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The Poison of Trump Comes From Murray Rothbard, Fascist Divider

There is further study in the articles I have cited for you at the end of this article. People must, must understand that Donald Trump is a divider of races and ethnicity, because at heart he is a fascist. Fascism seeks the purity of the races. Fascism is the opposite of what America stands for.  Keep in mind that Donald Trump is highly influenced by Anarcho Capitalist, Murray Rothbard. This is an email I sent to an author online. It is slightly muddled, but overall quite accurate in its assessment of Libertarian Murray Rothbard: Hi Steve, I agree with your article on Rothbard, mostly. However, as a British court ruled, Zionism is not the essence of what it means to be Jewish. Therefore, I hate antiSemitism, and embrace antiZionism. I have both religious and non religious reasons for taking this stand. And the court absolves me of racism. After all my natural father was Jewish. And more and more Jews hate Zionism. And Zionism is quite multiracial at this point. So, Trump a

Donald Trump's Perve Per View TV Network

Donald Trump, cunning businessman that he is, has launched Perve Per View TV which is a new cable network . It is a bold move with a free cable element consisting of Hannity, Hannity, and more Hannity programing, along with old business news reruns. The Donald admires Sean Hannity, because he sees a lot of his own serial lying in the younger man. For the Donald, Hannity only lacks confidence to take over the world and kill off everyone else so America can be great again. Perve Per View TV will also soon have a paid premium channel that will allow viewing of women and girls. It will be divided into two channels and called Grope TV and the Lolita Channel . Trump will be very strict, requiring only voluptuous women and girls willing to sign a form saying that they have consented to this deal. He will require that they lie about their age. Actually, it is more of a don't ask don't tell policy.  Donald will be politically involved in the free aspect of the Perve Per View TV

Are Perpetual Bonds Helicopter Money? The New Japanese Plan

This article was first published by me on Talkmarkets: The BOJ has discussed the government of Japan issuing perpetual bonds. The media has said these bonds are helicopter money. So far, I have been able to glean a few insights into the relationship between perpetual bonds and HM. 1. Helicopter Money is not legal in Japan. Issuing base money from the BOJ without some form of sterilization, or an offset to the expansion, appears to be illegal in Japan.  2. Japan is running out of bonds with which to engage in traditional QE. 3. Perpetual bonds can decline in yield, and appear to be counted as equity rather than debt. They cannot be redeemed for their value, and interest is perpetual unless they are created with zero interest.  4. Depreciation of the Yen, Ben Bernanke's idea back in 2000, would require unsterilized action. Zero Hedge

Donald Trump is a Classic Cult Leader

Donald Trump is a cult leader, classic in his tactics and beliefs. While not all of Trump's supporters will vote for him because he is a cult leader, a large majority will. Some of Donald Trump's supporters will vote for him as a protest against the status quo. They will do so even though protectionism may prove to be worse for the economy than globalist trade. I am no fan of the darker side of globalization, the extension of empire to establish world domination, and I have written books on the subject. But, free trade among equal nations in respect for each other is a noble goal that is not often realized.  We can be certain, however, that Donald Trump wants an American empire that is even more oppressive to the world than we already have. And Donald Trump is a cult leader. He said so when he said: I could stand in the middle of 5th Avenue and shoot somebody and I wouldn't lose voters. It turns out that his self confessed sexual improprieties have cost the Dona

Top Ten Reasons Why Trump Cannot Be President

Here are the top ten reasons why Donald Trump cannot be president of the United States. These are not necessarily in the order of importance, although I have tried to rank them. These have all been verified or have become newsworthy: 1. He loves nuclear weapons. He stated also that he loves war. That makes the Donald a very dangerous human being. 2. He believes he has genetic, Aryan superiority. That doctrine is the most divisive political doctrine and opposes what the nation of the United States has stood for and fought for in World War 2. 3. He applies his ideas of racist superiority to hurt Americans in other bigoted ways, by calling them Mexicans, by hurting women, by calling them fat and/or ugly and/or dogs and/or flat chested, and by hurting disabled people by making fun of disabilities. 4. He is a child in a man's body, confirmed by his wife, who said he is an overgrown child. We must have an adult in the White House, not a child. Melania Trump says Donald was &

Kyle Bass Says Helicopter Money Is the Only Way Out

This article was first published by me on Talkmarkets: Kyle Bass had an interesting take on the state of the Fed's effectiveness. He concluded by saying that helicopter money is the only way out, which is the most important thing that he said, but he said other interesting things as well that make helicopter money look like the only way that all central banks can offer stimulus at the same time, throughout the world.  As Tyler Durden has said, Bass believes that QE doesn't work well when everyone is doing it. In fact, he says a central banker told him that QE should only be done by one nation. That severely limits the effectiveness of QE when everyone is doing it. He goes on to say that non sterilized QE , which is more like helicopter money, must be the only tool left for the central banks. Permission granted by J Kyle Bass

Cash Is a Fundamental Human Right. Not So Says Business Insider

Access to cash is a fundamental human right. If banks cannot give you your cash, they should be dissolved. When you deposit your money into a bank, it is no longer yours, but is a loan to the bank. Since that is well understood in banking, the implication is that while it is in your possession, the cash belongs to you. Therefore, the Business Insider article speaking to the issue of cash with the diverting title Traditional Banks May Be in Trouble Due to Digital Banking is very troubling. The article is an obituary for cash as a viable option going forward. And it is written by BI Intelligence, right from the heart of Business Insider. Here are just a few disturbing trends they see. I have written about some of them, but the authors of this article have a positive take on these very disturbing trends, that have yet to be proven. This is my brief take on the points in the article: 1. The Bank Branch will become obsolete. 2. Banks should upgrade their technology to keep commu

Donald Trump Will Grope Ann Coulter to Show Fairness

Donald Trump has come out saying he doesn't like flat chested women, who are on the skinny side. He likes voluptuous women and has stated so on Howard Stern. He regrets this statement deeply and wants to make amends. So, in order to show that he is not sexist and is willing to treat all women fairly, he has decided to grope Ann Coulter, the conservative pundit who has been supporting him all along. He figures that at least flat chested girls will feel a little better if he goes ahead with this. He has not decided whether to do this deed on Saturday Night Live, at a press conference or at a debate. Trump may even do a reality show if he can piece it together before the election. He is good at piecing. Or at least he brags that he likes interacting piecemeal. Well, something like that. Trump is trying to kill two birds with one stone. First, as I said, he wants to show he likes all body types. Seco

God Hates Master Race Idea. Donald Trump Embraces It

  This article was published, by me, at It is important in order to clear the air about master race ideas: 1. God hates the master race concept. Christians believe that Satan works among all leaders of the physical nations. However, the doctrine that is most Satanic is the one that proposes there is a master race. Donald Trump believes he is part of a master race, that he has the master race gene, through possessing German Blood. This is pure Satan. If you vote for Satan, it is your right, but you are putting the nation in grave danger.  So Trump said from the video: A. He has a certain gene.  B. He has a winning gene. C. He has German Blood. D. He has the right genes. (Others must have the wrong genes.) If you put the three of these statements together, along with a statement from his exwife that he kept a copy of Hitler's Mein Kampf on his nightstand, there is no other conclusion than he believes he has the master race gene. There