Here’s Why Tesla Is A Giant Ponzi Scheme $TSLA

Here’s Why Tesla Is A Giant Ponzi Scheme $TSLA Also $VRX $AAPL $GOOG

See the reliability chart showing Tesla's lack of reliability, on this Talkmarkets post by fellow contributor Michael Lewitt. And then he makes an astounding statement about Tesla, that investors should seriously consider:

In order to plug the hole in its finances, the company just sold $1.4
billion in stock (and Musk sold another $600 million to pay taxes on
egregious stock option grants).At the rate the company is running
through cash, this new monty will last only for little more than a
year.The company should have taken the opportunity to sell $5 billion of
stock.Its cult members – excuse me, I mean its investors – would have
happily paid more than $200 per share for that many shares.It is going
to be much more difficult to raise capital when the company really needs
it – after the bottom falls out.

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