My Response to a Very Lame Article on Newsweek about Globalization

This is my response to an article on Newsweek, written by professor John Rennie Short regarding the march towards globalism that the professor appears to be pushing on us. It is an article that comes right from the heart of globalization, through The Conversation, a globalist rag deceptively draped in free expression clothing:

Globalization has us fighting limited wars. Globalization has us fighting never ending limited wars. And globalization has us subject to liar loans and a financial system where no banker goes to jail for screwing the common man. If it was just about free trade I am all for it. But unfortunately, it isn't just about free trade. It is about keeping America weak so that the globalists have nothing to fear from it.

Globalization in its current form is the vision of people like Cecil Rhodes and David Ben-Gurion. It is about New World Order control, about financial control of the nations by the Square Mile. Look up the Square Mile, home of Gog and Magog, the Roman statues that guard it. Globalization is about a financial new Roman Empire. Trump is likely only a partial answer, as he picked a foreclosure banker for secretary of treasury, violating those who trusted him to keep the bankers in check.

It should be obvious that we are not even talking about cashless societies, self driving cars, Rothschild Project regime change, and other dreadful consequences of unabated central bank/technological fusion of power in the world. Look at India and what hardship the Indian poor people have endured in just exchanging currency, without a permanent ban. Surely we know that totalitarianism is coming, and it will be accomplished through the global financial system.

Sovereign nations who possess the ability to punish the financial system will be the only ones who survive in preventing the systematic enslavement of people from all nations. I don't know if any of those nations exist.

Now we have globalist Sarah Palin taking Donald Trump to task for saving Carrier Air Conditioning jobs. Now, I am not a fan of Trump as a man, but he did the right thing for America. If the company can profit here, it should stay here. That was the whole point of the election. Palin is a globalist being sponsored by two prominant Rothschilds.

Sarah Palin and New World Order Advocate Henry Kissinger

I have written my views about just some abuses of globalization. I hope people take time to read the ebook or listen to the audiobook exposing those abuses:

Examples of Globalization: An Excursion to the Dark Side of Our New World Order


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