Top Ten Reasons Why Trump Cannot Be President

Here are the top ten reasons why Donald Trump cannot be president of the United States. These are not necessarily in the order of importance, although I have tried to rank them. These have all been verified or have become newsworthy:

1. He loves nuclear weapons. He stated also that he loves war. That makes the Donald a very dangerous human being.

2. He believes he has genetic, Aryan superiority. That doctrine is the most divisive political doctrine and opposes what the nation of the United States has stood for and fought for in World War 2.

3. He applies his ideas of racist superiority to hurt Americans in other bigoted ways, by calling them Mexicans, by hurting women, by calling them fat and/or ugly and/or dogs and/or flat chested, and by hurting disabled people by making fun of disabilities.

4. He is a child in a man's body, confirmed by his wife, who said he is an overgrown child. We must have an adult in the White House, not a child. Melania Trump says Donald was "egged on" by Howard Stern. If he is so weak a child, he should not be president.

5. He is an unstable soul, borderline mentally ill it would seem, by his relentless projection of all his bad traits onto other people and by his idea that in spite of self incrimination he is the victim.  Trump believes that he is somehow a victim of the political process and that there is mass rigging of elections.

6. He is a bully, calling for protesters at his rallies to be injured. He wanted a Scotsman farmer to pay for a fence to hide his cows from Trump's golf course, incurring anger from Scottish people. He has inflamed Mexico by seeking to get Mexico to pay for a wall to keep its people in. He suggested that his supporters could take action against Clinton over the Second Amendment.*

7. He is a groper of women, by his own admission. He now has women confirming his own statement. Melania Trump says the timing is suspect, but the release of the video showing Trump incriminating himself about groping private parts preceded the public accusations by the offended women.

8. He is a pervert with little girls. He has admitted to Howard Stern that his age barrier is very low. He has admitted that they do not have to be of age. A woman is suing him for raping her when she was 13 and she has a witness.

9. He is a hater, hating Muslims, whether peaceful or not. He wants to blow up Iran. He wants to destroy all families in war. He is a monster in waiting.

10. He promotes fear among Americans, He makes them fear other nations, cultures and this goes along with his white supremacy. He wants it to be us against the world and that will weaken America economically and will lead to war. He is a cult leader to his gullible supporters who feed on his fear mongering.

Dishonorable mention:

He is a bad businessman. We can't know the extent of how bad he is until he releases his tax returns.

As to number 6, I am a centrist who happens to support the Second Amendment because globalists want it ended. However, to suggest that followers should take violent action against Hillary Clinton goes too far and hurts the cause of the Second Amendment. 


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