Will Millennials Be the Greatest Generation? Frugality, Trump and Foreign Policy Ethics

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The Millennials are not held in high regard as a generation by the pundits and bankers. They don't buy big ticket items. They live at home. They rent. They are frugal. But it may be up to them to restore the Peace of Westphalia. [There is always disputes about the ages of the generations, but the Millennials are generally thought to comprise a time of birth from 1982 to 2002. These dates are not set in stone.]

The Greatest Generation, crowned with the title by Tom Brokaw, suprisingly had traits in common with the Millennials and some that were not as redeeming as those held by Millennials. The Greatest Generation (born 1901-1924) was labeled as such because they experienced the difficult economic times of the Great Depression. They did not borrow much. When they bought houses, the houses were cheaper.

The Baby Boomers (1946-1964), did buy expensive, inflated houses and paid the price for too much debt in the housing bubble and crash, as did Generation X (born 1965 to 1982). These generations took on too much debt. Rather than praise these generations for making them money, the bankers and their media minions loathe the Baby Boomers even as they made big banking rich. Easy money from bankers allowed the boomers to take risk that proved disastrous.

Yet the bankers fear the Millennials even more. They are frugal, and they mean to stay that way. If they buy houses it will have to be a reflection of their prosperity, and that is not widespread, although about 1 in 10 make more than $100 thousand dollars per year.

The Greatest Generation is noted as such because of their character, bravery, willing to keep America free. They also were backed up by the Silent Generation (1925-1945), in that call to duty. The Boomers hated the never ending Vietnam War. Their lack of cooperation was no doubt the motive for the professional army, which fights on and on endlessly in the middle east.

It isn't lack of bravery that caused the Baby Boomers to shirk stupid and ill fated wars of greed. They never had the opportunity to prove themselves in a real war of national self defense like World War 2.

The Millennials have traits that come from Boomers and the Greatest Generation. Their frugality has been mentioned mentioned. Their desire to put off decisions about marriage and money shows they are not willing to be prisoners to credit. The Millennials also are not willing to fight wars for the American Empire and greed. They learned that from the Baby Boomers.

But one thing makes the Millennials great, and that is they are not racist. They are a tolerant generation. They are the most tolerant generation. The mainstream media would like Millennials to be less tolerant and sometimes that media points out minor flaws in the research.

But don't be fooled. Millennials are less racist than those who have gone before them. Don't let the media fool you.  Millennials hate Donald Trump's politics and that is a good sign for tolerance, which is a basic American core value. Here is Trump expressing an uncomfortable symbolism courtesy this link.

Uncomfortable Symbolism. Courtesy DeathandTaxesMag.com

Trump has denied the Hitler implications of the above photo, but even if he is telling the truth, it shows a remarkable lack of self awareness on his part, especially since he has been light in his criticism of racist groups that support him.

Would that pre-Hitler Germany had had such a tolerant generation, and maybe the most wicked man in the history of politics would never have come to power. One hopes that the Millennials will stop Donald Trump, who, while he cannot be compared to Hitler at this point, has some traits that are worrisome.

Hitler appealed to nationalism, which is not wrong in and of itself, but it was never the goal. The goal was racism, and antiSemitism. With Trump, we also have an appeal to nationalism, and yet it does not appear to be the goal. He hates most groups except white males, in my opinion. Yes, Trump has offended women, Hispanics, blacks, Muslims and native Americans.

Trump went after native American Mashantucket Nation, saying they didn't look like Indians to him. That was back in 1993. He said they were mafia infiltrated. Some things never change with the Donald. Now we hear that Trump may have had a mafia tie.

There are ominous similarities between Trump and Hitler and a Trump presidency could be very dangerous to Americans and our enemies and friends. It could be the last presidency. Can you imagine if Hitler had been armed to the teeth with nukes? He would have used them. Trump does not sound like a wallflower when it comes to nukes, but everyone should be a wallflower when it comes to the use of nukes.

The stakes are even higher now than when Hitler was in power. This is something to think about when you go to the polling booths and contemplate voting for Donald Trump. If we ever get a real nationalistic candidate that is against empire and globalism, he will seem more like JFK than like Donald Trump.

Perhaps a Millennial will rise above all this and run for president, being pro America (anti empire), but tolerant at the same time. That would truly signal a Greatest Generation come of age. The Peace of Westphalia, as I linked to above, is a symbol of sovereignty. It gave to the nations the right to handle their affairs in a sovereign way free of empire. This has always been the right order of things, in my opinion. We have seen empires come and go, yet sovereign nations remain.

If America is going to be the best nation, it can't be a George W Bush nation or a Donald Trump nation. It can't be the manifestation of raw power and illegal warmongering. No nation is perfect, but, the best sovereign nations are strong enough to be benevolent. Why can't America be this strong? 

It is up to the Millennials to demand America be this strong with a tolerant version of sovereignty. No more Bush/Trump/Obama endless war in the middle east and elsewhere would be a great goal of Millennial politics going forward. Stopping regime change and neoconservative politics is crucial for the future success of the United States and for business in the world.

We simply cannot afford to have these disruptions, like war in the Middle East, which have proved costly and hurtful to our economy. Perhaps the Millennials will gain a zeal for right thinking and rethink our national interest to reflect what our nation's interest really is, not the interests of the UK, or France, or Germany, or China, or Israel. Our interests must reflect our needs as a nation first.

And once we know what that interest is, we must be slow to war, avoid it at all costs, as it has cost our nation dearly in lives and money. I hope the Millennials are up for this battle of ideas. Our millennials must be made strong by American prosperity and by the ethics of their politics. Time to get to work, elites, so you can help make this happen. Pay these young people higher wages. Let them gain enough financial prosperity to secure excess world production, as Americans have done in the past. And then millennials, speak out about the issues that concern you regarding how the world is going. WW3 must be avoided at all costs and our national interest will serve millennials well in attaining peace in the world.


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