm America. That is a major Zionist goal, that and racial and religious hatred. But that bigotry is more from right wing Zionists, Geller and Trump, etc.

But know this, since the assassination of President John F Kennedy, Zionism has been in control of the United States and the vast majority of US citizens have no clue whatsoever.

I am a liberal for gun rights. I oppose the left wing Zionist agenda of gun control, and I oppose the right wing Zionist agenda of bigotry and racism.  It is all bad for America!

Here is an example of the terrible things the Zionists do against the True Torah Jews in Israel. This is why I do not advocate the destruction of Israel. I want the Palestinians and True Torah Jews, who know Zionism is a fraud, to come to Christ. And many of the Palestinians already have. Here are the True Torah Jews being persecuted:


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