Donald Trump Threatened with Scalping After Slapping New Mexico Governor

This article may be slightly adult in nature.

Donald Trump was threatened by numerous tribes with scalping after being photographed slapping the female governor of New Mexico. Other Republicans like Paul Ryan said that she was a nice lady.

Trump also threatened to boot New Mexico out of the union as protestors ran wild and Donald never forgets that sort of thing. Revenge is the likely reason that he slapped the governor.

Jeb Bush and others said the Republican governor, Susana Martinez, was the future of the Republican Party. Well, we certainly want to forget the past, and ole Jeb is the past. Go away Jeb!

In fact, the Republican party, den of thieves that it is, likely won't hold together with the Donald beating on all the women politicians. Even Hillary Clinton has been advised to wear boxing gloves for the first televised debate. She is said to have a pretty big right hook and took husband, Bill, down with it after the Monica thing.

So, what makes Donald Trump so willing to slap women, call them ugly, call them Indian names like "Pocahontas", etc? Well, clearly, psychologists have said he possesses 49 cards of a 52 card deck. Some have said that his bolts are not tightened properly.

Other highly esteemed shrinks say that he has male enlargement issues. That could explain his criticism of just about every race and nation and group, except for Israel and the KKK.

Well, we know Israel has moved to the right. And the KKK has always been right winged. Could Trump be contemplating fusing the two? An all right wing line up would feature David Duke and Benjamin Netanyahu exchanging pleasantries.

Well, David Duke may not ever go for that. But apparently Nazi right wingers in the Ukraine have been encouraged to unite with Euro Jews to fight Muslims. Maybe Trump is crazy like a fox, getting right wingers together.

Ihor Kolomoyskyi is the billionaire trying to fuse the Nazis and the Jewish people in the Ukraine, but the Jewish people have ignored him. Would that Jewish people in America ignore Trump's advocacy for more settlements on the West Bank.

Even retired military men in Israel don't want those settlements to continue and have no desire to continue the occupation of the Palestinians. Trump is badder than the Israeli military. He wants to occupy the Palestinians until hell freezes over.

Trump is a prick but girlfriends have said he has a little dick. Ihor has the big dick. You have seen the dick on a donkey before haven't you? Oh wait, that is Eeyore. Sorry Eeyore!

Idiot Billionaire bigots. Kolomoyskyi is a Ukraine/Israel citizen. Trump is a NYC citizen.

And before you all get your panties in a wad. This is satire except for the courting of right wingers on the part of the two idiot billionaire bigots.

But I wouldn't mind Trump shaving off that ugly hair. Nobody will scalp him. He can come by my house and use my gel if it would help.

I tolerate pricks like Trump.

FYI, here is the real article showing how Trump really broke off a budding relationship with the nation's only Latina governor.

Disclaimer: This article contains satire and humor, and while loaded with truth in my opinion, it is up to the reader to verify the claims of the article, which are made in jest and are not necessarily proven fact. Some claims are fiction.

Here is the link to my other satire. Some of it is pretty funny:

And here is a straight up, no nonsense explanation about Trump and Kolomoyskyi:

So, there are two billionaires in the world who think almost alike. They are Donald Trump and Ihor Kolomoyski. Kolomoyski is a dual Ukraine/Israel citizen. Both Trump and Kolomoyski:

1. Hate all Muslims

2. Love right wing white groups like the KKK and/or the Nazis.

3. Support Israel.

So, Kolomoyski wants to FUSE right wing Nazis in the Ukraine with Jewish people to fight Muslims. So far the Jewish people have shunned Kolomoyski. Trump has not gone that far in seeking a fusion of right wing Jews and racists, but their thinking is similar and Trump gets support from both. He gets support from David Duke, former KKK and Sheldon Adelson, who owns the Venetian, who is a Zionist.


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