Trump IV - Causes of An Economic Crisis and My Response

This controversial, but interesting article was published at Talkmarkets by Michael Taylor at Bankers Anonymous:

And this was my response:

Fascinating article, but where to start?

First, Trump may be anti Semitic. But he is pro Zionist. People should know that Zionism and Judaism are really not historically linked. Judaism,a religion, existed for thousands of years and Zionism, a political doctrine, was formulated in the late 1800's. It would be good if people learned that there are differences, like the British Court ruled.

Also, he is not a tolerant person. Tolerance is key in these times. I do worry about his tendencies towards authoritarianism when times get tough, and they likely will.

Second, Trump does hit a populist chord. He is threatening tariffs, and that is probably a good thing to threaten. We are getting killed with loss of manufacturing. I posted this quote in my article, Michael:

"In comparison to Figure 1A, the related-party exports shown as a share of overall U.S. exports in Figure 1B indicate that offshoring is a two-way street. Multinational companies from other countries are locating production in the United States for sale in other countries’ markets but are doing so at a much lower rate than the U.S.-based companies locating production offshore to supply goods to the U.S. market." Emphasis mine.

Third, the Fed has been trying, compared to other central banks, to lift us off zero. But more needs to be done. He cannot threaten to renegotiate our debt or we will be in big trouble. But he can issue 100-year bonds, and that would at least allow for spending without the crunch of short term debt:

Banks are supposed to exist to help the real economy. All they seem to do is help big business that has workers captive to worldwide labor arbitrage. You can see why wide swaths of the US, most of the counties in the United States, rejected the globalist world view. I just hope Donald Trump has the wisdom to act thoughtfully, and not by uninformed reaction.


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