Brexit: Cameron, the Architect of Austerity, Almost Fooled the Brits

 I first posted this to my personal blog at Talkmarkets:

Poor David Cameron must have the weight of the EU on his shoulders today. He had many tools that would lead him to victory against Brexit, and almost the full cooperation of the entire media establishment while crying wolf and scaring the Brits with the fear factor, if the Brits exited the Eurozone.  Anyone who looks at the Eurozone knows this psuedo sovereignty can't work, and the zone would have pilfered the wealth of the UK while putting the nation into a prison of strict austerity.

So, what happened to the globalist plan gone bad? It is simple to understand. The globalists simply wanted it all. They wanted regime change worldwide, which interfered with the natural order of things, the Westfalia Peace. They wanted refugees, and continued with plans for moving them into Europe.
It is interesting that regime change, an attack on Wesfalia, turned out to be the mechanism that resulted in even greater calls for sovereignty, a backlash against the refugees!

Had the economy of Europe been stronger, the refugees would not have been so big an issue. They were an issue because Cameron and many leaders in the Eurozone were just technocrats in sheeps' clothing. Cameron implemented austerity in order to get the UK ready for the vice of Eurozone membership. Anyone could see what was going on. He was working for Brussels all along. Even Vlad Putin can smell a rat in all this. Cameron had said that leaving the Eurozone would benefit Putin and cause destabilization in the UK. Putin responded with the obvious:
“The number of binding decisions taken by the European Parliament as a percentage, is much greater than the number of binding decisions taken by the Soviet Union’s Supreme Council of the Federal Republic. This means that the concentration of power there is very high. Some like that, some don’t…and it appears that the majority of people in great Britain don’t.”
It looks like, from the behavior of stock markets in the beginning, that British stocks held up well, being down under 3 percent while stocks in the Eurozone were down 8 percent! That tells me that the Eurozone needed the UK a lot more than the UK needed the Eurozone. Cameron's destabilization cry regarding Putin was simply a lie. Putin said he refused to interfere with sovereign decisions of another nation, something the west threw out when it threw out the Westfalia Peace.

Add to this plot to undermine sovereignty, that the fear factor campaign presented little evidence that specific damages to the British economy would happen, and many were able to see through the entire charade.

Again, the refugees would have caused little consternation had the British economy been more robust. The economy was overcome by the austerity, by the continued pockets of massively high unemployment of the young, much like you saw in Spain and in struggling EU nations. Tying one's hands in allowing this unemployment must have seemed like a futile exercise to the voters. Private jobs have increased in the EU but they are inferior to past jobs in pay, and government jobs have not come back. Liquidation is as good a term as austerity when considering the British economy, at least liquidation of the public sector.

When a nation has its own currency, at least there is hope that austerity can be put on hold when necessary. Tying the UK to the dreadful Euro, a currency without a nation, seemed to be a recipe for slow growth in the economy and extreme austerity moving forward.

What the nations gain in staying out of the Eurozone (leading to the Euro), is their own currency, their own immigration policies and their own sense of nationhood and culture. Sovereignty of the nations really is the natural order of things. Empire is not the natural order of things and empires have crashed repeatedly through the history of mankind.

Now, don't get me wrong. There can be a negative side to sovereignty of the nations. Nations can descend into the abyss, as Germany did in electing Adolph Hitler. Other demagogues have come to use sovereign issues as a means to vent their extreme racism, their intolerance of others and of other nations.

So, there is a good side of sovereignty, the natural order of mutual respect nation to nation. And there is a bad side to sovereignty, the rise of Hitler and others like him who could care less about the natural order and of mutual respect among the nations! 

The globalist clear mission of destroying the Peace of Westfalia or Westphalia, destroying the natural inclination of nations to respect their neighbors, through advocating regime change and financial shenanigans, like liar loans across many nations, is now easy for many to see.

The only potential danger with this move toward sovereignty is that predator politicians who want to treat their neighbor nations badly also jump on the sovereignty bandwagon. I don't even have to mention who these people are. You know who they are.

But a worse fear for the Brits was Germany bossing them around in the Eurozone. It has been said that France is on its "last legs", and the UK would bolster the union. Otherwise, Germany will more and more be the dominant force in the EU. I don't think the Brits want to have a nation known for projecting its will be one that can then tell the UK what to do. But the insidious nature of the EU certainly has become a factor, as even the flag of the UK would have to be changed to reflect the Eurozone. As the article says, Brussels gets what it wants.

As for David Cameron, he has proven to be a very cowardly little man, blaming the electorate when he himself put austerity in place. He himself tried to pull the wool over the eyes of the Brits and he never had their interests paramount. He had lots of help, but people saw through the plot in the nick of time.


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