The Poison of Trump Comes From Murray Rothbard, Fascist Divider

There is further study in the articles I have cited for you at the end of this article. People must, must understand that Donald Trump is a divider of races and ethnicity, because at heart he is a fascist. Fascism seeks the purity of the races. Fascism is the opposite of what America stands for.  Keep in mind that Donald Trump is highly influenced by Anarcho Capitalist, Murray Rothbard. This is an email I sent to an author online. It is slightly muddled, but overall quite accurate in its assessment of Libertarian Murray Rothbard:

Hi Steve,
I agree with your article on Rothbard, mostly. However, as a British court ruled, Zionism is not the essence of what it means to be Jewish. Therefore, I hate antiSemitism, and embrace antiZionism. I have both religious and non religious reasons for taking this stand. And the court absolves me of racism. After all my natural father was Jewish. And more and more Jews hate Zionism. And Zionism is quite multiracial at this point.

So, Trump actually is Rothbardian. He is anti Jewish but supports Zionism! He is a dangerous man. Ihor Kolomoyskyi is a Ukraine/Israel billionaire who seeks a fusion between Nazi types and Jews to fight Muslims! This is not acceptable and Jewish people, so far, have resisted his calls.

I do believe a case can be made that most of MSM does support Israel. But calling it Jewish is not fair. It is the Zionists themselves that have deliberately muddled the distinction between Jew and Zionist, in order to take the heat off themselves.

We live in a very difficult time. Clearly David Ben-Gurion, founder of Israel, in his writings, sought globalist control of the world. I believe the partnership between the UK Square Mile and Israel has resulted in regime change in the middle east and all sorts of mischief.

One only has to read the writings of Oded Yinon to realize that regime change doctrine originated in Israel, and it has riled the nations and cause many innocent victims, including women and children, to perish just to please the Zionist state. 
Gary Anderson 

Here is the problem with Trump, as a disciple of Murray Rothbard. Rothbard believed in the separation of the races. Even though he was Jewish, he blamed Jews for the welfare state. I am not sure how anyone can be blamed for giving assistance to poor people and the elderly, but he does.

More importantly, this point of view explains how the Germans, Italians, and the Japanese found common ground in World War 2. They were all racists, seeking pure one race societies. They were fine with separation of the races. Donald Trump does follow Rothbard in this view.

Now, Zionism is a fascist doctrine of racial purity as well. It is multiracial in the west, but in Israel, Zionism is racist and bigoted. People should not lose site of this truth. 

Donald Trump wants separation of the races, the opposite of what the United States of America stands for. Please, for the sake of peace in our nation, reject this man's views completely. They are poison to what America stands for.

It was one thing for Rothbard, as cofounder of Libertarianism and professor at universities, to contemplate separation of the races. It is quite another for a politician, and billionaire businessman, in the USA to hold to that position.

For further study:

On Race and Ethnicity, Trump Has Always Been a Divider

From the above link:

Every few days Donald Trump challenges us with his obsession with race, ethnicity, religion and gender and with his relentless effort to alienate us from each other.
Please note that, according to the article, Trump believes he is a victim of bigotry from New Yorkers of Jewish descent. However, revenge on them, and Trump has indicated he wants revenge on people he perceives has wronged him, serves no purpose. They are not reflective of all Jewish people. They are moguls like he is and arrogance and bigotry often accompany great wealth. Trump is no less arrogant than they are.

But to corrupt our nation's values because of petty differences between rich people in New York City is simply unacceptable.

Donald Trump Is a Classic Cult Leader

God Hates Master Race Idea. Trump Embraces It

Updated links. These links relate to the cultural/economic war Trump is waging with China:

Is the USA too Weak to Let China Succeed?

Scott Sumner Destroys Financial Times Fear of China


  1. I'm sorry but this article is just stupid. It's obvious the author has never read a word of Rothbard let alone provide even the scantest evidence of his supposed influence on Trump.

    First the claim that Rothbard was a "cofounder" of libertarianism is just idiotic beyond belief - libertarianism is an established political philosophy within Western culture that existed for centuries, it has no singular founder.

    Second the influence that Rothbard has on modern conservatives is nil, he's a persona non grata in Republican circles, due to his almost Marxist like criticism of the conservative establishment. It's highly doubtful Trump ever heard of, let alone read Rothbard.

    Third, how could Rothbard be a Zionist when he wrote article after article condemning the Zionist state of Israel?

    At least do some research before publishing this Washington post level garbage. Otherwise you should apply for a job in the MSM.

    1. Rothbard is clearly a founder of modern libertarianism. He is Jewish but seemed to hate the Jewish establishment. However, he believed in the separation of the races. He was not a zionist, but rather opposed the colonization of the Palestinians. That is in fact what happened to them.

      But the zionists followed an idea also put forth by Rothbard, that peoples should be separate. I never said Rothbard was a zionist. I said the Israeli leaders wanted a purity that Rothbard spoke of.

      Did they, or Trump know about Rothbard? Hard to say. Since he has had best sellers, I would think Trump could have known about him.


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