Anxiety Over Donald Trump Is Palpable In Main Stream Media

This non vetted personal blog article was published to by me on Talkmarkets:

Anxiety over Donald Trump as president is palpable in the main stream media. I believe there are legitimate and illegitimate reasons for this anxiety. And certainly the MSM is not the only place where anxiety is found. I believe many citizens have it simply because they cannot quite get their heads around what to expect from Donald Trump.

This anxiety could ultimately affect the stock market, and cause people to flee to bonds for safety.

But I have been reading article after article about the Russian hacking of the US election. It has become an avalanche of articles. Now, let's be clear, the Russians did not hack voting machines according to the FBI, and reported by USA Today. But the articles are trying to link Trump to directly knowing what the Russians were up to concerning Clinton's emails.

Well, I am not here to minimize this possibility. I simply don't know. I do know this, however: Hillary Clinton started the election wars when she stated that Putin's election was fake. Putin was in the news shortly after banning NGO's from foreign nations. He did so because Hillary Clinton's comments were immediately answered by mass protests in Russia. It was close to an attempted coup, and Putin has never forgiven Hillary over this episode.

The anxiety boils down to two issues for the main stream media and the neocons who exert massive influence over both political parties.

One is the issue of not trusting Donald Trump because of his connections to Russia. There is a growing dispute between Republicans on this issue. Democrats want to make this a political issue and they may or may not have a legitimate case. Neocons, like Robert Kagan, cofounder of PNAC with William Kristol, want a cold war with Russia and they hate that Trump does not seem to be willing to start that cold war. 

It is pretty obvious, that with the nomination of Rex W. Tillerson for Secretary of State, that big oil does not want a new cold war with Russia!

This would not be the first time big oil overrode the neocons desires. The neocons wanted big oil to own actual tracks of land in Iraq and big oil said no. That does not excuse big oil's role in that war, but big oil did not allow the privatization of the oilfields in Iraq. That is ultimately good for the people of Iraq although there may be many other reasons why big oil kept the oil fields public. There are at least two possible reasons why:

"There were two big problems with that plan that had somehow escaped the notice of the neocon ideologues:
1. Saudi Arabia won't allow OPEC to be broken, and has the power to stop it...2. The international oil companies don't want OPEC busted."
The neocons were denied fully realizing their plans for Iraq by big oil. That fact is well established.

The second issue, on the back burner, but certainly in the back of the neocons' minds, is the issue of who did 9/11/2001. Donald Trump is on Youtube videos produced in 2001, saying he went to the towers after they fell, and observed the tower support posts sheared off from explosives. Trump said there was no way those buildings could possibly have come down by airplanes crashing into them. He rejects the idea that the third building not hit by a plane, WTC7, was brought down by fire.

Since Donald Trump is, as I can conclude, an expert on skyscraper architecture, I can easily see that he knows 9/11 was an inside job. This would cause the neocons grave concern because they were in power when this inside job, this crime of the century, took place.

We don't know how this dispute will work out. If Donald Trump is denied the presidency, could there be violence in the streets? If he is sworn in could he impact the power of the neocons going forward? Perhaps some of them could find it difficult to sleep at night.

Coups happen all the time throughout the world. Why is the USA impervious to them? After all, our greatest presidents in the past have been assassinated as coups took place. Could Donald Trump drain the neocons? I have my doubts, but anything is possible.

These are issues that, if played out as a power struggle, could bring on a massive recession and loss of confidence on the part of investors.

Citizens are also worried about The Donald's past racist tendencies, though he has assured the nation that he is not interested in pushing those to the forefront. But they are still a concern. They have to be, based on the campaign.

Or could Donald Trump simply be pragmatic and not push racism too far, and not push the neocons too far? Or could he revert and even become a neocon himself on steroids, due to his dislike of Iranian policy? Trump could be pragmatic enough to keep us from a cold war with Russia that the neocons really want. Their power is substantial, but not absolute.

Clearly, Donald Trump is very complex, with many competing ideas and ideologies in his head all at once. 

For example, he wants low interest rates for businesses and high interest rates for savers. He wants workers to be paid more and to be paid less. He wants America to be sovereign but to build empire.

There is real effort to derail Donald Trump. There are legitimate concerns from the population in general. There is concern from the neocons, as they most likely worry about Donald Trump's past statements about 9/11 which accuses them. Trump could prove what many of us believe about that fateful day. There is a concern in China about Taiwan and the Yuan. There is a concern in Europe, in NATO. There is concern in Mexico and Latin America about trade.

And there is anxiety over the Federal Reserve, which rejects the fairness of real, responsible helicopter money, and buys assets instead, further widening the gap between rich and poor.

We know that Paul Craig Roberts has said that the idea that Trump says he will reopen the investigation into 9/11 is essentially fake news at this point. Donald Trump is likely not willing to completely cross the neocons at this time.

All in all, though, Donald Trump is essentially a loose cannon. He could be a great man or he could be a disaster waiting to happen. Or he could just be a pragmatic guy who accomplishes a few things, or some say, few things, sort of like Barack Obama! Or he could be blocked or stopped regarding his presidency. The negative possibilities of this action could cause political and economic havoc.

The number of counties voting for Donald Trump is astounding. As Danielle DiMartino explains:

Rather than a geographically divided nation, the first map reveals Donald Trump won most of the land mass. A stunning 80 percent of the counties voted Republican, many in traditionally blue states like Michigan, Minnesota and Wisconsin, and yes, Pennsylvania.Meanwhile, so illustrative is the NYT’s Tim Wallace’s description of the second map, it would be criminal to paraphrase: “Hillary Clinton overwhelmingly won the cities, like Los Angeles, Chicago and New York City, but Mr. Trump won many of the suburbs, isolating the cities in a sea of Republican voters. Mrs. Clinton’s island nation has large atolls and small island chains with liberal cores, like college towns, Native American reservations and areas with black and Hispanic majorities.”

And besides rural American struggling, and voting for Donald Trump en masse, there is frustration over the hacking of Hillary's emails on both ends of the political spectrum. But really, had there been nothing to find, or had the emails been set up correctly, there may have been no hacks and Hillary Clinton would soon be sworn in as president. She was a known quantity, not hot for war, but strongly neocon in her world view. She would likely have been a reluctant neocon, like Barack Obama was a reluctant neocon.

But they both did carry out the hurtful policy of regime change, central to neocon policy, in Libya. Many nominal Christians, women and children, and others perished in the ISIS efforts to take over Libya because of the reckless policy of regime change. That policy left a dangerous void when Gaddafi was dispatched to eternity. But the neocons really don't care about the carnage.

With Donald Trump, we are rolling the dice. We could hit double sixes or snake eyes. The anxiety is real, as we could win big with the Donald, at least in the political arena, or we could lose badly. The stock market could be in a fragile place because of this anxiety, It is probably time to seek advice from a professional, and express your concerns about The Donald to that financial professional.

I have to tell you that this election was one of the most difficult and confusing state of affairs I have ever encountered in politics. I voted for Hillary Clinton. But I don't like the neocons. I don't like Trump's racism. Was the lesser of two evils Hillary Clinton? Or is it Donald Trump? Is he a fascist or a hero?  I still don't know. And I doubt if I am alone. Some people not only seek professional help about the stock market, but also professional help from their friendly psychologist over Donald Trump.

Let's hope that our nation comes out of all this better for the experience, whatever that is going forward. The alternative for the most powerful nation on the face of the earth is probably not acceptable.

He needs to turn the nation around, not with unbridled growth, but with improved growth within the parameters that our derivatives economy allows. Since derivatives of this magnitude are relatively new in the history of finance, staying within those parameters while fostering growth could require real genius. Trump cannot place our government into more short term debt, but 100-year bonds could help America in times of need. We wish him the best, because our nation is divided and anxiety and political tension is growing about his presidency.


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