Donald Trump Threatens Extortion of the PGA: Attacks Capitalism

Donald Trump threatened to extort the PGA of America. He was speaking to the PGA moving the World Golf Championship at Doral (Trump's golf course), to Mexico, because of sponsorship issues. Whether you believe it was over sponsorship issues or not, Trump's response was a generalized threat to carry out extortion once he becomes president. He, in effect, threatened to commit a crime against the PGA of America!

Trump said there would be no more of "that happening", while discussing the move to Mexico City by the PGA and World Golf Championships organization, once he becomes president. He slandered Mexico once again, saying the PGA would need kidnapping insurance. I don't have a problem with that dumb free speech effort. But here is the general definition of extortion:

The practice of obtaining something, especially money, through force or threats.

Of course, the legal definition of extortion is more rigorous, from Findlaw:

Extortion is the crime of obtaining money or property by threat to a victim's property or loved ones, intimidation, or false claim of a right.
So, if Trump was elected and carried through with his threat, and actually benefited from the threat financially, by obtaining property or money from the PGA of America, that would be a crime. That would be extortion.

The president of the United States would not be arrested for such a crime, most likely, until his term was finished. Then he is subject to the laws that govern the rest of us.

However, any real attack by Trump on the PGA would be a threat to capitalism itself. It is one thing to want laws changed to stop certain economic behavior. It is another to engage in extortion, threats and intimidation.

I write criticism of  the Federal Reserve Bank. I write criticism of the Anglo-American empire. I wish laws were changed to control the behavior of the Fed in crisis. I want the Fed to do more in crisis situations. Some want the Fed banished altogether. No one wants a cashless society.

But extorting, or threatening to extort the Fed is not even a thought to be entertained. We know that the Fed and Treasury are attacked in a political way when the credit rating of the United States by certain senators is threatened by adverse budget holdouts. That is perfectly legal, but not wise. I think congress has to do more to look into why the Fed clams up in crisis, but I hope congress does not ruin the credit rating of the United States! 

But attacking companies for making decisions that affect their bottom line is an attack on capitalism itself. I rail against the Fed, but I don't attack capitalism. Many aspects of capitalism should be controlled by laws and regulations, especially as it pertains to the banks. Even some decisions could be made curtailing certain decisions of capitalistic enterprises for security of the nation.

But golf is not essential to the security of the nation. It is a great game that must grow internationally because golf participation is diminishing in the USA. Trump has shown xenophobic qualities that could prove to be at odds with growing the game of golf internationally.

And we have to consider Trump himself. If he became frustrated with Russia or China would he lash out like he has against the PGA? Trump has clearly shown, in my opinion, that he goes to the brink on issues. I am wondering if the means justifies the end with Trump? He likely has, according to a scientist, a Narcissistic Personality Disorder which would make him a dangerous leader.


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