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Great Recession Causes and Case Shiller as Explained by Marcus Nunes

 This article was first published by me on Talkmarkets: Before ending with ideas offered by Marcus Nunes, it is helpful to explain Case-Shiller. The leading indicator of the housing crash was the Case-Shiller Home Price Index, abbreviated C-S HPI. It is a 20 city measurement of house prices. The leading indicator of the housing crash was in serious decline prior to the subprime housing crisis of August, 2007. The subprime crash of August was brought into being when the commercial paper market was destroyed, commercial banks were forced to take back loans hidden in SIVs, and subprime loans went away completely. The banks could have solved at least part of this problem prior to the August crisis, with starter loans for first time buyers, who were either priced out of the market or forced to take subprime mortgages. Starter loans for first time buye

It Appears Donald Trump Is a Pedophile or Condones Pedophilia

Update: For the sake of the nation, I hope these accusations are untrue. I really do. The nation needs prosperity. I don't know if Donald Trump can provide that prosperity, and I have my doubts. But, let us put these accusations into the past until other information surfaces. Donald Trump may very well be a pedophile, not proven in a court of law, and/or condones pedophilia. From the blog link above: About Epstein, Trump said: "I've known Jeff for fifteen years. Terrific guy,'' Trump booms from a speakerphone. "He's a lot of fun to be with. It is even said that he likes beautiful women as much as I do, and many of them are on the younger side. No doubt about it — Jeffrey enjoys his social life."[Emphasis mine] Epstein is a known pedophile, convicted in 2008. He has settled with 50 young women, and is said to have supplied a sex ring of young u

Currency Hegemony, GDP Growth, and Why BREXIT Was Good for the UK

 This article was first published by me on Talkmarkets: Currency Hegemony was in the works for the UK and all nations committed to a single Eurozone. This hegemony would be applied soon after 2020 according to a report from the Telegraph. Those who make the mistake of arguing that this sort of strong arm requirement would not be imposed upon the UK, as a reason to stay in the EU, are possibly undermining the future stability of the UK as a nation Certainly, members of the EU have ducked the Eurozone and the Euro currency up til now. But according to the report, that would change. The Single European State is slated to come into existence. Can you imagine reports of plots to block the BREXIT coming out in the light of only a few years before a currency will be enforced upon the Brits with the pound being made extinct? Eventually, this issue w

France Bosses the UK But Eurozone is the Flawed Organization

 This article was first published to my personal blog at Talkmarkets: If anyone had any doubts regarding the real position of the Eurozone versus the UK and how that would have played out had Brexit failed, one only has to turn to the behavior of France as an example. With Brexit succeeding,  France ordered the UK to quickly choose the new Prime Minister after David Cameron had resigned. That is quite rude behavior. Now we find out that more than half of French voters want a referendum on Frexit ! France could have taken the high road, the dignified road. But it showed its true colors even though as I show later, it should get out of the Eurozone yesterday. The Eurozone would have eventually shown its true colors, maximum austerity and settling for negative interest rates, had the UK experienced any financial shock that cou

Brexit: Cameron, the Architect of Austerity, Almost Fooled the Brits

 I first posted this to my personal blog at Talkmarkets: Poor David Cameron must have the weight of the EU on his shoulders today. He had many tools that would lead him to victory against Brexit, and almost the full cooperation of the entire media establishment while crying wolf and scaring the Brits with the fear factor, if the Brits exited the Eurozone.  Anyone who looks at the Eurozone knows this psuedo sovereignty can't work, and the zone would have pilfered the wealth of the UK while putting the nation into a prison of strict austerity. So, what happened to the globalist plan gone bad? It is simple to understand. The globalists simply wanted it all. They wanted regime change worldwide, which interfered with the natural order of things, the Westfalia Peace. They wanted refugees, and continued with plans for moving the